Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 76

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Purab: I seriously can’t handle her! She is blaming me for everything that had stopped.

Abhi: What is the everything that had stopped?

Purab: She said she had stopped working, stopped listening to my stories and stopped loving me too.

Abhi: Kya?? Come again, especially the last part of your sentence.

Purab: You heard it right, she stopped loving me it seems…..She wants us to be JUST friends….

Abhi: Don’t worry, everything will be fine bro! I guess she is having mood swings. But Wait let me check on my Boss! Do u know where is she?

Purab: She is at the room beside Bulbul’s ward. I think she is making juice for Bulbul.

Abhi saw Pragya helping to make orange juice for Bulbul while kiddos were sitting on the chairs there and were singing some song.

Abhi: Even though everything seems to be fine, but I still feel something is missing

Pragya: What’s that?

Abhi: Your baks baks….

She simply smiled in response and shook her head.

Abhi’s mind voice
What is this? I wasn’t expecting this. Why Is she keep on being silent? Even kiddos are singing for no reason. Oh ya, how did I forgot? I played their favourite tunak tunak song after a long time so they are keep on singing in repeat mode.

Abhi got an idea and said: Your eyes never tell the truth that your heart wants to tell me.

Pragya hearing that dropped the glass she was holding onto.

Abhi shrieked: What happened to u and where are your senses Pragya? What if it hurt u?

Pragya: Boss…Why did u said like that just now?

Abhi: Like what? Wait! First u stand where you are and let me remove this glass pieces first.

While he was removing the pieces by sweeping it with a broom, Pragya saw him tenderly unable to explain something that is bothering her now.

Meanwhile kiddos were looking shocked but then realized Mumma is safe so they got back to singing again.

Outside the room,
Abhi: Now you can ask me Chunni!

Pragya raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Abhi: Why do u look like that?
Pragya: I thought I am….
Abhi: Hey chunni! You are a chilli but you are my Pragya who is my bhagya. If you are not here then I am not there.

He repeated the words thinking as if it’s a rap that he came up with.

Pragya hearing that confirmed that he had gone mad after facing the unexpected things in their love life.

Pragya asked: Is that a song u are trying to sing?

Abhi looking proudly nodded his head as yes.

Pragya: Then it’s lame….It’s not catchy…It’s not rhythmic to hear too….

Abhi looked down as Pragya coming closer to him whispered: If kiddos are not here then I would have teach you how to sing a good song….

Abhi: Huh? U can still teach me as kiddos are great singers!!!

Pragya smirked hearing that.

Abhi: Oh…I told them that they are better dancers right?

Pragya: What’s your problem Boss? I have been noticing from the morning, always coming after me then this lame song now. What are u trying to do?

Abhi: I am asking the same to u!!! What’s your problem Pragya??? You are being different!!! That’s why I am coming after you to make u the same Pragya as before!!

Pragya looking into his eyes said: Sometimes what u see is not enough to know what’s in my heart.

Abhi: This is what I am talking about!! You are always direct in your thoughts but now you are telling this kind of lines.

Just then kiddos cried as they were hungry.

Pragya: Will talk to u later boss…

Abhi gasped and looked at her going in as he walked away to where Purab was.

Abhi sat beside Purab,
Abhi: Something is wrong Purab.
Purab: What happened now?
Abhi: For u Bulbul is being grumpy and for me Pragya is being exceptionally silent. I mean she is only like this when worried about something but then she is being normal with kiddos. It’s just when I talk to her she is very quiet.

Purab : Same here!!! Bulbul is normal with kiddos but with me she complains a lot. A lot means not just a lot but it’s thousand times a lot.

Abhi: Hmm…Something had happened without our knowledge but what’s that?

Pragya: Nothing happened and both of us are perfectly fine.

Both looked at her.

Abhi rightfully: Really? Perfectly fine?

Pragya: Haan Boss, it’s normal to be silent na especially at a different place. I mean now we are not at our place, once I reach our house I will be back to normal and the same goes for Bulbul. She is a bit frustrated of being hospitalized. That’s all Purab.

Both men were about to say something when Pragya interrupted.

Pragya: Purab I came here to tell that we can take care of Bulbul but you have to go back to work. He had forgotten that there is a important deal need to be finalized but I won’t.

She said by giving a deadly stare towards Abhi.

Purab: But di…

Pragya : I know Purab you will miss Bulbul but I don’t want others say that u never do your duty as a manager. And that too stating your personal reasons as the cause of your irresponsibility.
Abhi: But he is all the whole helping us!! Its unfair to make him work when he only wants to be by Bulbul’s side when she is in need.

Pragya: Boss….try to understand…We know this but the staff at office won’t understand all this and if we lose this deal then it will be a huge loss. Do u want that to happen?

Abhi: Let it be but caring for your loved one especially when they need u is very important. Not doing that can be a huge loss to the relationship!

Pragya: Why are u being so emotional? Look Purab, do u think your di will tell something bad for u?

Purab shook his head as NO.

Pragya: Then just listen to me. Go and finish all the pending work and by then Bulbul will be discharged from here. We will safely bring her back and I assure u that.

Abhi: Ya! Ya! Listen to your di!!!

He said that sounding sarcastic and walked off.

Purab: But di…is she ok with this?
Pragya: She said this Purab and I agree with her to this.

Purab: Oh….Ok then let me see her before leaving.

Pragya: No Purab, she is gone for some scans and will be late. I will inform her that u had left. Call us when u have reached safely.

Purab left feeling as if he is being chased away without seeing Bulbul.

Pragya “So how are u feeling by becoming Boss?” Abhi looks on as she is talking continuously but it’s inaudible to him. Abhi pulls her closer and ask “Why are you behaving different towards me?” Pragya becomes speechless and whispers “Because you are different to me….” Abhi cheekily asks “How different?” Pragya softly whispers “Differently different to differentiate and distinguish myself”.

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