Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 72

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Kiddos looked around at the place they were. It was bright with lights on but looked very messy with papers on the floor. Some were blank papers and some had diagrams on it.

They looked puzzled looking around. Just then a man entered the scene. He smirked at them by holding onto a file.

He sat in front of them as already kiddos were sitting on top of a table.

Man: Hello kiddos!
Kiddos knew him as he was the one who said Mumma is here when bringing him so they replied as Bello to him.

Man chuckled at their Bello and they too chuckled back at his happiness.

Man: Excuse me! I am the only here will be laughing.

Kiddos continued to chuckle until he shouted as Stop it.

Kiddos panicked and widened their eyes in shock.

Man: That’s better. See this papers.
He said and passed the file to them.

Abhigya managed to hold as Prabhi tried to open the file.

Both flipped the pages and couldn’t believe they looked so cute in the photos.

They praised each other as cute Abhoo and cute Prabhoo. Man looking at that was getting confused and angry at the same time.

Man in a loud voice: Stop it!!!
Kiddos shook their heads and continued to discuss about the photos in their gibberish language.

Man snatched the file from them which made kiddos super annoyed.

Man: I want u all to see that I am following both of u not to see that how nicely I took photo of u all! Do u all understand that?

Kiddos sensing his anger tone said: No! No! Buya! Buya!

Man: Stop it!!!!
Kiddos got petrified now with his even louder voice. They hugged each other and looked at him nervously.

Man: That’s better….Now both of u are looking cute. *Evil laughter*

Kiddos were now getting scared and softly said: Mumma….

Man again laughed loudly before saying she is not here. Kiddos couldn’t understand and he said NO no Mumma.

Kiddos now understood Mumma is not here and they wondered then why did he said he will show Mumma and bring them here?

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Man: But u can talk to her.
He said and picked up his phone and called Abhi.

Pragya picked up the call this time as she got suspicious of why Abhi is looking tensed after a call. Abhi had no choice but just face it now.

Man changed his voice and talked like a lady.

Man: Sir…May I talk to Pragya mam? I saw your children near the temple here.

Pragya shrieked: Who are u? How can they be there? They are at home.

Man: No mam. You can ask your husband. He knows they are missing.

He placed his phone in loudspeaker and kiddos heard their Mumma’s voice.

Kiddos: Mumma….Mumma…
Pragya hearing their voice panicked: Kiddos! You two are there?

Man ended the call abruptly and kiddos looked sad as they couldn’t talk to Pragya properly.

Pragya looking at Abhi asked: What is all this? Is this what u are hiding from me? Where did kiddos went?

Abhi: Relax….They should be safe. Who called u just now? Is that Bulbul?

Pragya: No!! It was some lady and before I could talk further the call ended. Kiddos are with her.

Abhi: Maybe she called us to inform that they are safe with her.

Pragya: Then why did the call ended suddenly?

Abhi: Maybe her phone battery was down. Or her balance in phone had finished?

Pragya: How can u be so cool? First of all I don’t get the point how did she even know your number!!!! This is a village and apart from Dadi and Dasi nobody knows your number here.

Abhi stopped driving and looked straight.

Pragya: Why did u stop driving??
Abhi took a deep breath and looked at her.

Pragya: You are making me scared now…..Just tell me everything as it now involves our kiddos.

Abhi holding her hand said: Do u trust me?
Pragya: Boss! I always trust you but is this the time to ask this?

Abhi: I know it’s not the time but I need your trust at all times.
Pragya urged him to be frank as she can’t bear this suspense.

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Abhi: Kiddos are kidnapped but don’t worry they are safe.

Pragya: What? They are kidnapped and u are saying they would be safe. What are u trying to say?

Abhi: I think it’s him who kidnapped and his intention is to disturb us not them.

Pragya demanded: Who???
Abhi remained silent which made her even more impatient.

Pragya shaking him: Just tell me!
Abhi: Suresh…..
Pragya looked shocked and pale.

Abhi: For this only I didn’t want to tell u. Now u see, u are thinking about the past.

Pragya: Boss, but why does he want to disturb us now? He disturbed me when he was a manager but after that I thought everything ended.

Abhi: I also don’t know but Purab said it was him who bring kiddos away from the house when he went to bring food for kiddos.

Prague: I don’t understand! Why must he even come here??

Abhi started to drive the car saying that it’s better that we rush to see Purab and ask him more.

Pragya looked extremely worried and hoped kiddos were fine.

Pragya remembered the day Suresh tried to harrass her and how Abhi made fun of him saying why his taste was so bad to misbehave with her. Then it was the same day when she cried in front of Abhi and hugged him for the first time.

Abhi: Pragya….I am here na….
He said by placing his hand on her lap and looked at her reassuringly.

Pragya nodded her head with tears slowly flowing from her eyes. She leaned on his shoulder as Abhi looked worried for her too.

Pragya, I know u are here for me Boss….but I now know why he is doing like this. I think I know…..

Meanwhile kiddos looked bored and were talking to each other that they shouldn’t have believed this funny uncle when he said he will show Mumma.

Suresh walked in and loudly said: There is food for both of you.

Kiddos didn’t want to eat without their Mumma. They said NO!NO!
in response.

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Suresh: What? This is home made food. Just eat it!!

Kiddos shook their head and spat saliva on his face when he came closer to them.He irked and wiped his face with his hands. Kiddos looked away as he looked towards them.

Suresh murmured:This two are so naughty!!! How would I know he will have such naughty kids!!!”

Kiddos frowned hearing that and Prabhi signalled to Abhigya to throw Bobby at the his head. She also did that making him to yell in pain. Kiddos then laughed loudly and clapped for their attack.

Suresh :You two are so irritating. I feel like punching both of u!

Kiddos screamed “Puppaaaaaaaa!” Making him to feel unbearable.

The scene shifts to Bulbul who looked apologetic for her behaviour. Actually she was supoosed to get upset and argue with Purab, that was their plan so that Abhi and Pragya would convince them but she got carried away when Purab said in a way that she is desperate for kiss. Now Purab was really angry towards her.

Kiddos exclaimed: Bubu! Bubu!!!
Bulbul signalled them not to be loud.

Suresh woke up and stared at kiddos.

Suresh: What is this Bubu early in the morning? Whole night u all never let me slept by talking in sleep. That irritating word Fiya Puppa. Then there is Jumma Mumma. You two are making me insane with all this Boo Boo words.

Kiddos looked surprised of how does he know about Boo Boo too. They tried to wink by closing both eyes and smile as he said Boo Boo again.

Suresh: Not at all funny. I will send both of u by tonight itself. I don’t want my sleep to get deprived of the silly words that both of u repeat two times.

Bulbul hearing that mentally scolded him.

Bulbul, How can he not appreciate cuteness. Silly man. No wonder he is still single.

Thank you so much for reading. Sorry for the late update. What to do? Mentally and physically everything is processing slowly…….

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