Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 75

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Note: I myself don’t understand what I wrote. I guess my brain is not functioning. If the updAte made sense then it’s good if not pls ignore this. Sorry for the disturbance too.

Bulbul signalled to kiddos to come out and the trio managed to escape from the place.

Abhi and Pragya missed seeing them as they went by the front entrance while the trio escaped from back entrance of the house.

Suresh seeing Abhi and Pragya gave a deadly stare towards them.

Suresh: By chance if both of u are here to save your children, let it be but answer me why the hell did u ruined my career?

Pragya: What do u mean? When we did so?

Suresh: Ask your husband who is silent now. If a person has power that doesn’t mean he can do anything that he wants.

Pragya looking at Abhi asked what is he telling as Abhi looked away saying he is blabbering something out of angst.

Suresh: See for yourself. He is clearly not telling the truth as he don’t have the guts to face you and tell the truth. Yes I agree that I was wrong for misbehaving with u few years back. But after that did I ever disturb u? And that too after your marriage?

Pragya shook her head as no while Abhi yelled: But I can’t spare anyone who had hurt my Pragya!!! Haan Pragya I took revenge on him couple of months back. What he did was wrong and he made u cried that day Pragya. How can I forget that easily??? So I took revenge.

Pragya: Revenge? What are u blabbering?

Suresh: He is not blabbering, that’s the truth. He made my career a laughing stock by giving misconduct report to the company I worked for. And of course it never stopped and it continued wherever I tried to apply a job at.

Pragya looking at Abhi asked: Why Boss? Why? Why do u have to open up a problem that had already closed?

Abhi: I’m sorry Pragya….But I just want to make sure whatever that disturbed you to be cleared of.

Suresh clapped and said: Wonderful! You want to clear me and I want to clear you. To be specific to clear your joy. Your kiddos…..

Pragya: I apologise on behalf of him Suresh. He really didn’t mean it. He was blinded by the love for me but pls don’t harm my kiddos. They are innocent and if u want to punish, then punish me as I am the root cause for his action.

Abhi: What are u saying Pragya? How can I get u punished for my mistake?

Suresh: Nobody needs to get punishment. Your kiddos had already faced the punishment.

Abhi and Pragya looked shocked of his words.

Abhi angrily held his collar and demanded him to return their kiddos.

Suresh laughingly said they can’t wait to escape and went off by themselves. He also said by now they would have been attacked by some wild dogs around this area.

Pragya find it unbearable and started to cry profusely.

Abhi left him and said to her I am damn sure he is not telling the truth.

Suresh in response, I know u will say this way. Just follow the footsteps of your kiddos along the door and u will know I am not lying.

Both followed their footsteps and after a certain distance they lost track of it.

Pragya kneeled and cried profusely again thinking of kiddos. Abhi was searching around the place to get clues of their whereabouts.

Pragya then heard kiddos cries of Bubu….Bubu….

Pragya: Did u heard that Boss? It’s kiddos! They are here!!!

She quickly got up and searched together with Abhi by calling their names.

Finally they found kiddos behind a tree. They were crying by sitting beside Bulbul. Bulbul was lying there unconsciously.

Pragya hugged kiddos and asked where u all went without telling me?

She placed kisses all over their faces but they still looked extremely worried for Bulbul’s condition.

Pragya: What happened to Bulbul?

Kiddos while sobbing tell whatever happened and Pragya calmed them down by saying it’s okay, don’t worry nothing will happen to Bubu.

Abhi checking her pulse said: Her pulse is getting lower Pragya, we need to get her to hospital soon.

Pragya nodded her head and he carried Bulbul as Pragya bring kiddos along safely to their car. By now Suresh was arrested and Purab couldn’t believe that Bulbul had risked her life to save kiddos.

All reached hospital and everyone hoped that she would be safe.

Purab: Why Is she like this? She should have informed a word before going out alone to find kiddos! Don’t she know it’s unsafe to do like this?

Abhi: She did all this out of love Purab. Not only because of the love she have for you but also the love she have for kiddos. You know right how she took care of kiddos for the past few days, then how can u expect her to be silent without doing anything?

Purab broke down seeing Bulbul in the ICU still unconscious as doctors are busy attending to her.

Abhi consoled him as Pragya signalled to Abhi to make Purab sit beside them.

Purab sat beside Pragya and kiddos.

Kiddos had fell asleep on Pragya’s lap by crying more. And Pragya looked at Purab who was unable to hide his tears that filled up his eyes.

Pragya: Purab….Nothing will happen to her, she will be back as she is a fighter like her sister.

Purab: I scolded her harshly before she went out to look for kiddos….

Pragya: Is that a matter? Even I scold boss harshly but he always come after me. She is exactly like Boss. it’s just that she is the lady version of him.

Purab hearing that smiled a bit and agreed to her words.

Pragya: Don’t worry Purab, you should be strong for her. We don’t know what made her unconscious and whatever it is we should be with her for support. Even if we are not I think kiddos will never let her down. You see they slept by murmuring Bubu. That much of love they have for her.

Purab: I also love her like them. I always tell her name before going to sleep.

Abhi and Pragya smiled hearing that.

Abhi: Then what’s the problem? She is simply sleeping after getting tired of saving kiddos. I bet she would have mention your name before sleeping. Or maybe she is dreaming about u now. You know it takes time to get out of sweet dreams…..

Pragya stared at Abhi and he looked away giving a Oops look.

Pragya: Purab….This is life Purab, If life is that easy then why do difficult things happen very easily? But when there is love then everything happens easily without any difficulty. Believe that your love for her will definitely wake her up. And all our prayers will definitely wake her up.

Purab: Thank you di…I really want her to be awake. I can’t see her in this lifeless position.

Pragya gave him words of confidence and soon the doctor came out of the ward.

Doctor: Who is Purab here?
Purab: It’s me. Is she fine?
Doctor with stern face: Yes she is but…..
Purab panicked and asked: But what??
Doctor: She is absolutely fine but is driving us crazy by saying where is Purab the Pan especially when the nurses were trying to give her IV drips!!!! That’s totally ridiculous!!!!

Abhi hearing the Doctor’s complaint was laughing hysterically and he tried to convince him that she is like that and asked Purab to go and see Bulbul.

Pragya showing attitude towards Abhi as he calls her to help him in something.

In another situation,
Abhi: Hey chunni! You are a chilli but you are my Pragya who is my bhagya. If you are not here then I am not there. He repeated the words thinking as if it’s a rap that he came up with.

Pragya hearing that confirmed that he is gone mad after the hiatus in their love life being faced.

No problem Prabhigya sis, I am always open to suggestions and opinions. So no worries. Thank u everyone for reading again.

Then thank u once again to those commenting newly. Keep reading and hope my updAtes make u all happy and not irritAted.

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