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Pragya looked at kiddos sleeping peacefully. Yes, she agreed that they can sleep over at her house as Abhi and Purab left. The reason she gave was Abhi wouldn’t be able to manage them. Abhi found her reason ridiculous but was feeling happy as at least kiddos can stay with her longer than him.
Abhigya suddenly got awake and looked at Pragya who was smiling widely.
Pragya: Kya hua Abhoo? You want something?

Abhigya: Bubu…
Pragya raising her eyebrows asked: Oye! You want Bubu or Mumma?
Abhigya repeatedly said: Mumma! Mumma!
Pragya: Sssssh! See your sister is sleeping quietly. Just sleep Abhoo.
She said by patting Abhigya’s stomach gently.
Abhigya softly: Mumma….

Pragya: I know everything Abhoo, Mumma will always be with both of you. So don’t worry and I will buy for u Inoko too!
Abhigya chuckled in happiness as Mumma said she will buy for her inoko (ice-cream).
Pragya soon made her sleep as she thought, sometimes I feel that I am bad to both of you but I hope everything gets sort out soon kiddos.

The next day,
Abhi entered the house and saw Pragya making kiddos sit on the living area and sat beside them. He smiled as kiddos opened their arms for her to hug.
She too hugged them in response and kissed their forehead.
Abhi cleared his throat to signal that he is around. Pragya quickly break the hug and stood up.

Abhi: Respect no need to be shown in this way chunni! One more thing, I would like to warn you that you should ask my permission before kissing my kiddos. You know, when it comes to kissing, my kiddos are very shy about it. It’s a very sensitively shy matter to them.
Kiddos hearing the word kiss remembered how Abhi explained to them using their Bobbies. They blushed badly again.

Abhi: There u see! Their faces are getting red and both are looking down in shyness.
Pragya tried not to smile by giving a stern face. Abhi frowned at her as she walked passed him.
Abhi: That’s so rude. She should talk back to me. That’s what I want!
He murmured to himself as kiddos looked up at him.
Abhi sat beside them and said: You know what kiddos? I think both of u were overacting today and that’s why there was not much of reaction from her.
Kiddos looked puzzled of his words as Abhi made them sit in front of him.
Abhi: It’s okay kiddos, by the way I got new dresses for both of u!!!!
Kiddos smiled as Abhi said that cheerfully. Pragya was in the kitchen and saw Bulbul looking gloomy.
Pragya: Why do u look dull?

Bulbul: Do I look dull?
Pragya: You face shows that….
Bulbul: Haan…he is not here na…so sad….
Pragya smiled and carried on with her work as Bulbul sighed that her plan failed.
Bulbul, I thought she would sympathize me and will advise me like before but she is very clear in her acting mode.
Pragya after a while came out of the kitchen to see what’s going on as there was lots of chuckling sounds from kiddos.

Pragya shrieked: What is this???
Kiddos blinked their eyes in shock as Mumma’s voice was very loud.
Abhi: Ms Chunni, we are in village so we are making a changeover.
Pragya: That’s fine but who will dress up girls as boys?
Abhi ignored her as he did final touch up to kiddos.
Abhi: Perfect kiddos! Now u two satisfy my desire of not having boy babies!
Kiddos were dressed up as boys in dhoti and kurta. It was their first time and they were feeling very shy as Abhi winked at them.

Pragya gasped when Abhi planned to bring them out in this attire too.
Pragya: How can u dress them up this way? Is this for fancy dress competition? They are too young to participate in it.
Abhi: Excuse me, we are going wherever we want. How does it matter to u?
Pragya looked helpless as the trio left from there. Pragya, what is he up to? Where is he bringing kiddos to? I hope kiddos won’t make any fuss to the place he is bringing to. He is just making me worried now.

A few hours later,
Kiddos came back running into the house. Pragya looked shocked as she saw Abhi being carried by few men. He was complaining in pain as kiddos were keep on calling Jumma.
Pragya: What happened to him??
The men asked where is the bed to make him lie down. Pragya showed the direction and looked completely confused.
After placing him, they quickly left from there before Pragya could ask anything.
Abhi screamed: Pain! Pain! Here pain there pain!!! Everywhere Pain!!!!
Pragya looked suspiciously at him as kiddos were trying to jump and wanting to tell something to her.

Pragya: Both of u tell me what happened.
Kiddos explained that they went somewhere where lots of people were. They didn’t know what event was that but it was super crowded and even balloons were there. They even played games over there.

They told that with so much of excitement until they couldn’t control themselves from jumping and as usual with vibrations of their bodies.
Pragya: Teek hai….but then why is he like this?
Abhi again screamed in pain which irked Pragya.
Pragya: Both of u sit here like good girls! I will be back in a while.
Abhi saw her coming in and he cried seeing her. Pragya found his actions unbelievable. It was completely acting that was very dramatic.

Pragya asked why he was crying as if in pain. To that he said he was hit by some people while saving kiddos for their safety. Abhi also said I am exaggerating my pain but I did it to see whether u can feel my pain, I did saw you getting affected as u were keep on looking at the direction to see whether I was fine. Pragya simply nodded her head before saying Take care to him and leaving the room. Abhi wondered why her reaction was so subtle. Does that mean she knows there is danger to him and kiddos here?

In the evening,
Everyone were assembled outside the house where they were discussing about something as Pragya brought kiddos out of the house too.
Bulbul asked Abhi to narrate the story rather than Purab. Purab gets annoyed and Pragya advises him something.
Pragya sitting beside him said: I can only say that she is trying to instigate you and make u angry as she is finding your anger cute. Other than that, she is completely in love with u as always.
Purab doubtfully: As always?

Pragya: Haan as always from the start that she agreed that she is in love with u.
Purab: You are telling as if u know my love from the start.
Pragya never said anything in response instead she looked at kiddos who were asking her to come beside them as they want Puppa and Mumma to be close to each other. She too moved towards them and sat beside kiddos.
Abhi started by saying how he was getting disturbed by Pragya’s kiss which made her gasped in response.
Abhi: The kiss was unusual. I would say unexpected too.
Pragya hearing it was feeling awkward of the way he was looking at her while saying.
Bulbul: Was it from her side or yours?
Abhi: Both!

Bulbul: What? That’s so unbelievable!
Abhi: Ya right? Our story has always been unbelievable. It started unexpectedly and went through an unbelievable path where it hurt your sister the most. Even we got hurt but hers was the most. Now I feel relieved that she is trying to get along with Jai.
So when did u realize that u should have confessed your love directly to Pragya instead of hinting her?

Abhi: Very late, I should have done it earlier but my ego had stopped me. The same goes for her side. The moment she made me Boss itself I should have understood that she wants me to accept her love. But I am a fool who understood her indirect proposal lately.
Bulbul: Could u tell me how she talked to u after letting u take over the boss position?
Pragya walked away hearing all this as Abhi smiled at her walking away.
Abhi: Now she is walking away but that day she walked towards me….The kiss happened at that time too.

Pragya “I know….” Abhi “What you know? How can u easily give away this position to me? Do u think I deserve this?” Pragya pleasantly “Boss….” Abhi “Boss?” He asked in a confused look. Pragya “ Haan Boss!” Abhi smiled hearing that as he liked to be her boss. Pragya “Why are u smiling Boss?” Abhi “No Pragya….when u call me Boss I feel I have achieved something!” Pragya “You did achieve something but when will you archive that in your…..” Abhi “Archive?” Pragya smiled pleasantly and asked him to get back to work. Abhi “I want to know what u mean! What do u mean I need to archive in my…..” Pragya “You don’t know or are u acting as if u don’t know?” Abhi was about to hold her hand when Uncle came inside the room to congratulate Abhi.
Both moved away and Uncle: I forgot to congratulate you! Congrats and do your work properly!
Pragya smiled at him as he winked at her.

Bulbul interrupted: Then that thing….How did it happened?
Purab: Bubu! Please be patient, I know I haven’t gave u that thing but that doesn’t mean u should be desperate for it.
Bulbul: I am desperate for it??
Purab in a loud voice: Ya if not why u interrupted? You are such a despo!!!!
Bulbul: I HATE YOU! Is this what u had understood about me?
She yelled at him before running away.
Abhi: Why Purab? What’s the need to be so harsh?
Purab: She is so irritating. I have nothing to say.

Abhi rushed to see how was Bulbul and realized she had ran out of the house.
Kiddos saw Bubu running away by crying badly. They never saw her cried like this before and they felt bad that they too were in tears.
Pragya trying to calm down kiddos said: What’s the need for all this story telling? Now u see everyone is upset of it. Such a waste of time.
Abhi: Do u think it’s waste of time Pragya?
Pragya: I am chunni!
Abhi trying not to break down said: Purab said she is desperate for something but the truth is I am desperate for you and they were helping me in that. But I guess all this is useless……..I mean waste of time.
Pragya: No….I didn’t mean that way….

Abhi: No Ms Chunni, I think I have been wasting your time right? I won’t do that anymore.
Pragya was in tears as Abhi was coming close to kiddos and was about to carry them.
Pragya: I’m sorry but u can’t bring them now….
Abhi: Why can’t I Ms chunni? I am their father and I will do it!
Pragya: Wait….where will u go? It’s late at night
Abhi: We will go wherever we want!

Pragya pleaded to him and said that he is getting overemotional for such a trivia thing but he was not ready to listen to her.
She didn’t know how to stop him as he carried Abhigya first and bringing her to car. Seeing it, she didn’t know what to do except for fainting which would stop him from going.
She acts to faint and fell onto the floor as Prabhi yelled Mumma in shock.

It was getting too tough for Pragya to act in front of Abhi who looked vulnerable and in a state that she never wants to see him. Pragya blurts out the truth that kiddos are not their own babies. Abhi looks shocked.

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