Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 71

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I could hear him saying Purab
let’s bring her to hospital as she is fainting frequently. All I could do was to continue act being unconscious. I want him by my side now. I want my kiddos by my side.

In a Nick of time, I could feel him carrying me. Whenever he carries me there is an automatic smile on my face that is inevitable. The same happened which spoilt my plan.

What I heard next was unexpected but later I knew it’s due to my smile.

Purab! You stay here and take care of kiddos. I will bring her to hospital. I don’t want kiddos to cry all the way by seeing her like this.

At that moment, I felt he was right. I hoped I won’t hurt him more if he gets to know I was acting.

He placed me in the back of the car. He was harsh when placing me. Then there was his rash driving, I thought it was in a hurry to get me to the hospital. I didn’t knew my Boss was so smart that he already guessed that I was acting.

The car stopped and I could hear him getting out of the car but I was left to wonder why he never carried me back. Did anything happened wrong? I slightly opened my eyes to see and to my shock it was completely dark outside and he was nowhere to be found. I quickly got up and went out of the car to find him.

I was getting petrified as I saw his watch on the ground. It was the same watch that I gifted him for his birthday.

I couldn’t think straight and called out for him. But what happened next was unexpected.

Abhi: What a performance!!!
He said by clapping.

Pragya: What are u telling and why are we here?

Abhi: Why dear, u want me to bring u to hospital and sympathize on u? Did I spoiled your plan? I am so sorry….

Pragya: No…But why are u….
Abhi: Enough of all this drama. I know u are a drama queen but never expected that u would lie to me and act to make me a fool.
Pragya: Fool? I would never want to do that to u.
Abhi never said anything and walked away as she followed her.

Pragya: Suniye…I never want to make u a fool. Trust me.
Abhi was keep on walking until he was about to get tripped by a stone but before that she held him.

Abhi yelled: Don’t touch me!!!!
Pragya was taken aback as he pushed her away.

She never seen him like that before. His maximum anger on her was to scold her back but not the kind of hatred that he have on his face. She was getting scared what if he hates her.

Abhi: Just leave me alone and please….I beg you and don’t make us a fool. I don’t mind if u make me one but I mind if u make my kiddos fool and make them cry. They don’t deserve to be fools.

Pragya: Suniye u think I have the heart to fool all of u? If that is so then I would be the biggest fool.

Abhi: I don’t know…I only know my Pragya doesn’t know all this.She is a simple girl but this chunni is not like that. She is playing mind games with us.

Pragya started to cry unable to stand his accusation of her making them fool.

Pragya: Please listen to me.I…I am not like what u are thinking….
Abhi: The more u cry or say u are not fooling us. It makes me more to believe u are doing like that. I guess I lost my Pragya and I need kiddos to understand this as well.

Pragya unable to control herself hugged him and said: Enough of all this. I will tell u everything that make me to be like this.

Abhi breaking the hug: Tell first! Then let me see u are acting again or not.

Pragya: Boss….please… u know I can’t act in front of u for that long. This itself is a big thing.

Abhi demanded: First tell me

Pragya wiping her tears said: I had to do this for kiddos too.
Abhi: I feel like slapping u now. Kiddos are missing u badly and u are saying u are doing this for them!
Pragya: No Boss….how can I tell u? Boss just believe me that I am acting for both u and kiddos…

Abhi: Really?
He asked looking into her eyes.
Pragya was unable to hold on to her secrets. It was tormenting her and Abhi being very close to her asking for answers by looking into her eyes made her more exposed than ever.

Pragya hugging him said: Kiddos are not our children….how can I tell u this Boss?

Abhi looks shocked and she was crying uncontrollably.

Abhi: What do u mean? Tell me clearly!

Pragya explained that she came here to see Dadi and Dasi. She came here to convince them and bring them back. But before she was entering the house, she heard their conversation where they said Pragya couldn’t even bear a child. Luckily they had their helper who gave birth to twins at that time. The helper passed away at the moment of birth and Dadi made the twins to be placed beside her without the knowledge of Abhi.

Abhi hearing all this gave deadly stare towards her.

Pragy looking at his reaction: You don’t believe me? That’s what I heard and also got to know that kiddos grandparents are still around so I decided to stay here to know about them.

Abhi: This sounds like some 80s movie flashback.

Pragya: Then are u trying to say that Dadi and Dasi are not telling the truth? How can it be possible?

Abhi: Oye fool! When u gave birth to kiddos, I was in the ward itself. Then how did this happened? Ok then tell me what happened to the baby that u gave birth?

Pragya: I only remember crying in pain during delivery. After that I became unconscious.

She said innocently which made Abhi smile more.

Abhi: You know what? I think u believe everyone blindly and making a fool out of yourself.

Pragya defended herself by saying: I only believe everyone related to u blindly.

Abhi hugging her back: Thank God that at least u tell me everything now. I seriously find u a fool for doing all this drama for no reason.

Pragya: Huh? That means kiddos are really ours??

Abhi: My dear cute fool, kiddos are only ours and I know why Dadi and Dasi might have spoken that way.

Pragya: You sure kiddos are ours?

Abhi pinching her cheek said: Trust me! They are definitely from our love.

Pragya: Then whatever I did until now is all foolish right?

Abhi: To say the truth, yes but it was funny in way when thinking about it.

He started to chuckle which made Pragya annoyed.

Pragya: Don’t laugh Boss!!! I really thought they are not ours. Do u know how bad I felt for u thinking what if u know the truth?

Abhi: I know… I know how difficult it would have been for you…..

Pragya: But I am such a fool na…
She asked looking away.

Abhi cupping her face said: It’s okay as I was also a fool to let u think this way. I should have tied u up at home on the night when u were thinking too much.

Pragya: Does that mean fault is yours?

Abhi nodded his head with a smirk. Pragya looked at him doubtfully as he said: So what are u waiting for?

Pragya: You don’t know?
Abhi shrugged his shoulder which made her look upset.

Abhi turned away and smiled widely.

Pragya: You don’t want to know who I was talking to earlier?

Abhi shook his head as no.

Pragya: Then what about the danger that u have?

He again shook his head which made her confused.

Pragya coming in front of her asked:Why Boss? Why you don’t want to know?

Abhi: All I want to know that u are always mine. I don’t want to know the rest.

Just then he got a call while as usual Pragy was admiring Abhi.

Abhi shrieked: What?? What are u saying Purab?

Pragya: What happened? Why do u looked very tensed?

Abhi grabbed her hand and bring her in a rush towards the car without saying anything.

Kiddos don’t want to eat without their Mumma.

Man looking at kiddos “This two are so naughty!!! How would I know he will have such naughty kids!!!”

Kiddos frowned hearing that and Prabhi signalled to Abhigya to throw Bobby at the man’s head. She also did that making the man yell in pain. Kiddos then laughed loudly and clapped for their attack.

Man “You two are so irritating. I feel like punching both of u!”

Kiddos screamed “Puppaaaaaaaa!” Making the man to feel unbearable.

Thank u all for reading and sorry for late update.

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