Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 66

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Abhi standing there lost: Is this a dream? If it’s so I just wanna come out of it now!!
Purab: It’s not a dream but I am totally unsure of why di is behaving this way! What’s making her to do like this???

Abhi walking back to kiddos: Why can’t she even see them for a second? You know how much of expectation they had seeing their Mumma?

Bulbul: Sir…she knows if she stay longer she will not be able to hide her feelings for them. That’s why she ran away.

Abhi: Yes!!! I know how much she is attached to them.

Purab: It’s very dark Abhi and kiddos would get scared without u if u go and search for her.

Abhi looked disturbed as Purab said that.

Kiddos: No! No! Puppa!

Abhi: Kiddos…..
He said in his disturbed tone by bending in front of them.

Abhi: Just wait a bit more and we will get back our Mumma! Ok?

Kiddos looked down for a while in sadness which made Abhi to be worried too.

Abhi: Please….Pretty please…..
Kiddos looked up at him and said: Okok Puppa!

Abhi: That’s like my kiddos! Now let’s plan to bring her back.

Kiddos agreed to him by raising their hands up.

Abhi: No kiddos, it’s like this to shake hands. He taught them how to shake hands. He shook hands with their small hands and by seeing that Bulbul: That’s so cute……as usual boss and kiddos are cute!!

Purab seeing her thought, She always find everything cute other than me.

The next day, all left from Purab’s friend house. Abhi was very much determined to bring Pragya back to home at any cost. He can’t bear to see her as chunni.

They managed to find her whereabouts and knocked the door.

Pragya opened the door complaining what was the need to knock the door until it might break.

Abhi seeing her: Are u ok? Why there is bandage on your forehead?

Pragya: Arrey you again!
She said by shaking her head.

Purab moving Abhi aside said: Di…please na don’t do like this. We are all here for u! And see even kiddos are waiting for u!

Pragya looked at kiddos and they smiled at her. She too smiled slightly in response.

Abhi: You are smiling that means u are Pragya! Come let’s go!

Pragya: Dekhiye…I am chunni and I am from this village. This is my home.

Abhi: This is the same dialogue that u told yesterday.

Pragya: This is not dialogue. This is me. Hum phir se….

Abhi: Enough Pragya! Let’s go!
Pragya: Hai Bhagwan! Why can’t u understand? Ok what proof that u have that i am she?

Abhi barged inside the house leaving her in shock as the rest entered.

Pragya: How can u enter a girl’s house like this?

Abhi was looking around the house searching for something as kiddos called Mumma again seeing Pragya.

Pragya signalled to them to be quiet by placing a finger on her mouth. They too remained silent in response.

Bulbul: You see u even know how to control kiddos! So u are our Pragya!

Pragya: This babies are good babies and listen to others. You can’t say I am her just because I did that.

Abhi pulling Pragya towards him: Pragya! Don’t do like this yaar. You very well know how much we love u! How can u not come back home?

Pragya breathing heavily closed her eyes and was trying to utter something but his close proximity was affecting her.

Abhi : Stop acting! This doesn’t suits u….
He said by pinning her to the wall making kiddos in shock as Purab and Bulbul looked at them hoping Pragya will stop acting now.

Much to their shock, she fainted in his arms and kiddos called Mumma loudly.

Abhi placed her in the cot there and was saying: Pragya! Open your eyes! Purab bring some water.

He sprinkled water on her face and she was awake after a few seconds.

Pragya looked into his eyes with a pained expression before making herself to sit properly.

Abhi was about to say something before Pragya gestured that she needs to speak.

He nodded his head as a signal for her to carry on.

Pragya: I am telling u again. I am chunni and I live alone here in this house. My uncle comes here at times and that’s all I have as relations in my life.

Abhi: How many uncles u have in your life?
He asked sarcastically.

Pragya: Just one! Is that enough Uncle?
She stressed the word uncle by saying that.

Abhi: So you’re saying u are a village girl here and u are not Pragya.

Pragya nodded her head and kiddos who were on Abhi’s lap looked at her innocently.

Abhi: That means u don’t know kiddos too?
Pragya: Yes….

Abhi: Ok! That’s it Purab she is not our Pragya.

Pragya letting a deep sigh of relief smiled at him. Abhi smilied in response making Purab and Bulbul confused.

Abhi: I have decided something for chunni’s safety.

Pragya: What??? I don’t need safety. I am safe here.

Abhi looking at Purab: Let’s stay here! I will see how long she will be able to stay as Chunni with my presence?

Pragya hearing that bite her lower lip as for kiddos saw her with a pout.

Abhi: Why do u look nervous chunni? Does my presence affects u? Only my Pragya have this problem with my presence.

Pragya: No! I am not her and I am chunni!
Abhi: The number of times u say chunni only reminds me of Pragya who always used to say her name many times to show her bossy attitude towards me.

Pragya looked away in anger. As Abhi placed kiddos near to Pragya and said: Take care of them for a while. I will be back soon!

Pragya gasped as kiddos were coming closer to her and cuddled near her stomach.

The rest were outside the room.

Purab: What are u saying Abhi? How can we stay here? This is such a small house and how can we manage?

Abhi: Purab, I don’t know all that and she is acting. That’s 100% confirm. The way she talks and acts is all telling that. But why? Is it because of my Dadi and Dasi’s influence or something else? I know that she is deeply affected by something and she doesn’t want to tell me. But how can she even forget about kiddos? That is something making me unbelievable. As a mother it is not that easy for her to distance herself from kiddos. I know that but she is still doing it. This means there is a strong purpose for her to do this. I want to know that and I can’t find any other way except for staying here to know her motive behind this acting.

Bulbul: But staying here might not be correct boss. I mean this is a village and staying in a girl’s house. Surely others will badmouth about this.

Purab: But it only happens if Abhi alone stays right? Now it’s all of us staying here…..

Bulbul: Ya but still….

Abhi: She is right. Let Bulbul stay here and all of us will stay at your friend’s house Purab. Day time we will come here to disturb her.

Pragya coming out of the room with kiddos said: I think u all are planning against me.

Abhi: Not bad u are like my Pragya who knows my intentions.

Pragya staring at him: Babies are cute.
Abhi: Why can’t u say that with a smiling face?

Kiddos: Cute Mumma! Mumma cute!!

Pragya again gestured them to be silent.

Kiddos silenced themselves as Pragya stared at them too.

Kiddos: Go!Go! Mumma! Puppa!
Abhi: No kiddos until we complete our mission Maan jao Mumma we can’t go!go! to our house.

Kiddos didn’t understand his words and looked up at Pragya. She in return was huffing in frustration.

Time passed and Bulbul was helping Pragya in cooking to the rest. Pragya was keep on complaining that she is being tested when she is actually is chunni. Bulbul was simply listening to her complaints and smiling inwardly.

Abhi sitting outside the house looked at kiddos looking around the place with in amazement.

Kiddos were amused to find a chicken walking with a group of chicks. They clapped seeing them and wanted to talk to them but unfortunately they were in their pram.

Prabhi: Bobo!!! Kuppi!
Abhigya: Rupo!! Kupi!!!

They were repeating this words loudly to catch the attention of chicken and chicks. To their surprise, one of the chick turned back and looked at them.

Kiddos: Puppa! Kuppi! Kuppi!!!
Abhi: Oh kiddos, they are chicks and not kuppis….

Kiddos: Kuppi! Kuppi! Puppa!
They were saying that in complete excitement but this irritating seat belts was a hindrance for them to go and talk to their new friends.

Abhi: Purab! See this two are trying to catch the attention of chicks and I am trying to catch the attention of my chick inside the house!

Purab chuckled hearing that and said: Ya so what’s your next plan?

Abhi sighed and shrugged his shoulder as sign of saying not sure.

Bulbul came out and said the lunch was ready.

They all went in to eat when Kiddos looked around for dining table.

Abhi: Kiddos, all of us will sit on the mat here and eat.

Kiddos find this different and sat beside Abhi. They expected Pragya to sit beside them too but she didn’t turn up.

Abhi: Where is she?

Bulbul: She said she is having headache so…..

Abhi: Another excuse….
He said by feeding kiddos and kiddos were keep on looking for Mumma.

Meanwhile, Pragya is at the backyard and was trying to control her tears while looking at a lonely tree in a distance.

After lunch, Bulbul nagged Purab to tell story and Abhi seeing that he would narrate it as it’s his love story.

Bulbul got excited and was all ready to hear it.
Abhi: For a start I will narrate a scene that I like the most.

Pragya by then walked in to where they were and Abhi whistled seeing her.

Pragya looked away picking up some of her clothes and Abhi asked: Did u cried chunni?

Pragya gulped down her throat and never replied to him. She stood there motionless.

Pragya said: No…and I am going to sleep.

Abhi: Not feeling well?

Pragya nodded her head before leaving as Abhi started to say: Even Pragya used to say like this when she is unwell. Ok Bulbul I will tell how she used to be when she is unwell in office…..

Pragya hearing that stopped for a while before walking inside the room.

Abhi starts storytelling instead of Purab. Purab feels jealous as Bulbul keeps on praise Abhi for his cuteness. Kiddos felt the story to be boring as they couldn’t understand. They end up playing with their Bobbies and complaining to them that Mumma is not coming close to them.

Pragya looks at kiddos and signal them to come towards her when Abhi and others are engrossed in some discussion. Kiddos crawl towards Pragya. Something caught their eyes while crawling which made them alert Abhi. Pragya mentally slapped herself for not hiding it.

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