Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 80

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Pragya: Oh dear it’s not like what u are thinking and even if it’s not for you, at some point of time I will have to behave like this to him.

Bulbul: This is all words to convince me and I know I am the main reason for all this now.

Pragya: No yaar whatever it is I know my Boss won’t leave me easily. Even if I behave rudely or harshly he will be always there for me. I know it will hurt but he always finds out that I never do anything without a purpose. Even if the purpose is a silly one he is always there for me.

She said getting reminded for her reason to change to chunni.

Bulbul: You have that much of trust in him?

Pragya: I don’t know whether it’s trust but I know it’s his love for me that makes me feel this way.

Bulbul: I really don’t know how to thank you for what u are doing.

Pragya: If u feel that way it’s ok but this my thankfulness to you as your sister, Mithra had done a very big sacrifice for me and Boss to live the life we want.

Bulbul: I will definitely tell her how much u are grateful to her.

Pragya: Can I tell u something?

Bulbul: Yes

Pragya: Don’t tell her that I am grateful to her. To her my thankfulness is never needed. She is a good hearted soul Bulbul and she never expect anything in return for what she does. She always want those around her to be happy and not hurt by her and along the way the bitter truth is she gets hurt. So please don’t talk about my gratefulness which is the past and hurt her present life. She really needs a lot of love and affection from those who are around her.

Bulbul: You are great and can I ask u something?

Pragya nodded her head and Bulbul asked: I never called u di before….So….

Pragya: From the beginning I have only considered u as my choti.

Bulbul got emotional hearing that and hugged Pragya with tears.

Kiddos looking all this were lost. They could only figure out that Puppa and Mithu were involved as they heard Boss and Mithra. But they decided to reveal this to Abhi. And kiddos called Bubu and asked her not cry more by shaking their head.

Bulbul: Hey kiddy kiddos, What’s that sad look?

Pragya: They are sad for so many things today. Now it’s sad for you. Am I right kiddos?

She asked by walking towards them and they replied as hmm in a low tone.

Bulbul: Don’t be sad kiddos, look at me! Now I am Yippie Happy!

Kiddos looked at her with their heads tilted and they smiled lightly as their friend looked cutely at them.

Pragya: Do you want to go to Bubu?

She asked by looking at kiddos.

Kiddos nodded their head vigorously and shook their bodies in excitement.

Pragya and Bulbul giggled at their excitement.

Meanwhile, Abhi was trying to eavesdrop from the closed the door but nothing was audible to him which made him even more disappointed.

Abhi, Everything is against me. Stupid door! I shouldn’t have praised that this place is good earlier. Now how to know what’s happening inside?

He was cracking his head to get an idea when Pragya opened the door making him almost fall over her.

Pragya holding his shirt to balance said: Are u trying to eavesdrop us?

Abhi looked away and shrieked: Chee! What’s that?

Pragya looked at the direction he was looking and saw something on the couch.

Pragya replied: It’s a bag.

Abhi: Ya but why is it so colorful? It’s very blinding to my eyes!!! Leave me, I will escape from here before my eyes become blind of seeing this colorful bag!!!

He quickly moved away from her and ran out of the ward thinking it was a great escape from Pragya.

Bulbul: He lied right?
Pragya trying not to laugh aloud said: He is scared of me.

She then burst into laughter together with Bulbul.

But kiddos remained silent and smiled lightly by cuddling against Bulbul. The bag that Abhi commented was theirs. It was the bag that Pragya used to divert their thoughts from Bobbies.

Kiddos felt that their Puppa is still upset with them and he don’t even like their things now.

Pragya sensed kiddos silence and came closer to them.

She patted their back and said: Kiddos, Puppa will talk to u. Ok?

Kiddos turned to look at her and they gave a puppy like face.

Bulbul: He didn’t talk to kiddos?
Pragya: That’s a funny story, I will tell u later but I know kiddos badly want to talk to their Puppa now.

Kiddos look amazed as their Mumma understood their feelings. That’s why she is their Jumma Mumma!!!

Pragya planned something cute so that kiddos can impress Abhi.

Abhi, On one hand she is mysterious with Bulbul and on the other hand kiddos are with her. Why do I feel all the girls are against a man? Am I an one man army? But why not? Ya why not Abhi? Look at your physique and style, you are the only one deserved to be the one man army. He said to himself by adjusting his hair as Pragya was standing behind him.

Pragya: What is Mr Manager doing in front of mirror?

Abhi turned behind and said: Manager? That’s a long time I hear that from you when I am now everyone’s Boss!

Pragya: I didn’t mean your past position though.

Abhi: Then?

Pragya: Your recent activities of managing your actions makes you Mr Manager now.

Abhi looked on top thinking how did she easily finds everything out?

Pragya: You don’t have to think as your face shows it clearly.

Abhi turning back and facing the mirror examined his face by touching it and wondering how does his face show it clearly.

Pragya smiled inwardly at his reactions.

Abhi: Look Mrs finder who finds everything easily, my face is charismatic so it’s easy for u to find things out.

Pragya in amazement: Really?
Abhi: Yes really if not why you got attracted to me?
Pragya: Oh…Now u are saying that way.
Abhi: Anyways what’s your purpose to be over here?
Pragya: Evening we will be leaving from here and by tonight we will be reaching home.
Abhi: So?
Pragya: So we have to eat early dinner here and I think at home there are not much of groceries too.

Abhi: I have already arranged for dinner at home. I have hired a helper for us. She would be preparing the dinner but if u all feel like eating something before reaching house then I am ok with it too.

Pragya: That’s fast and thanks
Abhi: Thanks?
Pragya: Yes thanks for the arrangement.
Abhi in disbelief said: I never knew that you would thank me for this.

Pragya turned away and was about to walk away when Abhi called her.

Abhi: Pragya, if u don’t mind can
I ask u something?
Pragya nodded her head as he asked: How many times will u be differently different towards me?

Pragya walked away by saying kiddos are waiting for her and told herself It’s not the number of times Boss, it’s something else now.

Abhi sighed and hoped this time she is not behaving like this because of some silly reason like the last time.

Later in the night, everyone reached the house and Bulbul also came down with them.

Abhi exclaimed : Kiddos, finally we have reached home. Home sweet home!

Kiddos smiled but something was bothering them and they were looking at each other of how to tell it to their Puppa.
Abhi : Kiddos, any problem? Why both of u look like Mumma when she is worried?

Kiddos nodded their head as yes.
Abhi : Don’t worry kiddos, I know it’s difficult to live without boyfriends. I will find new and trendy boyfriends for both of you. It’s a promise!!

Kiddos glared at him as he was wrong this time.
Abhi : Am I wrong? Both of u do the same scrunching nose look like your Mumma!!

Kiddos unanimously said : Bubu..Mithu…Bus…
Abhi : Kya bus?? You saw Bulbul and Mithra on bus? How’s that possible when Mithra is in Canada?

Abhi looked puzzled as kiddos continued to narrate what they heard.

Abhi: That sounds serious. But one thing I understand is something involving Mithra and Bulbul then the bus. Isn’t it kiddos?

Kiddos replied: Ya!ya!
Abhi: But seriously bus ah? Which bus is it?
Kiddos shook their head and screeched: Puppa!

Abhi: Oye kiddos, Do I look like a bus to you all? I know you two sometimes ride on my back but for that u all calling me bus is too much.

Kiddos didn’t know how to answer him back, they looked confused.

Abhi: Wait a second! You two mean Bus as Boss is it??

Kiddos exclaimed: Ya!ya!

Abhi: You two can’t say Boss but can say bus. And silly me, I thought you two were talking about Mithra and Bulbul going on bus.

Kiddos: Sorry….
Abhi: Its ok and let me show u all whats a bus is.

He took out his phone and showed some pictures of bus. Kiddos then learned bus is bigger then the car that their Puppa drives and more people can go in it.

Kiddos looked astonished and Abhi: One day we will go in bus kiddos! It will be full of masti!!!

Kiddos shook their bodies in excitement.

Abhi: Okok! Now it’s sleeping time as u all had dinner already.

Kiddos too felt tired after the long travel. They yawned showing they also feel sleepy.

Abhi put them to sleep in their cradle and went back to see Pragya.

Pragya loudly: Try to understand Bulbul, he is not like u are thinking!

Abhi was standing at the doorstep when Pragya was telling something loudly.

Pragya: He does have ego like all males and that’s why he doesn’t want me to work anymore. He wants me to be at home as he is scared that I might have a more good impression than him among the staff.

Bulbul denies her words and Abhi comes in and looks at Pragya who was fidgeting seeing him.

Abhi calmly: Bulbul, I think she would have given medicines to you and ask her to come to my room so that I can give her medicine for her.

Pragya: Medicine for me? What are u blabbering?

Abhi: Bulbul rest well and hey look behind! There’s something over there!

Meanwhile, Abhi swooped Pragya in his arms and said: Ok Bulbul! Let me go and sleep. Anything don’t hesitate to call us.
Bulbul smiled at them as Pragya look flustered in embarrassment.

Abhi walked towards his room as Pragya was protesting to leave her down.

Abhi dropped her on the middle of their bed and she cried “Ouch!!”

Abhi smirked and walked to the closet as she waked up from the bed adjusting herself.

Pragya, Why Is he not angry at me? What else can I do to make him angry?

Pragya, Oh God! What’s this reverse reaction from him? I thought he would get furious and would say he would stay away from me and challenge me whether I can be the same as him but now he is hugging me like kiddos.

Thank u everyone for reading and I am updating this just in case if I can’t update it tmrw on time. Hope u all like it esp Tinker bell sis who requested an update tmrw and sorry for the inconvenience. Prathi sis, Now I am fine and hopefully my physical stress also gets lesser.

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