Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 77

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Abhi: Tell me kiddos, Why Is she like this? She is ok to both of you but to me not ok.

He asked as they were eating ice cream.

Kiddos felt Abhi sounding worried and they paused eating for a while.

Kiddos: No… No….

Abhi: No kiddos I am not getting worried but she is making me worried for her.

Kiddos felt this is like the same way their Mumma used to talk about him.

Abhi: There you see. Both of You are speechless of her behaviour. Same here.

Kiddos didn’t know what to reply and they looked at each other in confusion.

Abhi: I am completely run out of ideas to solve this. Now Purab also left me alone here. He is in a even more pathetic state than me.

Kiddos felt pity for Puppa. They forwarded their bowl of ice cream to him. They hoped by eating it he would feel better.

Abhi: Thank you kiddos but no mood to eat.

He said that and made them continue to eat ice cream.

That’s sad….Now Puppa is upset. That’s what was running in kiddos’ mind.

Abhi: You know kiddos, just now u had seen it. I hugged your Mumma from back. She immediately shrieked instead of feeling happy.

He said that with action of hugging her and kiddos understood that.

Kiddos were also clueless of how to help Puppa.

Abhi: Can both of u help me?
He asked sadly.

Kiddos nodded their head in response.

Abhi explained his plan by demonstrating with some cups over there. Kiddos were carefully seeing it and took note of what they need to do.

Abhi finally finishing explaining asked: Ok?

Kiddos confidently: Jumma Jingo….

Abhi: Is this Jumma jingo our secret code?
Kiddos giggled and were keep on repeating Jumma Jingo.

Abhi shook his hands with them and asked them not to be over excited as their Mumma is very smart to find out things happening behind her.

Time passed and Pragya made herself busy in taking care of Bulbul. She did took care of kiddos and attended to them as much as possible.

She almost bumped into Abhi when she was carrying a bag.

Abhi: Slow!! Slow!!! Why are you walking around as if u have roller coaster on your legs?

Pragya: Huh??? What do u mean??

Abhi: Oops! I mean roller skates….
Pragya hurriedly said: It’s okay, I need to pass some stuff to kiddos. They are missing their Bobbies.

Abhi shrieked: What happened!!!! They ditched them??? They ditched my daughters!!! How dare could they??? Why kiddos never inform this to me!!!

Ptagya taking a deep sigh said: Don’t you think this is over over dramatic???

Abhi said a very big No.

Pragya: Leave it. I have to go now. Abhi: Boss….What happened to Bobbies??
He asked worriedly.

Pragya: You don’t know? Kiddos left it at the kidnapped area….

Abhi: That’s so sad….
Pragya shook her head and was about to walk pass him when he pulled her closer to him.

Pragya jerked and asked: What now???

Abhi: Nothing….Just felt like touching your cheeks…

He brushed her cheeks with his stubble which made her eyes to widen.

Pragya stammered: Is this the way u…..

Abhi: Ya and more like this way too….

He was about to touch her waist when she screamed: Bhoot!!!! Bhoot!!!

Abhi moved away in fear as she ran away from there saying better luck next time Bhoot.

Abhi took few seconds understand she had fooled him.

Abhi’s mind voice:
That’s bad….Am I a ghost to her? How can she scare me like that? Don’t I look like a pathetic person craving for her closeness?

Its okay baby, I will make u closely close to me with kiddos help. They are my saviours! I have to remind them again about the plan if not they will forget it.

Abhi walked to where kiddos and Pragya were. He was standing there silently on the doorstep while Pragya was facing kiddos and instructing them something.

Kiddos managed to see Abhi. They remembered their plan. Prabhi signalled to Abhigya by saying something.

Pragya: How many times I have told both of u to look at me when I am talking? What is this bad habit like your Puppa of looking away???

Abhi, What??? I have a habit of looking away and I myself didn’t know about this!!!!

Kiddos unanimously said: Sorry…
Pragya: It’s okay but this is the last time. Now it’s sleeping time kiddos. Let’s take a nap.

Kiddos were shocked hearing that if now they sleep then how will they help Puppa?

Abhi hearing that signalled to kiddos not to worry.

Kiddos shook their head as no to sleep.

Pragya: What’s happening here? Why both of u are looking behind me?

She looked behind to see what’s behind and found Abhi looking away. He was looking at all directions as much as possible.

Pragya cleared her throat and asked: Why are u not coming in?

Abhi: I am checking out the interior design of this hospital. It’s not bad….

Pragya: When did u become an interior designer?

Abhi: Not like that…I mean…As in…this wall is so strong na…

He said by patting the wall.

Kiddos looking at Abhi exclaimed : Jumma Jingo!!!

Pragya: What’s that?
She asked giving a quizzical look.

Abhi, This kiddos na…Always making me into trouble. It’s a secret code not some happy code like ya!ya! that they always say.

Pragya: Are u planning something? Why are they looking at u and telling it?

Abhi figured out an idea in his mind and said: It’s you!!! I mean Jumma Mumma!! You know they came up with that recently right?

He said it with a wink that made Pragya smile lightly.

Pragya: Oh….Then what’s Jingo
Abhi: You don’t know Jingo? Oh my goodness, see kiddos Mumma don’t what’s Jingo!!! That’s so hilarious!!! Isn’t it?

He laughed loudly by keep on repeating that she doesn’t know what’s jingo and kiddos also laughed as his laughter was infectious to them.

Pragya smiled giving a perplexed look but she had a strong feeling that the trio are teaming up to do something.

Pragya in a low tone : Enough, You make them sleep Boss and I have to go and see Bulbul.

Abhi and kiddos settled down and went to the couch area there to discuss something after Pragya left the room.

Abhi: You know kiddos, I hope we all can get back to house soon. I don’t like this place at all…..

Kiddos by his expression understood his dislike towards this place. It’s true even they badly want to go back to house.

Abhi: All depends on Bulbul.

Kiddos: Bubu?

Abhi: Yes kiddos, she had fractured her hand. That’s why Mumma is always beside her to help. She can be discharged today itself but don’t know why Bulbul want to get discharged tomorrow.

Kiddos looked sad as well and hoped everything gets better.

Abhi: Anyways how could u all say our secret code aloud? There is timing to tell that! And it’s secret!!

He said with a fake anger by crossing his arms.

Kiddos softly: Sorry Puppa….
Abhi looked away as kiddos felt bad of making him angry.

Kiddos whimpered and looked down in sadness.

Abhi exclaimed: Kichi Bhichi kiddos, I was just kidding!!!
Kiddos didn’t expect that and especially Kichi Bhichi kiddos was totally new to them.

Abhi tickled them and the trio had laughing riot as Pragya was silently looking at all this from a distance through the window.

Pragya smiled wholeheartedly seeing their closeness.

Pragya told herself, How cute are they and he is very much worried for me different behaviour.

But I am being different to you is not something new to u Boss….Don’t you remember how I behaved after u had become Boss? You could have forgotten but not me…..

She reminisced the past while walking away.

Pragya was helping Abhi to organize some files in his cabin as he was kept on stare at her.

Pragya getting conscious of his look decided to ask him something. Pragya “So how are u feeling by becoming Boss?” Abhi looks on as she is talking continuously but it’s inaudible to him. Abhi suddenly pulls her closer and ask “Why are you behaving different towards me?” Pragya becomes speechless and whispers “Because you are different to me….” Abhi cheekily asks “How different?” Pragya softly whispers “Differently different to differentiate and distinguish myself”. Abhi ” Acha. Why Is that so?” Pragya ” Get back to work, how long are you going to be close to me like this?” Abhi “Lifelong!” Pragya laughed sarcastically and said that’s the joke of the millennium. Abhi felt hurt and left her. She found him cute when getting angry for small things.

Abhi “Do you think I am a joker or what?” Pragya ” Why are u being so emotional?” Abhi ” I don’t know but if u tell anything that hurts me I feel like a joker.” Pragya ” No….you are not a joker….you are a maker….” Abhi “Kya???” Pragya ” I’m sorry, I know it’s bad but I wanted to be rhyming to your words.” Abhi smiled inwardly and said “Now go back to work as lunch time is over and the rest of the staff will be returning soon.” Pragya ” You are ok right??” Abhi “When u are beside me how can I be not ok?” Pragya beamed in happiness as she walked away by keep on turning back to look at him.

Flashback to be continued……

Bulbul is hugged by someone tightly which irks Purab.

Ok guys, my exams are next week. I am not sure whether I will be in the mood to type. It really depends on my mood so sorry for that. My exams are until 10 august. Until then it will be irregular updates depending on my mood. Very sorry for this.

Lastly no sorry pls for late comments or small spelling mistakes in comments. As u all reading this itself makes me happy. Thank u all once again for reading.

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