Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 82

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Spoiler: Hi friends, this is a fast forward update. There will be some doubts but trust me as the upcoming updates will clear the confusions.

Shooting back to the shot:
Bulbul: Are u ready? We will be late if we never get on time and today is such an important day for my friends!

Purab: Two minutes Bubu! I have to look handsome na, they will surely need positive vibes from my looks.

He said by applying some hair gel on his hair.

Bulbul, What can I say about him? From the moment I told him that he needs to groom hinself, he is obeying my words like some mantra. That’s alright but at times I feel he is over-grooming himself.

By then Purab came out of the room and whistled at Bulbul.

Purab: Looking classy darling. This is the same Saree that I bought you last month right?

Bulbul grinned and signalled him that it’s time to leave.

Purab can’t believe that now Bulbul is ordering him but he loves being ordered by her.

Bulbul: Oh no, I forgot something. Purab with a sulky look: Yes u forgot to give morning kiss to me.
Bulbul: No!!!!
Purab: Yes!!!!
He said while she rushed into their room.

Purab was curious what did she forgot as after their marriage, he realized that Bulbul hardly forgets anything.

He then smiled seeing her applying sindoor on her forehead by looking at the mirror.

Purab: Shall we leave now?
Bulbul turning back: Now you sound as if u were waiting for me.

Purab smirked as Bulbul walking towards him said let’s go!!! My friends will be waiting for me.

Meanwhile, kiddos were at the backstage with their Puppa.

Abhi: Be calm kiddos, This is both of your first ever stage performance. It would be nervous but remember you two are kiddos who are not scaredos.

Kiddos: Scaredos?
Abhi: It just came in a flow kiddos, What I mean is both of u shouldn’t be scared.

Kiddos smiled and nodded their head as yes.

Abhi: Then, I think both of u are superbly dressed up today. I surely know that a lot of people will like both of you for the dressing.

Kiddos blushed hearing his appreciation. Abhi was the one who dressed them up but whenever he compliments them, it makes them even more happy.

Kiddos: Mumma?
Abhi: She will be watching u all too.
Kiddos squirmed: Hippie Happy!!
Abhi: Ok now both of u sit here and let me make a call to her.

Abhi made a call to Pragya.

Abhi: Hello
Pragya: Hello
Abhi: They are going to perform.
Pragya: I know, At 11 am right?
Abhi: Yes and it’s 6.30 am there right?
Pragya: Yes Boss.
He ended the call before Pragya could talk to him further.

He texted her saying, he would make a whatsapp video call for her to see their performance and reminded her to be online until then.

Pragya looked at the message and looked at the photo which had Abhi and kiddos laughing.

Pragya: Miss you kiddos, hope to see you both of u soon. I can’t bear this distance. And boss all I can say is I love you so much that I hurt you the most.

Back to the place where kiddos are. They were talking with each other and recalling what they have to perform on stage.

Abhi walking to them: All set kiddos?
Kiddos: Mumma?
Abhi calmly said: She is little bit busy so she will directly watch your performance.

Kiddos turned sad hearing that, it’s always like this now. From the time their Mumma left India, it had been like this where it’s difficult to talk to her. The only times she talks to them more is when they are back from school.

Now kiddos are going to playschool and a lot of things in their lives changed from last year.

“KIDDY KIDDOS!!! I am here!!!” Bulbul screamed loudly making kiddos looked at her.

Kiddos jumped in happiness when she showed them their favourite dolphin soft toys.

Kiddos hugged her as she passed them their favourite toy and she wished them good luck too.

Abhi: Thanks Bulbul, after seeing you their mood changed.

Bulbul: Of course na Jiju when their best friend is around their mood will definitely change.

She said proudly looking at Purab who was smiling at her.

Abhi remembered how he told Pragya once that she was kiddos best friend. He smiled to Bulbul’s words and excused himself from there.

Purab: He is completely changed na. Always silent and barely retort us back.

Bulbul: Once di comes back everything will be fine. Only she can change him.

Purab: If I am not wrong, She would be coming by end of this week

Bulbul: Are u serious? That’s such a great news. Time flies so fast that a year has passed since she went to London.

Purab: I am glad that time passed fast but I am afraid of Abhi’s change. Although he is absolutely fine with kiddos, I am worried what if he remains the same. He is simply being another person that all of us can’t relate to.

Bulbul looked at kiddos who were playing with the toys that she bought for them.

Purab: Did u hear me Bulbul?
Bulbul: Yes I did and I surely know kiddos and di will change him.

Purab: But you know di is the main reason for him to change this way then how can she change him back?

Bulbul: It’s not about a person changing him. It’s his love changing him.

Purab smiled back at her understanding of Abhi and Pragya’s love.

Abhi managed to overhear them and told himself, It’s true that my love for her can change me but the question now is Do I have my love with me?

He sighed thinking of what happened a year ago. Never in his life he expected this kind of love that gives pain more than pleasure to happen.

He looked at his phone and made a call to Pragya.

Abhi: You can see me clearly right?
Pragya: I always see you clearly.
Abhi looked away and said in a monotonous tone: Ok I am at the front seat now. Kiddos are already dressed up and Bulbul is with them now in the backstage. Kiddos will be performing shortly and after that they will be back to backstage and from there I will get connected with u again. Am I clear to u?

Pragya nodded her head and he asked: Can u hear me?

Pragya: Yes I do!
Abhi: Then why did u never reply me just now?
Pragya: I nodded my head as yes.
Abhi: Oh…ok…
Then there was absolute silence between them. A point of disconnection as there is nothing relatable to talk now.

Soon there was thunderous cheer among the crowd as the event started. It was the playschool’s annual day. Kiddos were newly joined but they got an opportunity to perform the opening performance for the event.

Abhi placed his phone in such a way that Pragya was able to see their dance performance.

Kiddos danced to the song Bumbro Bumbro from Mission Kashmir. They were dressed up like how it was in the song too.

Pragya seeing their dance had tears of happiness and as usual they rocked by lip syncing and dancing to the times. The performance ended and kiddos holding their hands bowed in front the crowd to thank everyone. Abhi waved his hand and kiddos waved to him back with a wide smile.

Abhi gestured to Pragya that he will call her shortly after he reached the backstage.

Abhi saw kiddos talking to their friends with a lot of excitement of how they performed.

Abhi: Kiddos!
Kiddos: Puppa!Puppa!
They screamed loudly and ran towards him.

He kneeled to their height and hugged them.

Kiddos excitedly: We dance Puppa! We did it!!!

They said cheerfully as Abhi smiled widely at their happiness.
Now kiddos can speak in short phrases and it only added more to their cuteness.

Bulbul: Oye kiddos, no hug for me?

Kiddos break the hug from Abhi and looked at Bulbul and Purab.

They gestured then to come closer to them like Abhi was. Abhi stood up as Bulbul and Purab now kneeled in front of kiddos.

Prabhi hugged Bulbul and Abhigya hugged Purab. Both said they did a good job and they had took video of their dance. Purab winked at Abhigya and said her dance was fantastic.

Abhigya’s cheek turned crimson red as he praised her and not her sister.

Bulbul: What’s this partiality? Why u never praise Prabhoo?

Purab: Oh dear it’s nothing like that, Abhoo and me are best friends. I always tend to play with her more than Prabhi.

Prabhi frowned at Abhigya and Abhigya looked softly at Purab.

Purab: You don’t worry Abhoo. I am always there for u.

Bulbul the made Prabhi closer to her and whispered something which made Prabhi look stunned.

Abhi seeing all this gasped.

Abhi: Come on everyone let’s go and watch the remaining performances.

Kiddos: Mumma?

Abhi: Oh ya…I totally forgot about her. Ok let me call her now.

He checked his phone and saw 10 missed calls. He shook his head in disbelief and called her.

She instantly picked up the call and yelled: If u don’t want to talk to me that’s fine but how can u restrict me from talking to my kiddos?

Abhi: Listen…I’m Sorry

Pragya blurted: Sorry? Is it that easy? I am dying here to talk to them and u are simply saying a sorry.

Abhi: Don’t always act and I said I am sorry na, Now u can talk with them.

Pragya in a cold tone: It sounds as if u are doing it wantedly.

Abhi was about to throw away his phone in frustration when Purab stopped him.

Purab: Calm down Abhi. You pass the phone to me.

Abhi: What is she saying Purab? She always jump into some conclusion and decide something!!! And after that I am the one getting affected for her stupid assumptions!!!

Purab: It’s not like u are thinking Abhi….First you come with me.

Abhi looked around and saw some of the parents and kids looking at them. He felt awkward for his behaviour and left with Purab to get himself calmness.

Abhi sitting down on the bench took a deep breath.

Purab passed him water to drink and he drank to cool himself.

Then Abhi started to blurt out his emotions.
Abhi looking at Purab: She asked me is it that easy to ask sorry right? Yes it’s not that easy to say sorry to her but I did said Sorry right? You know why because I love kiddos and I respect what they love which is she!!! Then how can I not say sorry to her for my mistake? Why can’t she understand a simple thing that people can forget small things when she can even forget me and stay somewhere else?

Pragya was hearing all his words and was breaking down to tears.

She was about to end the call when she heard his cries.

Abhi: You know how much I loved her….but to her my love is suffocating Purab.

He cried bitterly against Purab’s shoulder.

Pragya, What have I done to him? He is crying and that too still remembering the words that I have told a year ago.

In the midst of his crying he asked: Did u feel I was like that to her? Was I restricting her? Did I do any mistake Purab?

He asked desperately as he badly needed an answer which he always ask him and the same reply comes from Purab.

Purab: No Abhi, u never did anything wrong. You were right in your way.

Abhi: Then why did she left me? Then why Purab? Why???

He asked furiously by pushing Purab away.

Purab: Abhi, calm down yaar, your still have kiddos inside thinking of u.

Abhi adjusting himself and wiping his tears said: Oh ya….Kiddos are inside. They can’t see me like this. They shouldn’t. What’s this Purab, I always feel this way after talking with her.

Purab: Did u slept properly last night?

Abhi shook his head as no.

Purab: I think u better take rest now. Why don’t u sleep in the car? I will inform kiddos that u are tired and they will understand.

Abhi: But they want me there…
Purab: We are here na, just relax. Kiddos are very understanding.

Abhi: Yes better than her.
Purab: Abhi, don’t think about anything now. Please calm down for my sake and rest in the car. I will ask the driver to pass u the sleeping pills too.

Abhi: I don’t need that. I will sleep myself.

Purab: I know Abhi but that is for you to sleep smoothly and not to think about anything.

Abhi in a low tone: No….I don’t need that…
Purab: Alright then I will call kiddos and ask them to give u.

Abhi: Why? I mean why they should give me?
Purab: You will only listen if they give it to u.

Abhi: Fine!! I will take it myself. Don’t tell kiddos about this. They know medicines are for sick people now and if they know I take them they will get worried too.

Purab: You are not sick Abhi!
Abhi: Well, That’s a good joke from your side!
Purab: Enough of all this, let’s go to the car.

Abhi: Dude! I can go by myself! You are telling as if I am a patient and u are my nurse who accompanies to the ward.

Purab chuckled as it was indeed good to have his retorting behaviour back.

Abhi: Just pass me your phone. I will call u before I fall asleep.

Purab: Sure!

He passed his phone and Abhi walked ahead towards his car.

Meanwhile, Pragya was crying profusely of whatever she heard from Abhi.

Purab looked at Abhi’s phone and saw Pragya was still on line.

Purab anxiously: Di!! Are u still there? Di, it’s nothing wrong here. You don’t have to worry about anything.

She remained silent. Her silence expressed the sorrow that she was hiding within herself.

Abhi coming out of the room looked puzzled at the decorations going on in his house.

Thank u everyone for reading!
I am also sad like many of u all about ending this ff as this is one of my favourite ff with mostly fun elements. But what to do when everything needs an ending in life….. I really appreciate all your love towards this ff right from the beginning. Keep reading till the end and that’s all I expect. Thank u once again for spending time to read this ff. So I know now the question is why Pragya left Abhi and kiddos? The reason lies in her behaviour towards Abhi in the past few updAtes. About the number the ff will end, keep reading to know that. Riya sis I can understand how much U like this ff but I am very sorry as I don’t think I have the capacity to write that long too. Sorry and thank u again to everyone.

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