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After much persuasion by Dadi, Abhi agreed to attend the bride seeing ceremony. He was already heart broken by knowing that Pragya never realize his love through his actions and now he is being pushed into a situation by Dadi to get ready for marriage. He don’t know who Dadi had chose for him. He don’t bother to know who it was too as his mind was very preoccupied with the thoughts of Pragya. He blindly followed Dadi in his car.

He never realized where is the place at all.

Dadi “Abhi! Why are u like as if u had lost a battle?” Abhi “Huh?” Dadi “Oh Abhi, I mean you have to smile now, like u always do when tease others!” Hearing that he remembered the times when he tease Pragya and how she responded to his teases. He smiled widely remembering that and Dadi pleasantly said “Keep on smiling like this Abhi…”

They entered the house and Abhi was welcomed by Mithra’s father. Abhi was surprised and he too smiled at him but never asked anything as he thought Mithra’s father would be a relative of the girl.

His attention was diverted when he heard the voice of Pragya.

He looked around eagerly to see whether Pragya was really there.

Dadi teasingly ” I think we can call her as he is very eager to see his lady love.” Abhi frowned at Dadi by hearing that.

Soon Pragya came along with Mithra. He was shocked to see both of them. He once again looked around and realized it was Mithra’s house.

Abhi whispered “Dadi, she is my friend and how can she be my…”
Dadi “Sssh. Friends can be life partners too.” Abhi again tried to tell something but before he could tell anything,
Pragya ” Uncle, this pair will surely be filled with love and trust. I have seen both of them very close as friends. I told u na how much he cared for her when she injured her leg? That time itself I know they are meant to be together!”

Abhi, That means she is also part of fixing this alliance for me. How could she do that? Can’t she see the difference between love and friendship? What I cared for her is out of friendship and that seems to be love for her?

He was keep on looking at the direction of Pragya and Mithra.

Pragya knew his sight was on hers and she tried to divert by saying “Boss, if now itself u see like this then after marriage it will be non-stop sight seeing of Mithra.” Everyone chuckled hearing that as Abhi looked away in irritation.

Dadi “Abhi is always like that. Once he likes something to infinity then he will keep on look at it. Now he likes Mithra in that way. Isn’t it Abhi?” Abhi not looking at Pragya said “Yes Dadi and fix the marriage soon as possible. I will join u all later. I just remember that I need to make an important call. ”

Pragya hide her tears by smiling a lot and she silently went to the washroom.

Pragya, Why are u now feeling bad? You are the one who instigate him to say yes to this marriage but now u feel like your world breaking into two? How much will you act Pragya?

She was thinking all this by looking at herself at the mirror.

Pragya, First stop crying! If you want to act then act strongly not like this by showing your weakness. What if he finds out that you are affected by his yes? It can’t happen right? So stop crying!!

She washed her face and composed herself before leaving to the living area.

She sat beside Mithra and
Mithra whispered “What happened? Why did u leave suddenly?” Pragya “I went to washroom.” Mithra “Oh…ok ok but u sound a bit low.” Pragya “Nothing like that”. Mithra “Ok then go and see him. I mean ask him to come inside, it’s quite sometime that he went out. You can ask me why can’t I go and check it out but it’s very awkward to go out now when everyone is talking about us.” Pragya “I understand and I will go out to call him.” Mithra smiled pleasantly as Pragya went out of the house to see Abhi.

Pragya saw him sitting inside the car. She knocked the window and gestured him to come out.

Abhi came out of the car and looked at her with a lot of questions in his mind.

Pragya cheerfully said “Congratulations Mr Abhi. You really had chosen a perfect choice for your life.” Abhi “Thanks…” Pragya “So when is the marriage?” Abhi “Pragya…Is it possible for you to ask all this to Mithra? I don’t know whether she is your friend or whatsoever. But I am not your friend as u said and this is not our office to be your colleague here.”

Pragya felt hurt by his cold response. Yes she knew he is feeling hurt of her behaviour but why does he have to show it explicitly? Doesn’t he feel that she gets hurt of his behaviour towards her?

Pragya blatantly replied, “I got what u mean. You could have simply said I want to be alone or u don’t want to talk to me. I would have understand you.” She said and walked away as he looking at her could only say ” I don’t want to be alone here without u. I want to talk to you Pragya but how can I talk when u
feel I would flirt with u?”

Pragya thought, Indirectly I had hurt you that day Boss and now I am making you puzzled of my behaviour. But what can I do when situations make me this way? I am not doing this by choice. I am doing this as I don’t have a choice.

Kiddos screamed : Jummaa!!!!
Pragya came back to senses and realized Abhi and kiddos are rounding around her.

Pragya: What are you all trying to do?
Abhi: ACP kiddos, we got the culprit. What’s the punishment?

Kiddos realized they had forgotten their lines and they stopped walking.

Abhi: ACP kiddos. What happened now?
Kiddos: Puppa….Forgi….
Abhi in a puzzled look asked: Forgi? What’s that?
Pragya bending down and hugging kiddos said: Forgi means forgot and my dear ACP kiddos had forgot the lines that u taught them. Hai na?
Kiddos hugged back Mumma as they are safe now.

Abhi: Damn! How many times I taught u all kiddos but both of u always forget it.

Pragya: Mind your words ah. Tell me what did u teach them that they forget?

Abhi: Pragya you are under arrest!
He said by looking away.

Pragya smiling inwardly said: Boss you have to understand one thing that kiddos have difficulty in pronouncing anything to do with “r” so….

Abhi: What?? How come I am not aware of this?? This is such a big blow to my life and what if they can’t pronounce the letter “r” forever? Then what if their boyfriends have names like Roshan, Rana, Rajinikanth etc?

Pragya: Oh God! Again u are exaggerating Boss, this is such a small thing and it will be fine as time passess.

Abhi: Sachi?
Pragya: Haan Boss but I have a doubt.
Abhi: What’s that?
Pragya: Why do you want their boyfriends to have film stars names?
Abhi: Err…I feel they will become filmstars…
Pragya: You feel or you want?
Abhi: Both but that’s not your problem.

Kiddos had enough of their talks. Yes they knew they forgot an important line but for that why should Mumma and Puppa react this way? Why are they ignoring them?

Kiddos took action by screaming: Bujo! YOYO!!!!!!!

Pragya and Abhi looked down at kiddos and they frowned at them.

Abhi: You two know YoYo Honey Singh?
Pragya also looked amused and wondered when did she played YoYo Honey Singh’s songs to them?

Kiddos looked angrily at their parents and they need a reply for ignoring them.

Pragya: Calm down kiddos, we never ignore you.

Kiddos were still at the peak of their anger by having a scowling face.

Pragya: Now you see, they are angry at us.
Abhi: Don’t lie. They are angry at you as u said they can’t pronounce the letter “r”
Pragya: Teek hai then I will pacify and make them feel better.

Kiddos were about to make sounds again when Pragya bend down and hugged them by whispering something into their ears.

Kiddos sighed hearing it and looked up at Abhi.

Abhi: Why are u all looking at me like that?

Pragya teasingly: Nothing, It’s nothing right kiddos?

Abhi: Always I am left out. Kiddos both of u had cheated me and I am leaving!

Pragya and kiddos were calling him but he never listened and walked away being upset.

Pragya: See kiddos, your Puppa is the biggest baby in the whole world. He gets upset for everything.

Kiddos looked worried as they never did like what Abhi wanted. It’s their fault too.

Pragya: Oye kiddos, feeling sad for Puppa ah? It’s ok and we will try to pacify him but before that Bubu is not well na we have to help her.

Kiddos nodded their head in response. It’s true that their friend Bubu looks weak and she hardly have energy to play with them too. But they like the fact that she smiles whenever she sees them.

As for Abhi, he was frustrated as his plan failed miserably.

He was walking to and fro when Pragya and kiddos walked passed him. He turned away when kiddos called him. Kiddos got sad that Puppa is still unhappy with them. They looked at Pragya and she said everything will be fine with a pleasant smile.

Kiddos reached the ward where Bulbul was and she was crying profusely. It shocked them to see their friend crying. They never saw her cry like this before. Immediately Pragya locked the door seeing her in that state.

Pragya: Why are u crying now?
She asked by making kiddos sit on the couch there.

Bulbul: It’s all because of me that u have to behave like this towards your Boss. Then how can I be not disturbed?

Kiddos unanimously said “Bubu…Mithu…Bus…” Abhi “Kya bus?? You saw Bulbul and Mithra on bus? How’s that possible when Mithra is in Canada?” Abhi looked puzzled as kiddos continued to narrate what they heard.

Thank u everyone for reading. And sorry for giving opinions about my ff. I myself find it unreasonable now of commenting on what I wrote. It’s mainly due to my mind being corrupted of stress and worries which makes me think that way. But after seeing comments from u all esp Neha,Reshu, Tinker bell, Mass sneha, Saranya sis, Abhigya, Mythili, Carolinn and others from previous updates, I felt that I shouldn’t feel negatively as u all say. Extremely sorry for the disturbance and hope u all had enjoyed the update see u all on 9 or 10 Aug or just on 10 Aug depending on my brain’s activities and availability.

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