Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 73

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First of all thank u for all the support and no worries for that comment as all of u are there for me 🙂 But I am really sorry if what I am writing is not good. Sorry for not being able to reply everyone but u all know that I am replying my gratitude through the update of this story. Hope u all like it friends. And one of u all asked me when is my birthday, it is on 16 Feb friend.

Back to the story,

He somehow managed to feed the kiddos and they were completely unsatisfied with him. When he fed them he never even smiled once. They tried to make him smile by saying cute words but it didn’t work out. It was very disappointing for them.

The next day,
Kiddos waked up first. They were made to sleep on a bed together. It was a very small one as compared to their big size beds at home. They were touched that he was caring enough to put pillows by their side. It was just the way like Mumma and Puppa does. But again he never smiled in response when they smiled.

Kiddos exclaimed: Bubu! Bubu!!!
They were surprised to see her and it was uncontrollable happiness for them.

Bulbul signalled them not to be loud. She was seeing them through a window. Bulbul made her mission to here alone. All she want was to save kiddos and gain Purab’s trust again. And of course she wants kiddos to be back with their parents too.

Suresh woke up hearing kiddos noise and stared at kiddos.

Suresh: What is this Bubu early in the morning? Whole night u all never let me slept by talking in sleep. That irritating word Fiya Puppa. Then there is Jumma Mumma. You two are making me insane with all this Boo Boo words.

Kiddos looked surprised of how does he know about Boo Boo too. They tried to wink by closing both eyes and smile as he said Boo Boo again.

Suresh: Not at all funny. I will send both of u by tonight itself. I don’t want my sleep to get deprived of the silly words that both of u repeat two times.

Bulbul hearing that mentally scolded him.

Bulbul, How can he not appreciate cuteness. Silly man. No wonder he is still single.

Kiddos looked down in sadness as Suresh scolded him. They never expected their morning to start off like this.

Suresh: Ok ok don’t get so upset for this. I will get u all something to eat.

Kiddos thought how can they eat without bathing and washing their mouth. They never did like that before. They looked at the direction where Bulbul was. They were saddened to see she was not there.

Suresh looked where they were looking sadly.

Suresh: Trust me, nobody will save u all.

He said in a witty tone.

Kiddos kept on whimpering Bubu…Bubu…Bubu…

They were very sad. For a moment they thought they were imagining Bubu there….

Kiddos were upset and looked away from Suresh.

Suresh: Just be like this until I get your breakfast.

Kiddos never responded and they looked down.

Suresh smiled and walked off leaving them alone.

After sometime,

Bulbul: Kiddos!!!! Look here.

Kiddos looked around hearing Bubu’s sound.

Bulbul: Here kiddos….
She said as they found her crawling towards them.

Kiddos giggled seeing her crawling like them.

Bulbul came near them and said Bello.

Kiddos: Bello! Bello!
Bulbul: Phew! It’s so tough to crawl. How do u all crawl kiddos? Isn’t it difficult?

Kiddos still couldn’t believe she is here. She snapped her finger in front of them and they shook their head.

Bulbul: Ok listen carefully kiddos, we have to get out of here and see Puppa and Mumma. Ok?

Kiddos nodded their head vigorously as a sign of yes.

Bulbul shared her plan with them to which they agreed by saying ya!ya!

Bulbul was not sure whether they understood but she still conveyed it to them.

She heard footsteps and quickly went to hid behind a wardrobe there.

Kiddos looked nervous as he opened the door.

Suresh was murmuring that so many questions need to be answered to get breakfast for babies. Why do u need the food to be very soft? Why not chicken fry? Are they vegetarian? Why so much of dhal? Blah blah……

Kiddos cuddled closely to each other and looked at him.

Suresh: Excuse me, I never even did anything for both of u to be so scared.

Kiddos remained silent as he unpacked the food.

Suresh: I wish I had kidnapped children of older age at least they would have eaten by themselves.

Kiddos blinked at him. They forward their hands to say that they can eat themselves.

Suresh: You two are kidding me.
Kiddos: Spoo! Spoo!
Suresh: You mean spoon or what?
Kiddos said ya!ya! in response.
Suresh: Ok….I have just one here.
He said and passed the spoon to Abhigya.

He had already placed the food on the table in front of them. Abhigya held the spoon and slowly took the dhal in the bowl and fed Prabhi. Prabhi smiled at her sister as Suresh looking at this was blown away.

Suresh: You two are so affectionate for each other. I wish I had sisters like both of u.

He was feeling emotional as Bulbul hearing all this was thinking is he a emotional villain?

Meanwhile Pragya was not able to eat as she was worried for kiddos.

Abhi: Boss….don’t lose hope na…They will be fine as long u are fine for them.

Pragya: Please leave me alone Boss….I feel very bad for doing this to them. I should have been more considerate. If I had not acted for my fainting then this kidnap itself wouldn’t have happened.

Abhi: If u feel that way then fault is also mine as I should have bring kiddos along with us but I didn’t.

She remained silent looking at kiddos picture in her phone.

Abhi sitting beside her said: Purab is searching and there are cops also searching for them. Then why are u being hopeless?

Pragya: I am a very bad mother right? Which mother would do like this?

She asked him looking teary eyed.

Abhi: Again u have started, Ok think in this way, if u are saying about being mother u are not good but as a friend u had been always good to them.

Pragya: Me? Friend? No way…
Abhi: Why not? You are kiddos best friend in the whole world. You know their likes and dislikes and u even know what they think,want and feel at anytime.

Pragya looked away trying to hide her tears.

Abhi: I understand your worries but pls stay positive as I feel he might not harm them. I guess he just want us to feel worried.

Pragya hugged Abhi tightly and cried more unable to bear the fact that kiddos are away from them.

Abhi consoled her as Purab walked towards them.

Kiddos idea worked making Bulbul amazed. Abhi and Pragya reaching the place where kiddos are being kidnapped.

Thank u once again and sorry if anything from my side had hurt anyone of u all. All I can say is I might be senseless at times and senseless things happen out of that.

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