Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 78

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Thank you everyone for bearing my boring updates.

Flashback continues…

Pragya in her cabin was daydreaming about Abhi. She really admired his persona of caring for her. He makes sure nobody badmouth about her. That’s why he asked her to leave the cabin before her colleagues come back from lunch as they might comment about Abhi and she staying in the cabin during lunch hour.

Pragya, How much he cares for me. And all I want to see is him. I want to see him all day without any expectation in return. He is like my Sun which brighten my life and makes my day.

Just then Uncle came inside the room.

Pragya never realized his presence and was still in her own world of imagining about Abhi and his smile that fascinates her.
Uncle loudly called her name.
Pragya came back to senses and stood up from her seat.

Uncle “What’s going on here? Where is your attention Pragya?”

Pragya look flustered and was about to apologise when he said ” Pragya…If this continues then I have to find another person in your place. Remember that although I have passed my position to Abhi, I still do have the rights over what’s happening over here! Did u get that??” He asked fiercely and Pragya looked pale as this was the very first time that he had reprimanded her with so much of anger.

Pragya ” I’m sorry Uncle. I assure you that I will not be like this anymore.” Uncle ” Pragya, I vaguely know what’s running in your mind but do think about your status and his. Do think about your lifestyle and his. Everything is a mismatch. Your thoughts on him can damage his image and even yours too. Do you want others to say Manager seduced her Boss to get settled in her life? Doesn’t it sound awful? I am not saying thinking about him is wrong but being in your position to think about him is wrong. I hope you will understand what I am saying and try to ignore those thoughts and focus on your job.”

Pragya was shocked hearing his words as he had known her feelings for Abhi. It made her feel embarrassed. He is right in his words. How could she lost her mind and think about Abhi as her life partner. It’s completely insane. She once again apologised for her action and Uncle smiled saying at least now you have realized your mistake.

Pragya nodded her head and Uncle left from the room.

Pragya sitting back thought, Is it a mistake to love someone you work with? Not really but loving someone whom you work for is a mistake. But I am ready to work for him all along my life. Why does Uncle doesn’t understand this? But what he said is also right, I don’t want Abhi’s image to be spoilt. What if others say he was used by me in the name of love? And what if others say how can love happen only after he is promoted as Boss? All would bring a negative talk on him. I don’t mind if people talk negatively about me but if others tell about him then I can’t bear it. Maybe this the time to end my thoughts on him. I won’t think about him anymore.

She was determined not to think about him.

Her thoughts had an break when someone tapped her shoulder.

She turned around to see who it was.

Pragya “You??? How come you are here???” Abhi ” Are u thinking about me?” He asked with his cheerful face.

Pragya said NO and he got upset and crawled away from there.

Pragya shrieked ” Are u serious of what u are doing? You are moving like a baby!”

Abhi ” I am a baby to you. Don’t you feel so?” Pragya ” Stand up! What if others see?” Abhi ” Pragya!!!” Pragya turned to look at the direction where he called his name and was confused to see him standing at the door step.

Abhi “Why are u talking to yourself? Are u ok?” Pragya ” Huh? I was talking to…..” She said by looking down and realized she had been imagining again.

Abhi “By chance were you imagining about me?” He asked by walking in as Pragya blinked her eyes.

Pragya “No…” Abhi “It’s a yes as you blinked!” Pragya “Everybody blinks, does that mean yes for everything?” Abhi chuckled and said “It’s not like that. It’s fine if you don’t want to agree that you were thinking about me.”

Pragya, It’s okay to him that I never agree that I was thinking about him. It means he doesn’t bother about my thoughts of him. Then why should I think about him? Maybe this is why Uncle warned me not to think about him.

She was thinking that but never realized Abhi was already sitting opposite to her very closely and observing her facial expressions.

Abhi was about to press her nose when she alarmed “Why are u so close???”

Abhi “Is it very close??” He asked in a husky tone.

Pragya moved back in her rolling chair as he smirked seeing her.

Pragya ” Listen Boss, this is not right to be here as and when u like. Now u are not same as before. U have more responsibility and respect earned now. You can’t afford to lose that by flirting with me like before.”

Abhi ” What? Flirting? You got to be kidding me.” Pragya ” No I am not, It’s very obvious and even Uncle had warned me to maintain a respectable distance from you.” Abhi “He warned you or you want to maintain a distance from me?” Pragya ” You can take it as both way and after all we are not even best friends. We are just colleagues.” Abhi ” Really Pragya? After so much of interactions between us, you still don’t feel an inch of closeness between us?” Pragya “Why should I feel all that?” Abhi “Oh…ya…. Why should u feel that way…I guess it was me who felt that way.” Pragya felt terrible of speaking this way but she know this is all for his goodness.

Abhi looked at her for a moment before standing up.

Abhi “I’m sorry…I’m Sorry for disturbing you, or in your words sorry for flirting with you…” Pragya “It’s good that you understand it now.”

Abhi felt completely hurt by her words and he couldn’t bear to stay there anymore. He left with disappointment and Pragya looked tearfully as he went off.

Pragya ” I am so sorry but I have to do this for you.”

She said to herself and got back to her work.

Abhi in his cabin was again and again remembering her words.

Abhi, I was the one all the while thinking she is in love with me. But to her all my efforts to express my love is all flirting. The fault is not on her side. It’s completely on me. If she never spoke to me like this today, I would be a fool of proposing her tomorrow. But how can I forget her? The more she is beside me the more I get thoughts of her and thinking of a life with her. But now when she is saying like this, then I have to distance myself from her too. I want her to be not disturbed by my presence.

He went into deep thoughts of how to distance himself from her.

Meanwhile, Pragya couldn’t concentrate on her work as she was feeling bad of the way she spoke to him. She was worried of what he might be thinking of her now.

As this happened, Uncle called Dadi.

Uncle ” Like you said I had warned her and she will not be close to Abhi anymore.” Dadi “Thank God! At least now she will be away from my grandson. He deserves better perosn like Mithra. Not someone like Pragya who is unlucky to everyone.” Uncle ” I don’t think she is unlucky to Abhi as he got promoted because of her only.” Dadi ” That’s your point of view but to me my grandson’s capabilities made him promoted. And u don’t try to support her.”

Uncle “Ma…Please…She is a nice and sweet girl. It was only a particular incident that made her perceived to be unlucky.” Dadi “I don’t know all that but I want Mithra to be the bahu of this house.” Uncle “Ok fine and have u told this Abhi?” Dadi “I am going to bring him to her house tommorow for the bride seeing ceremony.” Uncle “Will he agree?” Dadi “He will as he is my grandson!”

Uncle “Ok will call u back later and hope everything goes smoothly”.

Pragya “Congratulations Mr Abhi. You really had chosen a perfect choice for your life.” Abhi “Thanks…” Pragya “So when is the marriage?” Abhi “Pragya…Is it possible for you to ask all this to Mithra? I don’t know whether she is your friend or whatsoever. But I am not your friend as u said and this is not our office to be your colleague here.” Pragya “I got what u mean. You could have simply said I want to be alone or u don’t want to talk to me. I would have understand you.” She said and walked away as he looking at her could only say ” I don’t want to be alone here without u. I want to talk to you Pragya but how can I talk when u
feel I would flirt with u?”

I guess it’s boring so for now the next few updAtes will be on flashback which is missing for sometime. Then yes I will try to give an update on 10 Aug but my exams end late quite late on that day. But I will try to give at least a short update more with Abhi scenes. Ya I remember you Tinkerbell sis. Hope u are fine and doing good. Thank u Abhigya sis, Mokshi sis and everyone for the wishes for my exams.

I really have to think an ending for this so pls wish me good luck for that too. I think once my exams are over I will be able to think of something to end this ff peacefully. I know how torturous are my updates as sometimes I myself find them that way. It’s okAy again my self analyze mode had turned on and is coming up with all kinds of reactions.

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