Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 81

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She was thinking deeply by sitting on the couch as he came out of the closet and winked at her.

She did not respond as she was in deep thoughts.

He sat beside her and pecked on her cheek.

Pragya shrieked:What are u doing?

Abhi smirked in response and was about to kiss her lips when she placed the cushion in between them.

Abhi: Itna reluctance to get your medicine and that too after spending countless nights with me?

Pragya: Chee! How can u talk badly like this?

Abhi: Why not baby? When you can talk bad about me, then I can be bad right?

Pragya: You should get angry not behave cheap like this!

Abhi: Cheap? Anyways nowadays nothing is cheap so let me be cheap.

Pragya: You are absolutely bad!!!

Abhi in husky tone: Like how? Like this?
He asked by running his hand along her waist.

Pragya gasped at his touch and closed her eyes in pleasure. It’s always like this to her, she melts in his touch.

Abhi in a seductive tone: Then badly touching over here….

Pragya pushed him away and ran towards the balcony as he had a victorious smile on his face.

Abhi coming behind her: No matter how badly u try to talk bad about me, I know how badly u want me beside you Pragya. That can’t be denied. Even if u deny by your words but your actions show it off. Just now when I touched u can’t hide the fact that I am a habit of u. It took a few seconds for u to be away from me.

Pragya: Enough, u are telling as if I yearn for your touches.

Abhi: Yes u do
Pragya: No I dont!
Abhi: Acha, then it’s ok
Pragya: Ok?
She asked looking at him.

Abhi: Haan ok, it’s your point of view and I can’t argue with that right? Everybody have their own stand in what they say.

Pragya furrowed her eyebrows in dismay.

Abhi: Come let’s sleep, I am damn tired.

He said by holding her hand and bringing her to bed.

Both dozed off as Abhi hugged her in sleep and Pragya was unable to sleep now.

Pragya, Oh God! What’s this reverse reaction from him? I thought he would get furious and would say he would stay away from me and challenge me whether I can be the same as him but now he is hugging me like kiddos.

As for Abhi, he was smiling inwardly and thought, Funny girl, you think I will react differently but no way as I am not ready to stay away from u! Count your days dear, I will definitely make u come after me like a love sick puppy.

He then tightened his hug on her and she tried to move but couldn’t as his grip was getting stronger. She gave up and slept in her own thoughts.

The next day,

Kiddos wakes up to the sounds of Pragya moving around in their room.

Everything was in place now, it was such a long time that they had waked up like this.

Pragya: Slept well kiddos?
Kiddos smiled widely looking at her. What else they could ask for when their peaceful looking Mumma was coming near them?

Pragya: Good and today both of u can have your big breakfast!

Kiddos squirmed in happiness. They were yearning for their big breakfast by her and she as if reading their minds said their big breakfast is waiting for them. What else they could ask for? They were super happy and it was clearly seen on their faces.

Pragya looked surprised and realized they had missed their big breakfast badly which made them react this way.

Pragya: Ok now let’s get ready and have your favourite Big breakfast!

Kiddos were brought down by Pragya. After freshening up, kiddos were with Pragya and she was dressing them up.

Kiddos looked at each other thinking of something.

Pragya: What’s the matter?
Prabhi signalled to Abhigya to ask. Abhigya looked hesitant to ask. She know always her sister makes her to ask something on behalf of her. But sometimes she is scared to ask too.

Prabhi: Abhoo…huyo…
She sounded encouraging Abhoo to ask.

Pragya: Hmm…what’s the serious matter here ah? Why can’t u ask but Abhoo must ask?
She asked looking at Prabhi.

Prabhi looked down and managed to look at Abhigya from the corner of her eyes.

Abhigya finally decided to ask.
Abhigya: Mumma….
Pragya: Yes I am your Mumma
She said teasingly.
Abhigya with a smile asked: Kiss me?
Pragya: What??
Abhigya looked shy and Prabhi also blushed.

Pragya: Kiddos what’s this bad habit? Who taught u a’ll to ask like this?

Prabhi: Puppa….
Pragya: Ridiculous, This man had crossed his limit of teaching u all things. How many times I have to warn him not to say this kind of things to both of u? Come let’s go and punish him.

She said fiercely which made Kiddos shocked. They thought she would be happy but never expected this from her.

Pragya quickly dressed them up and brought them to the bed room where Abhi was still sleeping soundly.

Abhi suddenly rolled in his sleep and chuckled loudly.

Pragya: Boss! Wake up now!!!
Kiddos smiled as Abhi was chuckling and murmuring some words too.

Pragya went near him and tried to wake him up again but was futile. Kiddos laughed at Pragya which made her irritated. She stared at kiddos and they stopped their laughter.

Pragya: Don’t act Boss, u can hear my loud voice but u are not awake.

Abhi: leave me na I am sleeping I will wake up as soon as she comes….Please Mia….

Pragya was taken aback to hear Mia! Who the hell is she?
She decided enough of this useless wake up treatment and then waked him up by pouring the jug of water on his face over there.

Kiddos were stunned looking at her action.

Abhi screamed: Flood!!!!
Pragya: Ya flood, very soon it might turn into blood as well.

She said looking at him while he was shaking his head so that water sprinkles on her.

Abhi: What is this craziness?
Pragya: Nothing more than u do! Who’s this Mia now?
Abhi looking confused: Mia??
Pragya: Haan Mia, you mention her name just now. Who is she?
Abhi: Mama Mia!!
He said cheerfully looking at kiddos.
Kiddos in response: Mama Mia!!!
Pragya: Excuse me, I asked u something and u are blabbering something.
Abhi: Oh kiddos, it’s a lovely dress. I think it’s both of u choose right?
Pragya irked: Hello! I am asking something here.

Abhi: Oh u asked something, ok Mama Mia is a Spanish phrase. Kiddos and I are learning Spanish!

Pragya: First learn how to behave!

Abhi looked sadly at kiddos, his face shrinked. It made Kiddos sad as well, they decided to take action now.

Kiddos loudly: Mumma!
Pragya: Why both of u are raising your voice?
Kiddos: Puppa good!
They said confidently.
Pragya: Ya Puppa good now and Mumma who do big breakfast for both of u is bad!
Kiddos: No no…
Pragya: Yes yes! I know I am your enemy, it’s ok. Nobody cares for me and both of u only care for him.

Abhi gave a what’s happening face and Pragya ran out of the room.

Abhi: Oh kiddos, Why did u all support me? Now u see she run away! You two just stay here like good girls like her and I will go catch her.
He said hurriedly and rushed to catch Pragya.

Kiddos now gave a what’s happening look. Why nowadays there is so much of drama in their house?

That’s what they thought by sitting on the floor. They just hoped Puppa settles issues with Mumma soon so that they can have their big breakfast on time.

Abhi holding Pragya by her arm asked her to stop running.

Pragya: You don’t try to convince me. I am bad right? Just leave me alone.

Abhi making her forcefully sit on the sofa said: Who said u are bad?

Pragya: Who should say? Can’t u see what they mean?

Abhi taking a deep breath asked: Did they say Mumma bad?

Pragya shook her head as no.

Abhi: Then why are u over reacting?

Pragya: If u are good means then I am bad na. Like there is white versus black, Bright versus dark, good versus evil.

Abhi: I don’t know in which angle you got this thinking from?

Pragya: You won’t understand all this.

Abhi: Pragya, they just want me to feel not left out.

Pragya: Then I can be left out ah?
Abhi: Why are u having an assumption for every single thing I say?

Pragya: I am feeling hurt….
She said in a low tone.

Abhi: Ok, I will ask Kiddos to say sorry to u but promise me that you won’t run away like this.

Pragya: There is no fault in them and I can’t promise u too.

Abhi: I don’t understand one thing Pragya. All this while u were saying as if they are wrong but now they are not. That’s ok but why u can’t promise me that u won’t run away.

Pragya looked away and said: I like running…
Abhi: But I am getting old na, how much I can run after you?
Pragya: You never get old. It’s an excuse.
Abhi looked puzzled as Pragya remembered kiddos are alone.

Pragya: I will go and see kiddos now.

Abhi was left to wonder what’s happening now with her.

Abhi : Why did she do like this kiddos? Am I the reason in anyway for the plight now? I never asked anything except for her love but now……

Thank you everyone for reading. And happy birthday to Rockstar Shabbir aka Abhi who is one of the reasons in my case and many of us to watch kkb.

For the updates, don’t be confused friends, I will slowly clear the confusions as finally we are reaching the end of this ff. Yes friends! And thank u so much for the continous support so far. It’s really overwhelming as without all your support I wouldn’t have come so far. I want to do something different this time. Usually I would tell the number which I would end my ff at but for a change, I let u all guess.

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