Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 58

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Abhi: Where are u Pragya?
Pragya: Boss! Look down, we are here!

Abhi bent and saw Pragya and kiddos hiding under the table.

Abhi: Oh dears! What happened that all of u are hiding under the table?

Pragya shivered as kiddos were hugging her tightly.

Abhi: Come out!! If not I will call your friend Mr cockroach!

Pragya shouted as no and with the help of Abhi the trio came out and looked at Abhi.

Abhi asked the trio to sit on the bed first.

Abhi: What happened now? I know I had been going work now so there is less time for me to spend with u all but what’s happening here that all of u have to hide under the table.

Pragya hugged Abhi and kissed him everywhere on his face with a lot of worry.

Abhi hugged her back and asked Pragya to calm down. He looked at kiddos who were shocked by the kisses that their Mumma gave to Puppa.

Abhi winked at them and as usual they tried in return but end up closing both eyes.

Abhi: What happened now Pragya?
He asked caringly.

Pragya: Boss…I was so scared…you know someone came inside our house and then knocked the room door heavily.

Abhi: What? How’s that possible when there is security around our house? You might have dreamt Boss…

Pragya: No!! I did saw someone wearing a black jacket and black hat. It should be a HE!

Kiddos say something and then Abhi laughed loudly.

Pragya: You laughing Boss! How cruel is that!
Abhi: It was me Boss….It was me kiddos!

Pragya screeched: What!! But I couldn’t see your face!!!

Abhi: Well, one of my old friend gifted me that today. Since it was raining, I just wore that but didn’t expect it would scare all of u!

Pragya started to beat Abhi by scolding him never do like that again.

Kiddos seeing their Mumma beating Puppa got angry.

Kiddos: Mumma!!!!!!!!
They yelled making Pragya stunned and Abhi quickly made Pragya lie on the bed by holding her hands.

Abhi: Come kiddos! Let’s attack Mumma!

Kiddos crawled towards her and tickled Pragya’s stomach, like how Abhi was doing.

Pragya laughing hysterically pleaded to leave her but the trio were not listening to her.

Meanwhile, the person wearing black jacket and hat was in Abhi and Pragya’s bedroom.

The person: Finally I have done this! Hope she likes this. Thanks to Abhi for this help.

Kiddos blushed when Abhi was about to kiss Pragya’s forehead after stopping their tickling session.

Pragya signalled as no and he looked as if why. Pragya asked him to look at kiddos.

Abhi: Arrey kiddos, I am kissing your Mumma not both of u na then why this much of blushing?

Kiddos chuckled and said: ya!ya!
Abhi: Always ya!ya! when don’t know what to tell me. Nevermind, when u two have your boyfriends I will ask them how u all blush with them.

Pragya beating his shoulder: Boss! Be like a father! How can u talk to them like this!!!

Abhi: What can I do? They are so adorable when blushing!

Pragya shook her head as Kiddos were talking something among themselves and giggled.

Abhi: What’s the joke kiddos?
Kiddos looked shocked and looked everywhere.

Pragya: Surely about us Boss. They are now doing like us to avoid telling about it.

Abhi made Pragya to sit down with him and asked kiddos: Do both of u love Bobby?

Kiddos blinked in response.

Pragya: Will you stop talking like this? Always talking about love and boyfriend to them.

Abhi chuckling: I can’t stop myself wondering how will my kiddos fall in love!

Pragya: There is a long time for that! So please stop this now!

Kiddos told something in response and said kiss again.

Abhi: I guess kiddos want to kiss Bobbies! Let me go and help them with that.

Pragya stared at him as he bring down kiddos from bed and walked away from the room to see kiddos boyfriends.

Pragya looking at him thought, He and his love talks are very unreasonable!

As this happened, Mithra looked around and saw Bulbul coming towards her.

She smiled as Bulbul smiled looking at her.

Bulbul: I am here to pass u what you wanted.
Mithra: Thanks! You don’t know how much I needed this now.
Bulbul smiled as she passed it to Mithra.

Bulbul doubtfully: You are sure about this?
Mithra: About what?
Bulbul: I mean what u are going to get into now. All of a sudden u are leaving the country and that too with a stranger…..
She sounded concerned as she asked that.

Mithra: I am sure of this. It was an expected situation and moreover u are in safe hands and under safe supervision.

Bulbul felt even now she was thinking about her. Her sister never thought about herself.

Bulbul: If u felt I was not safe here then u wouldn’t leave right?
Mithra looked away and said: Leave about this. I need to leave and I am leaving early morning.

Bulbul in tears: Take care. I wish you could be happy there too.
Mithra: My happiness lies wherever my family is.

Bulbul: I know…and he is also a nice guy as far as I know.
Mithra in surprise: You know him?
Bulbul: Purab had told me and I spoke to him once. All the while he was mentioning your name….your nickname…Mithu….

Mithra smiled in shyness and said: He likes to call me that way.

Bulbul hugging her said: Di! I am sorry for all my mistakes.

Before Mithra could react Bulbul break the hug and Bulbul ran away from there.

Bulbul slowed down her pace and was crying profusely thinking that she had lost the right to stop Mithra from leaving.

Bulbul, As a sister I never understood you when u needed me the most. Now when I want to understand you, I feel you don’t need me as you have Jai who needs you more than me. I hope his need of yours fulfill all your dreams.

Mithra standing there hoped she could have stopped her sister and told her many things that were hidden in her heart.

Back at Mehra mansion,
Kiddos found something different on their play area.
Prabhi screamed: Abhoo! GOJI!!
Abhigya crawled towards it and saw it in surprise.
Abhigya: Prabhoo! rado budo
Prabhi came closer to her and both were investigating what they were seeing.

Pragya: What’s happening there? I am coming now!

Pragya was in her room tidying up things moved to their playroom.

Pragya: Where is this Boss? I ask him to take care both of u but he disappeared like this!

She said looking at kiddos but didn’t notice what Prabhi was holding onto.

Abhigya: Mumma! Rado Budo!
Pragya: Kya? And Prabhoo what are u looking at?

She asked by coming closer to them and was in shock after seeing what Prabhi was holding.

Abhi “I see sun and moon in your eyes that makes my day and night by seeing you…..” Hearing that Pragya looked at him back without blinking her eyes. Pragya “ I feel whatever you say is far fetched and it’s not easy as u are thinking.” Abhi smirked as Pragya caught him seeing someone.

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