Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 65

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Finally, they reached the place. Purab had called the policeman to get an update of the situation and he was informed that it was under control with some were injured severely and some died in the riots. Purab panicked hearing that and he asked further details. Much to his relief he was informed that none were women. That means Pragya was not one among them.

Abhi: Look Purab! Everywhere there is strains of blood and lots of objects being damaged along the way. Damn! There is a car there being upside down and burnt down. I really can’t understand why do people fight with each other in this way? There is no gain in violence…..There is so much of loss only……

Kiddos were now sleeping and they never get to see all this.

Abhi: Can u drive faster to our house? I hope it will be better there. I don’t want kiddos to see all this and get scared.

Purab agreed and drove fast to their house where Dadi and Dasi would be.

Abhi was relieved to see nothing serious was happening around his house.

All of them entered the house and Dadi who saw them looked emotional.

Dadi: Now only u know the direction to see your Dadi? And why did u all come now when the situation is very bad outside?
Abhi: Dadi! I’m sorry for coming late but where is she?
Dadi: She? You mean your Dasi? She is sleeping. Wait let me call her. She will be very much excited to see u! Before that let me see kiddos! It has been months that I saw them.

She said that and was moving towards their pram.

Abhi: Dadi! Don’t lie! I came here to see Pragya!!!
Dadi: Pragya? Haan where is she? Why did u come without her?
Abhi: Please Dadi….I know she came here to see both of u! She wants us to be as a family.

Dadi: Abhi, if that was her intention then it’s good for her but you know our reasons to be here then why would I lie to u?

Abhi: Dadi! She came here!!
Dadi: I am awake from the morning but I never see her. You can ask our servants too. She said before touching kiddos cheek and carrying Abhigya in her hands as she was awake.

Abhi: What is she saying Purab? If Pragya never came here then where would she have gone?

He asked worriedly making Purab and Bulbul to be blank of this situation.

Purab: Relax Abhi! She is definitely here if we are not being told then it’s fine. We just have to find it out.

Dadi placing back Abhigya in the pram said: Purab, if u want to tell things directly then say it to me. I will not mind it.

Abhi walked out pushing away the pram saying: Bye Dadi! I need to find her.

Dadi: Abhi! Where would u go at this hour? It’s late night and how will kiddos stay in car?

He paused for a while and looked at Purab.

Purab: Abhi! Let’s go to my friend’s house here.

Abhi: I don’t want to stay at a place where my wife is not accepted.

He said that and all of them left leaving Dadi to be in shock.

Inside the car,
Abhi: She is definitely not telling the truth. Pragya don’t have anyone else here to see.
Purab: Yes Abhi. She told me before leaving too and that’s why we came to your house.

Bulbul: Sir!!!! Look there it’s Pragya di!
She yelled as she saw Pragya walking along the street with a bag of groceries.

Abhi quickly got down from the car as soon as it was stopped.

He blocked her way and looked at her emotionally and hugged her making Pragya to drop her bag of groceries onto the ground.
Abhi: Where the hell u go? Do u know how much we all miss u in a day! You can’t even imagine how many times we remember u!!! What is the need for u to do like this? U could have just told me u want Dadi and Dasi to stay with us and I would have kidnapped them to our house.

Pragya was speechless by being in his hug and looked at kiddos who were on their pram. They looked excited to see their Mumma but were wondering why she is wearing differently.

Pragya: Who are you?
She asked as he break the hug for a while.
Abhi: Huh? You forgot me or what? I am your Boss! And what is this attire? (Pragya is in a village girl attire) Where is your chasma? Did u lost it and can’t see me clearly?
Pragya: What are u blabbering. I am the boss here and I am chunni who never wears chasma.
Abhi: What chunni!!! You are my Pragya!!! He said by hugging her as she pushed him away with force.
Abhi looked shocked as she walked away passing kiddos who looked at the new form of their Mumma. They called her Mumma but she never responded which made them upset.

Bulbul seeing this wondered whether Pragya is doing something by following real kkb.

Abhi going behind her: Pragya! What is this? How can u ignore kiddos?
Pragya never pay attention to him and walked back where they were just now.

Abhi smiled thinking she is going back to see kiddos but she didn’t. She was picking up the groceries she had dropped.

Pragya the stood up and was walking past Abhi again.

Abhi: Pragya! Come let’s go! It’s not safe here!!

Pragya: I am Chunni!
She said by looking at him.

Abhi: What chunni munni? Just come with me!
He said by grabbing her hand to which she stared.

Pragya: I am chunni. I live in this village and this is my home. Who are u to say come with me?

Abhi: Pragya is this the time to play? Look at kiddos! They already lost their weight in one day by not seeing u! Just come with me yaar.

Pragya: Kya kiddos? I don’t understand u uncle.

Abhi: Uncle???? Excuse me! Do i look like a Uncle to u? And kiddos is our kids!!! Our babies!

Pragya: Babies…U mean the babies over there? But I am not even married!!!

Abhi: Purab! What is she blabbering? Just one day she came here and she is talking like this.

Purab: Di…I know u would have been upset with Dadi and Dasi for treating u badly but for that u can’t forget Abhi in this way and especially kiddos who yearn for u.

Pragya: Now who are u? Why are u disturbing me Uncle? I need to go home to cook.

Abhi: He is uncle to u too!!! Pragya this the limit! You are coming with me and that’s all!

He was about to hold her hand again when Pragya biting his hand before running away.

Abhi: Let’s stay here! I will see how long she will be able to stay as Chunni with my presence?

Pragya hearing that bite her lower lip as for kiddos saw her with a pout.

Now Abhi starts storytelling instead of Purab. Purab feels jealous as Bulbul keeps on praise Abhi for his cuteness. Kiddos felt the story to be boring as they couldn’t understand. They end up playing with their Bobbies and complaining to them that Mumma is not coming close to them.

Thank u everyone for reading and thank u everyone for all your valuable comments. Keep reading to see how its goes?

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