Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 69

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Hi guys! At the bottom there is super long part of my story (So sorry for that).

Abhi: Pragya!!!
Pragya turned away hearing his loud voice and Pragya asked: Where are your babies?

Abhi: Where means? They are just behind me!

He said confidently as Pragya looked carefully and saw nobody there.

Abhi: You can’t see right that’s why u need chasma!

Pragya: Look behind! There is nobody there!
Abhi looked behind and was shocked to see that kiddos are missing.

Abhi: Wait they were here only and where is the guy u were talking to??

Pragya: Is that important now? Where are babies?

Abhi: I don’t know! I ask them to stand here!

He said by looking stressed and was looking around to see where did kiddos disappeared.

Abhi: Let me call them.
He said by taking his phone in a hurry.

Pragya looked confused and Abhi: Oh no! They don’t have phone!!!! How to contact them now?

He realized that he was getting panicked.

Pragya: Will u tell me how did u even came here?

Abhi quickly explained everything and Pragya asked: You are such a fool. But tell me which tree they were looking at?

Abhi: Is that important now?
Pragya: Please tell me….
She said by looking around.
Abhi: Christmas tree!
Pragya: Kya??
Abhi: I mean coconut tree. The very tall one like me.
Pragya looked behind him and saw kiddos shoe near a coconut tree. She was able to see them standing near it.

Pragya ran near it without informing Abhi which annoyed him.

Pragya: Kiddos! How many times I have told u not to walk away lonely?

She said by bending to their height as they looked upset about something.

Pragya: What happened now?
Kiddos explained in their gibberish language that they tried to climb the tree but couldn’t as the texture of tree was hurting them. They also told that their Bobbies are not around which is why they cannot climb.

Pragya hugged them and said: Oh cute kiddos! Don’t worry u two climb on your Puppa thinking he is a coconut tree. Ok?

Kiddos felt warm in her hug as usual and said: Tank u Jumma.

They thanked her for the hug that they missed the most.

Abhi: Excuse me! So u are acting right?
Pragya: Yes I have to act as if I am Pragya so that kiddos don’t cry.
Abhi: How did u know they are kiddos?
Pragya: You call them kiddos right?
Abhi: Yes but….then how did u know I am Puppa?
Pragya: They call u Puppa….
Abhi: Then how did u know they want to climb the tree?

He smirked as he felt she would be caught now.

Pragya patting kiddos back said: I saw their shoes so I thought they were thinking to climb up the tree. City sides they wouldn’t have seen tall trees like this…..

Abhi: Damn it! For everything u have a reason like my Pragya but u say u are not my Pragya!

Pragya smiled inwardly and then said: Dekhiye…I am not that cruel…I can talk in favour of kiddos when they really need their Mumma.

Abhi fumed in anger as kiddos looking at him said: No!no! Buya!buya…

Abhi composing himself, smiled at them.

Abhi: Only for u kiddos I am leaving your Mumma like this. If not I would have tied her in this tree and tortured her.

Pragya: You will torture your wife?
Abhi: Haan not like u are thinking but it can’t be explained in front of my kiddos. My wife as in u had warned me not to speak like that.
Pragya looked away understanding his words as he was smiling mischievously.

Abhi: Kiddos! Let’s go!
Kiddos: Jumma! Jumma!
Abhi: Ok baba come with her but pls don’t forget me like her.
He said walking in front as Pragya thought, When did I say I forgot you Boss? Always misunderstanding my actions.

Kiddos: Jumma….
Pragya: Haan wait let me make u wear your shoes.

She said and start to make them wear their shoes. Prabhi holding Pragya’s shoulder smiled at Abhigya. Abhigya was feeling happy her sister was smiling now.

Pragya then walked with them back to the house as Abhi was staring at the wall.

Kiddos screamed: Puppa!!!!
He still didn’t respond and they came in front of him but he was still engrossed in his thoughts.

Pragya didn’t know what to do to make him back to senses. If she was Pragya then she would have called him Boss or hugged him from the back. But now she is chunni how to do all that?

Purab who came by with Bulbul looked at Kiddos shouting and he sat beside Abhi.

Bulbul bring kiddos away to make them eat something.

Purab shook him asking why does he look so dull?

Abhi letting a sigh of relief asked: Is she here?
Purab lied to him no although Pragya was standing behind them from a distance.

Abhi: Good. I was thinking the fault is from my side Purab. I didn’t understand her completely….

Purab: What do u mean Abhi? U understand her better than her folks. You don’t try to imagine unnecessary things.

Abhi: No Purab if not she wouldn’t have left me and now is acting na…Do u get what I mean? I haven’t understand her feelings completely for her to share her worries to me. I guess I was only thinking she would be ok if I support her but more than support, she needs understanding right? She needs me to understand her. But I was just blindly supporting her and saying nothing is her fault when Dadi and Dasi were against her.

Purab: No Abhi…It’s not like what u are thinking. She might be disturbed about something or doing this in some compulsion.
Abhi: No Purab! U are telling this to convince me. But I know about my Pragya. I feel all this years is not enough for me to understand what she wants. Maybe what i have understood about her was all I wanted from her. It was not what she wanted me to know.

Pragya hearing all that ran away to her room and locked it silently.

Pragya, Why is he like this? Again and again he is blaming himself when the problem is with me. I am the problematic person here but he feels the fault is his? How can I tell him I am doing all this for him? How can I tell this man that he is not only my Boss but my life who needs to be problematic free?

Abhi knocking the door asked: Why did u never tell me that u were there? Did I hurt u Pragya??

Pragya wiping her tears said to herself, You never hurt me Boss…You will never ever hurt me……

Abhi was still knocking very much worried when suddenly she opened the door. He could see that she had cried badly until that her eyes had become red.

Abhi’s heart pained to see her that way and he stepped closer to hug her when she turned away.

Pragya: Wo….I…
Abhi: I’m sorry….I shouldn’t have…
He tried to say but words choked his throat.

Pragya: Sometimes what u think is not entirely wrong but what u feel will not be entirely wrong. So…..

Abhi: What do u mean?
Pragya: Always think what u feel rather than feel what u think. Through that u might get answers for changes. This changes need answers from people whom u are close with.
She said and turned to look at him. He looked perplexed with her words.

Pragya: One more thing, You don’t know how to hurt others….

By saying that she quickly moved away leaving him more confused.

Pragya shrieked: What is this???
Kiddos blinked their eyes in shock as Mumma’s voice was very loud.
Abhi: Ms Chunni, we are in village so we are making a changeover.
Pragya: That’s fine but who will dress up girls as boys?
Abhi ignored her as he did final touch ups to kiddos.

Abhi: Perfect kiddos! Now u two satisfy my desire of not having boy babies!

Kiddos were dressed up as boys in dhoti and kurta. It was their first time and they were feeling very shy as Abhi winked at them.

Pragya gasped when Abhi planned to bring them out in this attire too.

In another situation,
Bulbul wants Abhi to narrate the story rather than Purab. Purab gets annoyed and Pragya advises him something.

Pragya then feels awkward when Abhi narrates his first kiss to Pragya in front of Bulbul and Purab.

My story time (it is quite long, sorry for that!):
It’s not about the response that I look for Danya. My reasons only to be here might not be that satisfying but I shall still say, as I like your thought and care for me to have more response for what I write. Not only u but also to Nisha sis (I hope i remember ur name correctly if not sorry) who asked me to be in wattpad in a couple of episodes back.

Basically when I first came here about a year ago, I really start to write to get rid of my stress. I really started to divert my mind. And It did made me feel better gradually as I would be so much engrossed in writing that I remember I don’t even bother to study for my exams (but I still manage to pass all of them-miracle!). What I think is the positivity gained here through each and every comment & to the people I talked over here made me do well in my studies. Not very excellent but it’s satisfying to me. So I have a kind of gratitude feeling over here as this is the place where it made me a better person. I know a lots of people from here had gone to wattpad but to me I never had the urge to go there. The first time I had the feeling to come over to TU, it happened very accidental as I watched kkb first to get rid of my stress and then the Lady mogambo track annoyed me so I accidentally came across the ffs here. So from then the addiction started. And slowly the feeling to write started as well. It’s a kind of excited feeling that I had when I came to TU and I never had that so far to be in wattpad whenever anyone of u all said to me. Why? I don’t know. I will always go by that feeling when doing something so that’s why I am still not there. I understand that there is lots of good stories and writers are out there. Even Prabhi aka Fatima and Anu sis had told me how it works there but I don’t have that feeling na then how can I force myself to be there. I didn’t even read any stories there due to this reason. So very sorry if it hurts any of u all for once again not considering to all your suggestions. But I heard that over there is more convenient for u all to read due to their speedy posts. Feeling quite bad that u all need to wait for my posts and also over there the comments posted are fast as well if I am not wrong. A lot of inconveniences here and I do feel bad that I am making u all face them too. Maybe all this is due to my troubled feelings. Damn this feelings that I have that I don’t know what to say about it. Anyways the point is I hope I am not troubling u all if so pls do tell me and I will try to….Argggh what can I do? I don’t think I can do anything apart from stop writing as it might reduce a story to be read. Btw if whatever I told had hurt any of u all feelings, then I am sorry again. I really don’t know how to approach this. My point being here is simple it’s more due to the feeling I have and gratitude over here. Oh I came up with a silly reason to justify myself too. Ok don’t scold me for this, I am not that bad or narrow minded, it’s just a funny random thing to justify myself. Here it goes, TU is a website based in india but wattpad originates from Canada so….I go for indian roots as I am a desi girl??

Last but not least thank u so much for reading my ffs although they are bad at times. Thank u so much for the concern u all have towards me. Thank u so much!!!??

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