Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 60

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Pragya: Boss!!! Open the door!!! What are u doing with the door locked and that too with kiddos?
She said by heavily knocking the door. She saw him entering the playroom with kiddos who just waked up looking sleepy. Before she could get in he locked the room! That was something unexpected to her.
Abhi from inside: 15 mins of silence!! Thanks!!!
Pragya: Huh? Why???
Abhi: Just obey my order!
Pragya to herself: Order? What is he trying to do early in the morning? Poor kiddos, they will be sad without getting my morning kiss.

Pragya who was silently waiting outside heard screams of kiddos and the very next moment saw Abhi opening the door and looking helpless.
Abhi: They are like u!! Come and calm them!
He said ruffling his hair and looking away.
Pragya quickly went in and was shocked to see kiddos crying with their eyes closed.
Pragya: What did u do? Why are they crying like this?
She asked as she tried to pacify kiddos by hugging them as they cried even more.
Abhi: First ask them to stop crying like u!

Pragya couldn’t understand what was running in his mind. She grabbed their attention by shaking their bobbies with marbles inside it.
Kiddos hearing the sound looked amazed. They stopped crying and were looking at their Mumma’s cheerful face.
Kiddos: Mumma! Mumma!!!
Pragya: Kiddos! Kiddos!!
Abhi in his mind, They always say everything for two times!!!
He thought that with an annoyed look towards them.

Finally, kiddos were settled down in their play area exploring that what else they can put inside their Bobby bottle.
Pragya smiled at them as Abhi was with a seriously looking at them.
Pragya: Boss…how cute they look na….
Abhi: Ya!Ya!
He said with frustration.
Pragya: What’s wrong with you? Why are u having this grumpy look from morning?
Abhi: I need to tell u something. It’s important!
Pragya: Carry on! They won’t mind.
She said looking lovingly at kiddos now trying to put their bracelet inside their Bobby bottle.
Abhi in a low tone: How can they be always saying everything two times! What if it continues forever?
Pragya: They find it fun Boss, but surely, they will understand when they need to stop saying like that. Anyways they are very young Boss….so no worries! Ok?
Abhi: You are just trying to convince me! What if it continues?
Pragya: So what? It can be their unique way of telling things. Like how u sometimes tell some rhyming words.
Abhi: That’s different and this is different! This is insane!!! How would others react seeing them? They would be a laughing stock in front of others!
Pragya: Enough BOSS!!!
Abhi: No! it’s not enough! We need to change them now!!!
Pragya: Boss! I am trying hard to my control anger if one more word of yours is insane then I don’t know what I will do.
Abhi: How can I explain to u! I need them to change now! Please do something!
Pragya was unable to understand and asked: Why??
Abhi sighing said: I need to prove I am the best Dad!!!
Pragya: So will u hurt kiddos behaviour for that?
Abhi: No yaar…..I mean…..
He was unable to say anything further.
Pragya looks at him and he said: Ok I’m sorry….
Pragya: You must apologise to kiddos!
Abhi: They wouldn’t have understood what we were talking. So…..
Pragya: Look there!
Kiddos had stopped playing and were observing their parents’ discussion intently. They looked as if hoping that Mumma and Puppa don’t fight.
Abhi looked tenderly at them and winked.
Kiddos smiled in response and blushed with their mouth widely opened when Abhi gave flying kiss to them.
Pragya smiled lightly and said: Please mind your words about my kiddos!
Abhi: Sorry….and it’s our kiddos!
Pragya looked away and he explained his situation of why he did like that.
Pragya hearing to him try not to laugh but couldn’t control herself.
Abhi: You see! This is how u always react when I tell something serious.
Pragya: Sorry Boss! Teek hai, we will do something different to tackle your situation!
Abhi: Really?
Pragya nodded her head as he let a deep sigh of relief and then kissed her cheek making kiddos surprised again.
Kiddos looked down in shyness and Abhi said: Oh kiddos! I am not kissing both of u na….you two are shying more than your Mumma!
Kiddos chuckled hearing Abhi’s teases and Pragya beat his shoulder for again disturbing them.

So what happened inside the room?
Inside the room,
Kiddos smiled with their eyes twinkling. Abhi too smiled by opening his suitcase. Kiddos were trying to see what is he taking out.
Abhi: Ok kiddos! This is it! Both of you are doing it!!!!
Prabhi and Abhigya looked at each other before smiling at Abhi.
Abhi: Let’s start!
He said by kneeling down in front of them.
Abhi: A for Abhi!!! Tell this now.
Kiddos: A foo Abhoo!!! Abhoo! Abhoo!!!
They then laughed loudly and Abhigya looked proud as her name is being told by her sister too.
Abhi looking stressed said: No!!! A for Abhi! Abhi!! Me!!!
He said that by gesturing it’s him with his hands.
Kiddos: A foo A foo!!!!
Abhi took a deep breath and said: Ok…..Let me try something else. B for Babies!!!

Kiddos knew they are babies as sometimes Pragya call them as babies in front of Abhi. So they smiled and blushed hearing the word babies.
Abhi: What is this? Say B for Babies! Don’t look shy for this when I never say kiss.
Kiddos hearing the word kiss giggled and looked away in shyness.
Abhi: Damn! You two are not listening to me!
Kiddos looked confused as they are not able to understand Abhi’s actions.
Abhi: Go away kiddos! Don’t see me at all!
He said by standing up and looked away. Kiddos were alarmed by his loud voice and immediately break into crying loudly.

I don’t know how to express my love that is emerging from your love. Your love, will it send links to me to express my love? My love, why does it feel good even I see you in my dreams? My dreams, Why do I even dream of a world full of you walking along my way? My ways are not telling me how to express this love! This love, is it that easy to express?

I have replied everyone in the last update. I guess so. Thank u for reading and ok I shall post small updates daily as per all your wish and thank u for the concern too. Thank u as some of u consider this as your favourite ff too. And other ffs that are hanging in midway, I shall try whenever I have time to upload. I think one at a time is the easiest thing for me now. So sorry if I am not uploading my other ffs. Please wait for them. And again about wattpad, I have some technical issues both in my brain and heart that makes me not to be in wattpad. If I tell the reasons, I guess it will be very long one like a concept that I come up with. So….in short I am not available there and I don’t really see a possibility of me being there too. If it disappoints any of u all, I am extremely sorry about that.
Lastly, as usual thank u everyone for reading!

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