Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 56

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Kiddos see Abhi and Pragya talking to each other in one word. They feel they need to talk more like them.

Abhi was angry on Pragya for leaving kiddos alone. Pragya was upset that again Abhi is hiding something from here. Both reduced their talking time with each other. Pragya even slept with kiddos in their playroom.

On a particular day,
Abhi served himself for his breakfast on the dining table.

Pragya : Boss
Abhi: Hmm..
Pragya: Nice?
Abhi: Ok!
Pragya looked at kiddos and smiled as they wondered why their parents never talk a lot.

They knew they will talk a lot and that was very humorous to them. They will feel happy but nowadays there was not much of talking. They feel they need to talk like them to make them better.

Prabhi said something in response Abhigya replied and it continued non-stop for 10 minutes.

Abhi: Kiddos! What are u two talking?
Kiddos: Puppa! Mumma!
Pragya: It could be about us….
Abhi: I hope not….
Pragya frowned as she started to lay out kiddos breakfast.

Abhi: Theirs looks colorful than mine….
He said looking elsewhere.

Pragya: Kids like colorful food. It’s just mashed carrot, potato, and peas.

Abhi: But looks yummy!

Pragya shook her head and sat beside kiddos.

Kiddos: Mumma! Puppa!
Again their talking started and Abhi widened his eyes when they said kiss!

Pragya: Wait! Wait! What are u two saying and why is the word kiss repeated again and again?

Abhi: Pragya! How could u teach them that word at this age??

Pragya: Stop it Boss! I am not that kind of mother! I am also shocked like u!

Kiddos smiled innocently and started to talk again in their gibberish language. In between kiss came again.

Pragya: Oh god! How did they learn this word. Do they know the meaning?

Abhi: What’s the use of worrying now? They are stick to that word…
He said sarcastically.

Pragya stared at him before saying: Kiddos! Listen no!no! to kiss! Ok?

Kiddos blinked their eyes and said: Kiss! Kiss!

Abhi seeing that chuckled. Pragya looked helpless as Abhi came near them and asked: Did u all kiss Bobby today?

Kiddos grinned hearing Bobby! They looked around for Bobby.

Pragya came with their Bobbies and they holding it looked at Abhi.

Abhi: Look Kiddos, if i take Bobby like this.

He said and took Abhigya’s bottle which made her upset.

Abhi: I will give u back Abhoo! Don’t worry.
Abhigya was keep on looking at her bottle in Abhi’s hand.

Abhi: Well, if I hold this like this near my mouth and This is KISS kiddos!
He said kissing the bottle which made kiddos to blush.

Pragya shrieked: What is this? This two are getting shy!

Abhi: Girls na…it happens…and after all Bobbies are their boyfriend & one of them being kissed by father in law is a very blushing moment for kiddos.

Pragya gave an unbelievable look for what he said.

Abhi chuckled looking at Pragya as kiddos also joined him.

Abhi: Now u two know what is KISS!

Kiddos laughed more and looked at serious looking Pragya.

Kiddos then looked at Abhi whose laughter was lesser now.

Kiddos: Puppa!!
Abhi: Yes kiddos!
Kiddos: KISS Mumma!
Abhi and Pragya gasped at their words and Pragya was about to move away when Abhi hold her hand.

Abhi looked at her tenderly.
Pragya: Are u serious? They don’t understand what they say and u want to do that to me!
Abhi: Please for them na….It’s quite long we did that…
Pragya: Excuse me, nobody does this in front of their children!

Abhi: Ya but I am not any nobody to u right? Why not? By the way kiddos are in the mood to see and I am in the mood to give as well!

He said by making a naughty pout towards her as she bent back to avoid him.

Pragya grabbed the fork behind her on the table and poked at his stomach.

Abhi: Ouch!!! Ouch! Kiddos see Mumma is attacking me!!!

Kiddos frowned at Pragya for her action. This is not what they expected. This is not what they wanted from their parents.

Pragya: Oye kiddos! Stop doing that face!
Kiddos stared at her and started to whine loudly.

Pragya: Oh god! You and your kids are such a dramebaaz! Deal them yourself! I am leaving!

Abhi holding her hand: Leaving? Where?
Pragya: Kitchen! For god’s sake just leave me alone!

She said by walking fast to the kitchen as Abhi took care of kiddos.

Pragya in the kitchen still wondered why Abhi was not telling the truth to her. What is now hindering him from telling her?

Abhi playing with kiddos asked: Why Mumma is like this? Both of u know anything?

Kiddos blinked many times before telling the names Mithu and Genie.

Abhi: Acha….this is the matter…..So all of u saw us!

Kiddos blinked their eyes again.

Abhi whispered to kiddos: It’s nothing kiddos, I was just playing with Mithu and Genie that day!

Kiddos complained in their gibberish language why he never bring them too.

Pragya hearing kiddos voice: Is everything ok?
She asked from the kitchen.

Abhi: Haan ok dear! Just some confusions between me and kiddos.

Pragya in a low tone: Teek hai….

Abhi looking at kiddos frowned as they in return frowned and looked at him.

Abhi: Oye kiddos! Why so loud? Now u see Mumma will get suspicious.

Kiddos: ya!ya!

Abhi: Then she will nag at me of what happened and why did u do like this!

Kiddos: ya!ya!

Abhi: Your Mumma is such a complicated case to handle!

Kiddos: Mumma….

Abhi: Yes your Mumma only! Complicated case!

Pragya: Haan I am complicated case na then why u married me?

Abhi turning back looked in shock.

Pragya: Boss! Tell me if u find me complicated directly. You don’t have to complain that to kiddos!

Abhi: No Pragya…I didn’t mean like u think…I was just kidding…

Pragya: Yes Boss! You were kidding and that too with kiddos! Kidding with kiddos!

Abhi: Exactly Pragya! How did u come up with such catchy phrases? I really love it….

Pragya: I am serious Boss!
Abhi: Okok! I am sorry na…don’t be harsh towards me.
Pragya: Me? Harsh? Who said I want to sleep alone? You or me?
Abhi: I had backache that day so I wanted the whole bed to sleep. But I didn’t expect u to take it in a way that u have to sleep with kiddos in their playroom. Do u know how lonely I felt? At least you had kiddos with u…You know I felt so lonely without u by my side for the past three 4nights!

Pragya: Drama King! I won’t believe you!

Abhi: What is this Pragya? I really do miss you baby….

Pragya was about to walk away when Abhi hold her waist.

Pragya widened her eyes and she screeched at him.

Abhi: Don’t do like this na…You see kiddos now look sad because of our buya buya! Isn’t it kiddos?

Kiddos looked sadly at them and nodded their head.

Pragya’s heart melted as looking at the eyes of kiddos she could feel how much it worries them when either Abhi or her raise voice at each other.

Abhi: Pragya….I always want u by my side…That’s why I marry you….

He said by cupping her face.

Pragya looked back at him thinking then why is he not telling the truth to her.

Abhi: Do u know whatever I do, I always have you in my mind? That’s why whatever I do is visible to u….

Pragya remembers the day she saw him chasing Mithra happily and tries to relate that with what he said.

Abhi: I understand how much u feel that u depend on me. But the truth is I depend on u more and that’s why I always end up being like this…..

He said and bring his lips close to hers for a kiss when kiddos yelled: Kisss!!!!!

Abhi and Pragya move back by looking at all directions not knowing how to face kiddos.

Pragya blushed badly by looking down.

Abhi: Pragya! Get me water, It was so hot and I need to cool down.

Pragya nodded her head by smiling widely and made her way towards the kitchen.

Abhi gasped and looked at kiddos who were smiling innocently.

Abhi going near kiddos: You two are so naughty like your father! What was the need to shout so loud just now? Look now Mumma is very shy and will not let me kiss her again!

Kiddos chuckled at the way Abhi was talkin to them. It sounded so funny that they chuckle until saliva dripped from their mouth.

As this was happening, elsewhere Mithra is very determined to show something to Abhi.

You can be naive but my wave will change you!
Wave?….It’s the wave of love being referred that will change a person.

Thank u everyone for reading and sorry for the irregular updates. What to do…very hectic schedule with tests and projects…will try to be regular from next week onwards. Health is recovering at a slow rate too. Sorry if there was any mistakes too.

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