Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 62

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In the morning,
Kiddos realized they missed something from their Mumma today. It was their Mumma’s morning kiss. They saw her making them sit on the bed as she went to the bathroom to check whether the water was warm enough for their bath.

Kiddos wondered why Mumma is so silent today. Did anything happened? They remembered yesterday Mumma was happy and even sang song to them to sleep.

Pragya then came back and brought them to bathroom.

Pragya sadly: You know kiddos….
She said taking out Prabhi’s dress.
Pragya: How will u know kiddos? Yesterday u two sleep peacefully. But I had sleepless night.

Kiddos listened to her as she gave bath to them. She explained everything that happened.

Pragya: All that happened kiddos. What to do with this Boss ah? I can’t understand his actions again!

Kiddos: Mumma…no!no!
Pragya: No kiddos I am not going to cry.
Kiddos were relieved and said: Fiya! Fiya!!
Pragya: Oh ya! I totally forgot about our Fiya plan!
Kiddos said something in a demanding tone.

Pragya: Okok! I will get that and so sorry kiddos….
Kiddos in a low tone: Juya muya….
Pragya: Muya Juya!
Kiddos chuckled as Pragya sprinkled some water droplets at them after she said that.

As for Abhi he was fidgeting his hand unable to bear the level of tension the girls are giving him.

Abhi, No way! I have to face this! But how?
He thought looking at the ceiling at his cabin.

Pragya who finished bathing kiddos then dried them with towel.

Pragya: You know kiddos, nowadays Puppa is also eating more vegetables. Is this the reason for his change?

Kiddos immediately said: No!no!
Pragya: Arrey u two always say ya!ya! But now is no!no!
Kiddos chuckled and shaked their bodies.

Pragya: Oh god! Kiddos, why this much of vibration?

Kiddos were so excited as Pragya had placed their favourite dress on the bed.

Pragya: Wait! For this vibration?
She asked by holding their dress.
Kiddos nodded their head many times and smiled.

Pragya: Meri cute kiddos, actually we are going out for party today! So u two are wearing this. I mean it’s Go!Go! time!!!!

She said with excitement which made kiddos enthralled.

Kiddos exclaimed: Go! Go!
Pragya had a hard time to calm them down and dress them up.

Pragya and kiddos were going to a party organised by Abhi’s relatives. Abhi said he would directly come there for lunch.

Fast forward to after the party,
Pragya looked at Abhi with lost in her own thoughts when he came closer to her.

Abhi: Trust me….
Pragya nodded her head with tears flowing through her eyes.
Pragya: I always trust you but now I understand completely who am I to you…..
Abhi hugged her immediately to which she never respond and was crying bitterly.

Kiddos looking at all this were getting emotional. As usual they hoped all was fine with their parents.

Pragya, This is not right. He is always there for me but I am being there for him is not enough. I need to get back Dadi and Dasi. For that I have to leave.

Abhi was stroking her back as she was engrossed in her thoughts.

Abhi: Come let’s sleep. Don’t think too much of useless people’s banterings. I shouldn’t have brought u and kiddos over there. I thought it will be fun…..I didn’t expect it to be this way…..

Pragya simply nodded her head looking at kiddos on their prams.

Pragya was about to walk pass him to see kiddos when he stopped her.

Abhi: Let’s go together.
Pragya smiled lightly and he placed his hand over her shoulder.

Pragya looking at him thought, I really have to do something for him. He have been always trying to make me part of his life, family and world but what about me? I simply accepted whatever he did for me. Did I ever tried to be part of his attempts to make me part of all these? No! Not at all as I felt he is there for me to do everything. That’s unfair. Now it’s time to do my part.

Abhi understood she was thinking a lot from her eyes that were deeply looking at him.

Abhi: Kiddos! Tell Mumma na not to think too much! Say no!no!
Kiddos exclaimed: No!no! Mumma!
Pragya smiled through her tears and said: Oye kiddos! I like ya!ya! more than this no!no!
Kiddos giggled as their Mumma was saying both ya!ya! & no!no!

Pragya: Okay, I am telling this to everyone here. Always take care of yourself before trying to taking care of me.

Firstly kiddos said: Ya!ya!
Abhi: Oh kiddos, u two act as if understand what she said and are replying as ya!ya!

Kiddos again giggled not knowing what is it but they felt like laughing looking at Abhi.

Pragya: Ya of course they understand their Mumma. Isn’t it kiddos?

Kiddos: Ya!ya!

Abhi: Really? What if they just say for fun?
Kiddos: ya!ya!
Pragya: Ya! Ya for this too? Very bad kiddos. Kiddos kept on chanting ya!ya! Which made Abhi and Pragya to burst into laughter.

Kiddos were feeling happy as their parents are back to normal. They totally don’t like when their parents cry or scold each other.

After making kiddos to sleep, Pragya looked at Abhi with eyes filled with thousands of questions.

Abhi: Pragya….ask me whatever u want but don’t be ever silent. Your silence never satisfies me.

Pragya: Not here…..
Abhi understood what he meant as he walked towards the balcony.

She followed him and let a deep sigh upon reaching the balcony.

Abhi slightly chuckling: Why is this sigh for? From silence to sigh?
Pragya: Boss! Please na. I am worried. Can’t u see that?

Abhi pressed her scrunched nose and said: No u are stressed too!

Pragya smiled remembering the days he used to do this too.

Abhi: Finally I got it!
Pragya looking blur asked: What did u get?
Abhi: Your smile…..I love that!
Pragya: But my smile is also filled with silence but u don’t like my silence.
Abhi: Let’s sit down first and I will explain to u….
Pragya nodded her head and sat beside him.

Abhi: To clarify your doubt, I would say your silence is filled with worries but your smile is filled with warmth. It sends a warm feeling towards me when u smile. And when I feel warm I wanna hug you!

Pragya: Always about hugging me?
Abhi: Who started it first?
Pragya blushed thinking about their hugs where mostly she hugs him first.

Abhi: But nowadays I don’t get your hugs.
He said sadly by looking down.
Pragya: Why do u feel that way?
Abhi: Now u have kiddos to hug! You always hug them! In response they too hug u!! And in the middle of the night both cry and u make them sleep in the middle of us. And my chances of getting your hugs is lesser.Do u know how sad is that?

Pragya laughed hearing to him.

Abhi: I am serious!!!!
Pragya trying to control herself: Okok! I am sorry….
Abhi: You know Pragya….when u laugh like this from your heart, it makes me feel I am the happiest man in the world.

Pragya: Why is that so?
Abhi: I don’t know. It is like that from the beginning. The very first time we collided in office, I didn’t show it off but when I saw your pained expression when u fell down because of me, I felt your pain more than mine.

Pragya: Why boss? I mean u also fell down but I never felt anything like that towards you.

Abhi: Not sure Boss….Maybe that’s why it is called Love is painful!
Pragya: Wrong timing of words!
Abhi: Ya I know….
Pragya: Boss……
She called him in a disturbed tone.

Abhi: Pragya! Don’t hide anything from me as I know u can’t bear hiding things.
Pragya: This is what i can’t bear! You know every single thing about my actions and expression but me……
Abhi: I know all this as you never like hiding things from me. That doesn’t mean I like hiding things. It’s just that sometimes for our happiness, I hide certain things.

Pragya: I understand….but still….
Abhi: What do u want to know?
Pragya leaning on his shoulder: Why do u love me so much? I know this is a question that u might think is ridiculous after all this years and kiddos in our life but….
Abhi: Ssssh! It’s not at all ridiculous when my love of my life is asking this. I am ready to tell u all along my lif that why I love u so much.
Pragya: Then tell me…..
Abhi:I love you so much for you love!!!
Pragya looking at him: Huh? That’s all? U love me so much for my love? I expected more.

Abhi chuckled and Pragya frowned at him.
Abhi: Acha…let me explain to u further. Your love is not like you think. Your love that makes me feel for you. Your love that makes me feel for your happiness. Your love that makes me feel for your affection. Your love that makes me feel for your naughtiness. Your love that makes me feel for your humour. Your love that makes me feel for your romance. Your love that makes me feel for your……

Before he could complete his sentence Pragya hugged him and kissed him on his cheek. She was in tears when he break the hug from her.

Abhi: Oye! I never told that much of emotional words to make u feel this much emotional.
Pragya: I don’t know but when u told me all that it was all about my feelings that u feel for……
She said by wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

Abhi: Haan your feelings and my feelings are the same right?
Pragya hugged him again unable to control her overwhelmed emotions.

Abhi: Calm down Pragya. I know u also feel the same way as me but it’s just that u never show it off.

Pragya: Hmm….
Abhi: What hmm? Now come on and let’s sleep.
Pragya: Let me stay here for a while. I will be back soon. You go in first boss and make our bed.

Abhi: It’s getting cold. Let’s go in!
Pragya: Please….let me try to settle down. If I come in, I might cry again and disturb kiddos sleep.

Abhi: You will not listen to me so carry on but u can only stay here for 5 mins and after that I will be back to call u!

Pragya smiled in response as a sign of yes.

Abhi smiled and gestured with his hand it’s just 5 minutes before leaving the balcony.

Pragya sitting alone thought, Once again he is making me feel small in front of his love. I don’t want to prove that I am bigger than his love for me. I want to show that I understand his love for me. If I tell my decision then he will definitely not agree to it.Then kiddos….how will I be able to leave them and go? But I have to go. I know how much he loves Dadi and Dasi. If I get them back to our house, it will give so much of happiness to him. Yes I must personally meet them for him. No matter what, I have to do this for him!

Abhi: Pragya!!!! Time’s up!!!
Pragya finally made up her decision and stood up from where she was sitting.
Abhi: Walk!!!
Pragya smiled and walked towards him as he grabbed her waist before carrying her to the bed.

Abhi yelled: What the hell is this???
Kiddos looked clueless as they saw Abhi holding onto a letter and looking stressed. Purab and Bulbul came inside the house and were trying to calm down Abhi. Kiddos were keep on looking around for their Mumma.

Thank u everyone for reading! Abhigya! I have replied to u on your comment on shot 60! Do read that when u are free.once again thank u all for reading!

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