Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 63

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It was yet another day for kiddos without their Mumma’s morning kiss. Kiddos looked around for their Mumma’s presence but she was not there. They thought she might be busy preparing their breakfast. Nowadays they tend to have heavy breakfast that was very yummy to them.

Abhi stomped inside the room not even greeting kiddos. He was walking around the room in a rush and then went out before looking at kiddos and winking at them.

Kiddos felt shy and smiled in response.

Abhi then came inside the room after a while and saw kiddos talking something to each other still in their lying position.

Abhi: Don’t know kiddos where Mumma went. She prepared breakfast and lunch for all of us but she is not around in the house. She never does like this kiddos. Usually she will inform me before going somewhere.

He said sounding sad and sitting beside kiddos

Kiddos: Mumma go?go?
Abhi: Haan kiddos… .wait! I will make u all sit down.
He said and made them sit as they were struggling to wake up from their lying position.

Abhi: What is this kiddos? I am really scared now…..I even called but her phone is unreachable.

Kiddos: No!No! Puppa!
Abhi: No I am not going to cry. I am just worried about her.

Kiddos came closer to Abhi and cuddled near his stomach.

Abhi: I hope she comes back soon.
He said by embracing kiddos. Kiddos in response made soft whimpering sounds.

An hour later Abhi managed to feed them breakfast and they too ate it without making any noise as they have started to miss their Mumma.

Abhi asked them to stay where they are as he had to clean up their bowls.

He went to the kitchen and came back with a letter. He started to read it with a tensed look.

By then Purab and Bulbul had entered the house.

Abhi yelled: What the hell is this???
Kiddos looked clueless as they saw Abhi holding onto a letter and was looking stressed.

Purab and Bulbul came by his side and were trying to calm down Abhi. As for Kiddos they were keep on looking around for their Mumma. They were getting very worried of not seeing their Mumma.

Purab: Relax Abhi!!!
Abhi: How can i be relaxed? I told her many times she doesn’t have the need to do all this.

Purab: First sit down Abhi! Bubu, go and get a glass of water for him.

Bulbul nodded her head and headed towards the kitchen to get water.

Bulbul, How can he call me as Bubu in front of Boss? It’s so awkward….and why did she went away? I feel so sad for kiddos…..

Bulbul brought a glass of water and passed it to Purab.

Purab: Drink this first Abhi.
Abhi looked even more agonized.

Abhi reluctantly drank the water and looked at kiddos.

Abhi: How can she easily go away to meet Dadi and Dasi leaving kiddos and me alone? Can’t she at least think about kiddos? I asked her to stop working with me so that she can be with kiddos at all times!

Purab: I know Abhi….You know na she is trying to make things better.

Abhi: What? Make things better? Everything is only better when she is with me! Why can’t she understand that?

Kiddos murmured: Mumma….Mumma…

Abhi: There u see! How am I going to manage them without her?

Purab: Oh Abhi! It’s not that far na….we can reach there in a couple of hours!

Abhi: I know but how can she be so inconsiderate yaar!

Bulbul: Sorry to interrupt. May I know where did she went?

Purab: To his hometown. It’s near a remote village.

Bulbul: You mean near the temple that every year a festival happens for newly weds?

Purab: Haan but how did u know this?
Bulbul: You don’t know? There are riots happening around that area. It’s even in news!

Abhi shrieked: What??

Abhi looked shocked hearing that as kiddos were keep on calling their Mumma.

Abhi and kiddos start on a mission called Maan jao Mumma!

At the same time, Kiddos start to imagine Abhi as Pragya too.

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