Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 61

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Mithra was taking care of Jai’s mother.
Jai who came inside the room gestured to his mum that he needs to talk to Mithra.

His mother understood it and asked Mithra to see Jai and ask him what he wants for dinner tonight.

Mithra nodded her head and then covered her with a blanket.

Jai quickly walked away and was using his phone so that she doesn’t thinks he is waiting to talk to her.

Mithra coming out of the room smiled at Jai.

Mithra: What do you want?
Jai: I don’t want anything Mithu.
Mithra: Stop lying, I know both u and Ma were talking through eyes.
Jai in a surprised tone: You knew that? How is that possible?
Mithra: If I never even know this then how is it possible for me to stay with u?
Jai gave a silly smile.

Mithra: What’s the matter?
Jai: Did u miss anyone?
Mithra: I have missed a lot of things in life but I never missed anyone so far.
Jai: Bulbul?
Mithra: She is fine and as long she is fine I don’t miss her.
Jai: Oh…so u are happy here?
Mithra: Happiness is all about how u are with others and in that case I am happily getting along with Ma and you….
Jai smiled more and was about to ask something when Mithra said: I understand that I made everything to happen fast. Like our marriage and then agreeing back to be in Canada with u. I have only one reason to say for me to do all this.

She looked at him saying that.

Jai: What is the one reason?
Mithra: Trust! I trust you…..
She said that and walked pass him. He wondered how can she even be with this much of trust towards him.

Back at the office,
Bulbul was breaking her head on why Purab always leave her at cliff hangers. Why can’t he complete the whole story in one day!!!!

Purab who came by to where she was grinned at her.

Bulbul looked at him and thought to herself, He is purposely doing this. Now he got his love which is me then why can’t he tell the whole thing! Is he thinking his storytelling is some Serial story that lasts for more than 5 years?

Purab looking at her expression found that she is thinking something.

Purab coming near her: What’s your problem now?
Bulbul: Tell me the whole story today!
Purab: Why? Why are u rushing?
Bulbul: Do u know how long u are taking to complete a story?
Purab: Darling lower down your voice….
Bulbul: No!!! I wanna know everything today!!!
Purab hold her hand and asked her to come with him.
She too went with him to the lounge and huffed in anger.

Purab: Are u mad? Why are u raising your voice over there? What if anyone hears?
Bulbul: I don’t care! Just tell me everything by today!
Purab: Oh so u want to know everything?
Bulbul nodded her head.

Purab: Why is that so? I mean what’s the hurry?
Bulbul: Because I feel u are cheating me!
Purab: Cheating u? Can u explain clearly?
Bulbul: Haan cheating me that’s why u always end at a point. You then think of how to make it interesting with your words to impress me.
Purab: Excuse me, how can u think like that?
Bulbul looked away and he found her unreasonable.

Purab: Okay then after work I will tell u everything. I can give a summary of their whole story.
Bulbul: If I want means you would tell everything? How superficial is that?
Purab: Meri Ma! What do u expect then?
Bulbul: You can convince me right that u want to tell me slowly and steadily…..

Purab had no mood to argue with her further and he just walked away.

Bulbul looking at him walking away, Now the real masti begins!

At Mehra mansion,

Pragya was reminiscing her time with Abhi when she saw one of their photo together before marriage.

She smiled thinking as kiddos called her.
Pragya: Yes Bosses! What’s the matter now?

Kiddos widened their eyes in astonishment. They never heard Pragya calling them as Bosses.

Pragya: Oh kiddos, after your Puppa u two are my Bosses! No need to be surprised for this.

Kiddos smiled in response as their Mumma was telling something good which was seen in the way she talk.

Pragya: Let’s sit there!
She said and bring them to their play area where all sat down together.

Pragya: So Mumma was thinking about Puppa. Do you all want to hear about that?

Kiddos excitedly: Ya!Ya!
Pragya: Hmm….where do i start? Ok it goes like this where a simple girl falls in love with a simply superb boy.
Kiddos said something in response and Pragya smiled.

Pragya: Then this girl is always not sure how to love this simply superb boy. She felt like even if he is ready to accept her but what if others won’t accept her in his life. It was like I don’t know how to express my love that is emerging from your love. Your love, will it send links to me to express my love? My love, why does it feel good even I see you in my dreams? My dreams, Why do I even dream of a world full of you walking along my way? My ways are not telling me how to express this love! This love, is it that easy to express? This is what I felt towards him…..

Kiddos were taken aback as Pragya never gave them a chance to speak. She was going on and on but it was pleasant to hear.

Pragya paused her while when she saw kiddos looking sleepy.

Pragya: You two are tired! Come let’s sleep!
Kiddos were made to sleep on their cradle with Pragya singing a lullaby for them.

Kiddos soon fell asleep when Abhi: Done?
Pragya: You were here? When did u came back?
Abhi: From the simple girl part I was here!
Pragya: Wo…that was just….
She said by looking away not able to see him.

Abhi: May I know what makes Boss now to feel about the past?
Pragya: It’s not past….It’s my love for you…
Abhi walking towards her: Acha….how about you show me now the love u have for me…..
Pragya blushed as he hugged her closely and was about to nuzzle her neck.

Suddenly, there was sounds of vessels dropping.

Pragya: What’s that noise? Let me go and see!
Abhi: Leave it na…somethings would have dropped….
He said by holding her tight.

Pragya: How can it be possible? I kept everything in place.

Abhi: We can see that later! Now come with me! I want you!

Pragya: Oh god! Why are u being so inconsiderate? It’s me who have to clean up everything later. I am going!

She said by forcefully breaking his hug.

Abhi pulled her back to him by holding her dupatta.

Pragya: Oh Boss! What’s wrong with u? Just let me go and see!

Abhi never answered as he carried her in his arms.

Pragya: Boss! Is this the time to romance?
Abhi smirked looking at her with mischievousness.

Pragya: You are really getting naughty!
Abhi: Thank you! It’s my pleasure simple girl!

Pragya smiled in response when she heard more sounds.

Pragya: Let me down! I need to check what’s happening there!

Abhi: What baby….Always asking me to leave you!

Pragya: Boss….are you hiding something from me?
She caught him as he was keep on trying to divert her.

Abhi: Not at all, I am in romantic mood yaar.
Pragya: Oh I see……
She said by frowning at him.
Abhi let her down and turned away.
Pragya: Boss….I have already told you…
Abhi: I’m sorry, I can’t reveal much but everything is for our happiness.

He said that and walked away leaving Pragya in confusion.

Pragya looked at Abhi with lost in her own thoughts when he came closer to her.

Abhi: Trust me….
Pragya nodded her head with tears flowing through her eyes.
Pragya: I always trust you but now I understand who am I to you…..
Abhi hugged her immediately to which she never respond and was crying bitterly.

Kiddos looking at all this were getting emotional. As usual they hoped all was fine with their parents.

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