Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 64

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Abhi: I seriously don’t know what to say!
Purab: Come Abhi! We have to go there on time before di gets stuck in some situation.

Bulbul to herself, I know it’s wrong to think at this time but why this is happening like kkb? Like how he goes in search of Fuggy!

Abhi: I know! But how do I bring kiddos? I mean it’s not safe and they are not used to long travels too.

Purab: Don’t worry, I have a policeman friend who works there and we can call him up once we reach around the area.

Abhi: Okay! Just a moment.

Abhi came near kiddos and whispered something to them.

Kiddos in return said something that made Abhi smiled.

Bulbul seeing it wondered what were they talking.

Purab: Abhi…where are your things? Let me pack for u.

Abhi: No Purab. Kiddos and me will pack for ourselves. Pragya always say that we need to do our things even in difficult times.

Purab: Huh? But we need to get going fast!
Abhi: I know and I know she will be fine even if she is trapped in some kind of bad circumstance as our love would save her.

Purab: Ok let me arrange for a bigger car. I guess mine might not be comfortable for kiddos.

He said that and went out to make a call as Abhi and kiddos made way to their room to pack bags.

Inside the room,
Abhi: Good job kiddos!
Kiddos smiled as they help Abhi to put their favourite clothes inside the bag.
Abhi: This is all we need and hopefully we can get her by tonight!
Kiddos nodded their head knowing he is refering to their Mumma.

Abhi: Chalo! Let’s go! And oh ya we forgot your boyfriends!
Kiddos looked confused for a moment as Abhi went near the side table.

Abhi took their bobby and kiddos blushed seeing it.

Abhi: Kiddos! Stop blushing and let’s go!!!
He said in a rush by giving their bobbies to them and all left the room.

Abhi made kiddos sat behind in the car with Bulbul as he sat beside the driver’s seat where Purab was.

Abhi: Kiddos, u two are ok right?
Kiddos: ya!ya! Go! Go!!!!!
Abhi: Yes go!go! Purab! What are u waiting for? Go!!!!!
Purab: Okok! Don’t try to panick me.
He said that and started to drive and kiddos were looking at Bulbul.

Bulbul: Don’t worry kiddos, Mumma will be back.

Prabhi: Bubu….
Abhigya looked at her sister when she called Bulbul.

Bulbul: Yes Prabhoo….what do u want?
Prabhi: Mumma….
She said and looked at her yearningly.
Abhigya too joined her sister and was keep on saying Mumma in a low tone.

Bulbul: Oh kiddos, we will see Mumma soon! Just need to wait for a while more.

Kiddos were somewhat convinced by Bulbul’s words and were holding onto their Bobbies remembering about Pragya and how she was used to be happy when they played with their Bobbies.

Abhi: You see again! I am getting angry on her. How can she leave them? Even if she never think about me, it’s fine but how can she not think about kiddos.

Purab: She was thinking about u and that’s why she left to meet Dadi and Dasi.

Abhi remained silent and yes he was right. Pragya thought about him and went for him but how can she not think about kiddos. Maybe she would have thought I was there for them but I can’t replace her.

His thoughts were disrupted when Purab said: Don’t get angry on her. She is doing all this to make things better in the family. But she never realize she is doing all this at the cost of you and kiddos’ affection for her.

Abhi: I know…..
Bulbul softly: Kiddos are asleep.
Abhi: Oh…the stop the car for a while. Let me take out their toys out to play with later. They will surely look for that once awake.

Abhi asked Bulbul to pass the bag that was kept at the back and while doing that he said: Thanks Bulbul for taking care of them.
Bulbul: It’s not at all a big thing to take care of my friends.
Purab: Friends? Ya right, you are also at their age!

Bulbul got angry and stared at him through the rear mirror. Abhi smiled at them and remembered how he would tease Pragya.

Purab: You know Abhi she is like a child who always eats lollipop.
Bulbul: Kya? I don’t even eat lollipop!
Purab: She always likes to eat me! Do u know she don’t even let me free. Whenever she is around, she tries to eat me like a lollipop. If I move away from her then she would cry like a child when someone snatches the lollipop away from mouth.

Abhi: Your reasoning sounds not good Purab. I don’t think she is like that. She looks not the possesive type.

Bulbul: Err…sir I am a bit possesive of him.
Purab: There u see!
Abhi: Okok! Just be together at all times and now get started with the travel. Bulbul keep this toys with u and make sure they play with it once awake.

Bulbul nodded her head by taking the toys as Abhi kept the bag with him on his lap.

Purab: Why did u never pass her the bag too? It would be uncomfortable to keep it on your lap.

Abhi: This is Pragya’s favourite bag…….
Purab smiled and understood his feelings before starting the travel.

Hours passed and kiddos were awake. They saw their Mumma. Kiddos couldn’t believe it was their Mumma! She was caressing their head. Not only that she is holding onto their toys!!!!!!

Kiddos exclaimed: Mumma! Mumma!!!
Abhi: Kiddos! Mumma is still not with us…First open your eyes to see me!

Kiddos with their eyes closed were moving on Abhi’s lap. They were so much into imagining about Abhi as Pragya until when the car had a sudden break.

Kiddos were shocked and looked at Abhi.

Both started to cry seeing Abhi and he felt bad for them.

Abhi patting their back: Kiddos! Come on! If u two cry then Puppa will also cry.

He said that and made crying sounds louder than them much to the shock of Purab and Bulbul.

Kiddos seeing it: No!no! Puppa!!!
Abhi: No!! Puppa will cry like this only!
He cried and closed his eyes making kiddos to stop crying and punching his stomach.

Abhi screamed: Oooouch!!!
Kiddos frowned like their Mumma and were about to punch again when Abhi hugged them saying sorry.

Bulbul: Awww sir u threesome are awesome. But where is Pragya di to see this? I really find her bad to go away like this.

Abhi: She is not bad! Like how Purab said she is just sad about certain things in our lives and trying to make them better. Our Mumma can never be bad towards us. Isn’t it kiddos?
Kiddos in response: ya!ya!

Purab and Bulbul smiled hearing him.
Purab: She is Mumma to u too?
Abhi: Why not? She cares for me more like a Ma. So she is Mumma to me too!

Kiddos were irritated as nobody was talking to them.

They screamed: Husssssssh!!!!
Abhi: Why that sound? I know u two are getting bored right? Wait! Play with your bunny toys!

Kiddos got happy seeing it but warned everyone in their gibberish language not to speak louder as they can only be the loudest.

Pragya: Who are you?
Abhi: Huh? You forgot me or what? I am your Boss! And what is this attire? (Pragya is in village girl attire) Where is your chasma? Did u lost it and can’t see me clearly?
Pragya: What are u blabbering. I am the boss here and I am chunni who never wears chasma.
Abhi: What chunni!!! You are my Pragya!!! He said by hugging her as she pushed him away with force.
Abhi looked shocked as she walked away passing kiddos who looked at the new form of their Mumma. They called her Mumma but she never responded which made them upset.

Bulbul seeing this wondered whether Pragya is doing something by following real kkb.

Please wait to know what’s this twist. Something popped out in my mind to tell something to u all. And sorry for the late update. Thank u for reading as always. As usual no separation of abhigya. So no worries!

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