Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 57

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Mithra: Thanks!
Abhi smiled and said: Thanks For this? Please Mithra, as a friend this is my pleasure to do for you….
Mithra: How does it look?
Abhi: Don’t u feel that all this is fast?
Mithra shook her head lightly as a sign of no.
Abhi: Are u doing it out of compulsion?
Mithra: No….I think this is the time for me to have a person to relate to my dreams.
Abhi smiled as Mithra asked: How is Pragya and kiddos?
Abhi chuckling: Don’t ask about it….They are so possessive of me!
Mithra: I know that as they like u a lot na…
Abhi: I also like them a lot!
Mithra smiled widely in response and Abhi said it’s time for him to leave. Saying that he left.

Bulbul was very angry at Purab for telling lies in a love story!

Purab: Listen! Oh darling wait!
Bulbul: No way! I am not in a mood to listen to u!
Purab: But why? You always come after me to ask me to tell story but now u are making me to come after u!
Bulbul: Mr Purab!
Purab: Mr Purab?
Bulbul: I got lots of important things in life to succeed.
Purab: So?
Bulbul: So let’s break up!
She said very casually making Purab taken aback.

Purab saw her walking out from the entrance.

He blocked her half way through and asked: Okay! But before that can we talk for a while?

Bulbul looked at him doubtfully before saying yes.

Purab held her hand which was uncomfortable to her and he brought her to his car.

Bulbul: For a while Mr Purab! Your time starts now!
Purab sighing said: How darling? How can u break up just like this?
Bulbul: As I told u before I want trust in a person to love, but u broke my trust.
Purab: When did I do that?
Bulbul: You know that! Why should I tell u?
Purab: Bulbul! Why are u giving me puzzles?
Bulbul: Me? Puzzles? That’s funny!
She said sarcastically.

Purab looked confused as Bulbul said: I don’t like liars! Especially liars in love!

Purab: What do u mean? I don’t understand u!

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Bulbul: Ya now u will don’t understand me then later u will say u don’t like me!

Purab: Huh? What are u saying? Please be clear darling…

Bulbul: I am not darling!!!!
She yelled as Purab tried to say something.

Bulbul: Enough of this! Your time is up!
Purab: But I am still confused!
Bulbul: Okay! Mr Purab, I found out that u are not telling the truth in Boss and Pragya’s love story!!!!!

Purab: Oh so this is the matter….
He said letting a sigh of relief.

Bulbul: Why you sound as if this is not serious?
Purab: Well, I never lied it was just some parts that I elaborated more with Abhi’s imagination.

Bulbul: Kya? What do u mean???
Purab: Basically, Abhi was in his imagination mode whenever he tries to get close with Pragya. So I just add on to it in a flow to make the story more lively!

Bulbul: That means you never lied?
Purab: Why should I darling? Anyways their story already happened and now what is happening in their life is family love story na.

Bulbul: Oh…
Purab: For this u want to break up! Unbelievable!

Bulbul: Sorry…
Purab: I am feeling hurt darling…You have to bear a punishment for this.

Bulbul: Wait! Before that let me ask u, so whenever u tell what Abhi did to Pragya, all that is his imagination ah?

Purab: Smart girl! But not all scenes though….
Bulbul: Now u are giving puzzles. But why can’t u tell what happened instead of mixing his imaginations to the real scenes?
Purab: Well, only if I mix then u will understand their depth of love….
Bulbul: Really?
Purab nodded his head as yes as Bulbul leaned on his shoulder and asked: Will u tell me when it is imaginations and when it is not?

Purab: Why darling? Let me tell u in a flow and maybe u can make a guess and tell me which scene u feel as his imagination! I will give a prize to u for that!

Bulbul in surprise: Prize?
Purab: Haan something that u would like…

Bulbul smiled like a child thinking of prizes as Purab started to drive.

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Purab: So it’s traffic jam here. Do u want to hear a short story?
Bulbul nodded her head many times which made Purab chuckle.

Purab beginned saying after winning the competition Abhi thanked Pragya for her support. What made Pragya feel awkward was his everyday thank u moment.

Pragya “ I appreciate that u thank me for my support that day but why do u have to thank me every single day by changing the flowers in my desk with a thank u note!”

Abhi “ Why u don’t like it?” He asked sadly looking at her and she tried to hide her smile looking at his sad cute face.

Pragya “ Look, we are working here right so if u do like this by asking one of our subordinates to do like this then rumours will be spread about us….That’s not good when our main competition for Boss position is going on….”

Abhi “ Is it always about that u think? U never think about me?”

Pragya was lost for words. She felt like saying I always think about u to him but she couldn’t.

Abhi “ It’s okay….anyways are u free tonight?” Pragya “ Should be free but why are u asking that?” Abhi “ I need help! Will u help me as a friend?” He asked pleadingly which Pragya find it hard to deny.

Pragya “I can’t stay very long…” Abhi “ Just for a while and by the way Mithra asked u whether u are free on Sunday. She wants to meet u too…” Pragya “ Mithra? Why does she want to meet me?” Abhi “ I asked her why but she said it’s ladies matter…” Pragya giving a quizzical face “ Ladies matter? And I thought u two are close friends…but me and her….” She said looking away from him.

Abhi “ But I am not a lady! So I never ask her further about that! Yes we are close friends! Do u know she loves to eat ice-cream like me!” Pragya “ I also love that!”
Abhi “ Is it? But I never see u eating ice-cream before!” Pragya “ Excuse me, are we meeting in some cafeteria or parks to eat ice-cream? We are working and how do u expect me to eat that in the midst of work?”

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Abhi “ You got a point P!” Pragya “ point P?” Abhi “ Point Pragya! You know ur name is very long! So I will call u P from now onwards!” Pragya feeling annoyed said“ Pragya is such a short name compared to yours!” Abhi “ No Abhi is short and sweet!” Pragya “ Not Abhishek right?” Abhi “ That’s why it is Abhi! Drop the shek aka shake P!” Pragya “ Oh god! Please don’t call me P like this in front of others!” Abhi “ You know PP is better and have lots of meanings like Pretty Pragya, Pompous Pragya, Panicking Pragya, Pressurizing Pragya, Picky Pragya…” Pragya “ Stop!!! I am leaving u as u are in my cabin if not I would have killed u!”

Abhi “ There u see all my PPs does suit u!” Pragya “ Go away! You always like to annoy me!” Abhi smiled as he stood up before saying “ Bye PPs!”

Pragya “ Arrggghh!!” Abhi “ So sweet! Take care PPs!”

Bulbul: That was so hilarious! Is Boss really that funny? Poor Pragya! Hey u see I got a PP too! Inspired from the one and only cute Boss!

Purab, Always she find him cute…

Bulbul: Actually I also got a PP with me by my side….

Purab: Glad that u remember me!
Bulbul: Oh no! Poor P is feeling pressurized..
Purab: I don’t!
Bulbul: You are!
Purab: No!
Bulbul: Yes!
Purab: Not at all!
Bulbul: Then prove me!
Purab: Prove?
Bulbul: Kiss me!
Purab: No way!
Bulbul: Then u are feeling pressurized for sure….
Purab signalled that traffic is cleared and Bulbul said: Damn traffic! It spoilt my moment!

Purab giggled as she hit his shoulder lightly.

To be continued…..

Thank u everyone for reading. Prathi sis, yes I am taking care of my health but also need to stay away from the worries that health problems give and that is why I write here. Hope it is nice if not blame goes to my stress level.

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