Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 55

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Bulbul: What is happening? She is being chased by Abhi and that too like as if they are playing catching.

Pragya: Haan she looks so happy and he looks so happy too.

She said looking at their direction.

Bulbul: Come let’s go! We need to know what is happening! I feel I am like dreaming!

She said by rubbing her eyes to check what she was seeing is not a dream.

Pragya: Kiddos….
Kiddos just then saw their ice cream being served on the table.

Kiddos: Inoko… Inoko…
They said in a dreamy tone.

Pragya: Bulbul, if we leave now abruptly then they will give siren sound yaar.

Bulbul: Ok! Let’s do this way. You call Boss and I will feed kiddos with inoko. Be normal when u talk to me. Don’t ask him about his whereabouts.

Pragya: Okay….

Saying that she called Abhi who picked up the phone in front of Mithra and Gayathri ma.
He gestured them to be silent and he spoke in a tired tone.

Abhi: Hi….Boss…
Pragya: Sleeping?
Abhi: Haan Boss! Very tired na…
He said and yawned to give the feel that he is feeling very sleepy.

Pragya looking at this: How sleepy?
Abhi: What kind of question is this?
Pragya: I mean are u sleepy enough to sleep or run?
Abhi: Run?
Bulbul gestured to her something which made Pragya conscious.

Pragya: Wo..I mean…Actually….
Abhi: What happened? You miss me?
Pragya: Ya missing you…feel like running behind u….
Abhi: Aww…why do u have to run behind me? I am always there to run behind u na…anyways what are kiddos doing?
Pragya: They are eating inoko…
Kiddos cheered: Inoko! Inoko!
Bulbul: First eat baba, then u two can shout with energy!

Abhi: Anything else? I need to sleep…
Pragya gave an unbelievable look to his lies. Abhi: Pragya?? Are u on the line?
Pragya in a firm tone: Yes boss! Take care and Bye!

Pragya: See Bulbul! How easily he lies to me!

Bulbul: Ya didn’t expect Boss to be this way…..

Kiddos made a golden fish mouth as Bulbul was holding the spoon of ice cream away from them.

Pragya: Feed them Bulbul! If not they will remain in this mouth expression!

Bulbul feed them and they looked happy. They burped loudly and then chuckled seeing Pragya and Bulbul.

Pragya: Wrong timing kiddos! You see, Puppa there is happily talking to Mithu!

Kiddos: Mithu! Mithu!
They cheered her name and Bulbul said: Come let’s go! We need to know what is happening now!

Pragya: No Bulbul…Boss won’t lie to me even if he does there would be a reason for that.

Bulbul: All this is fine but at least we can follow them to see what they are up to na…

Pragya: But…..

Bulbul let down kiddos and made them sit on their prams.

Pragya: Listen Bulbul! It’s risky to follow them with kiddos. Kiddos will shout like alarm at any moment!
Bulbul bending down looked at kiddos. They too looked at her and smiled innocently.
Bulbul: Listen to Bubu! Ok?
Kiddos nod their heads as yes.
Bulbul: If u want this then be silent! No noise!!! Ok?
Kiddos looked at each other and they looked at the thing that Bulbul was holding. It really looked fascinating to them so they agreed for the deal of being silent.

Pragya half-heartedly agreed to Bulbul’s idea and they followed them.

Pragya: Wait! Let’s carry kiddos! Pushing the pram will have sounds and it might alert them.

Bulbul: No we are following them in car.

Pragya: Car?

Bulbul asked Pragya to call the driver and they can leave the shopping mall from a different exit where Abhi can’t see them.

Pragya: But Bulbul…He knows the car na…

They were all behind the pillar from a distance looking at Abhi, Mithra and Gayathri ma talking cheerfully.

Bulbul: Eureka! Let’s scare Boss!
Pragya: Scare him?

Bulbul bending down: Kiddos! This is a very important mission!
Pragya: They are going to do this?
Bulbul: Yes!
She said confidently.

Kiddos: Ya!ya!
Pragya: Oh god! Both of u say ya!ya! at wrong timing again!
Kiddos laughed and looked at Bulbul.

Bulbul: No time to laugh kiddos!
Kiddos looked serious as Bulbul was serious too.

Bulbul: I am letting u all go now!
She said by unfastening their belts & they smiled at their freedom.

Bulbul letting them down: Now run towards your Puppa kiddos! Go!go! Puppa!

Kiddos ran by shouting Puppa! Puppa loudly as Bulbul dragged Pragya away from there.

Pragya: Bulbul! What if they fall! They ran so fast! Let me go, I will stop them!

Bulbul: Wait for a while. By now they would have reached Boss. We were just in the same direction as them.

Pragya felt very jittery and she mentally scolded herself for allowing this.

Bulbul: Now call Boss! Inform him that u lost kiddos.

Pragya: You could have told me this earlier!
Bulbul smiled hearing that.

Pragya in a panicking tone: Boss…Kiddos! I lost track of them! What to do Boss? They ran so fast!

Abhi: Come outside of the shopping mall. I AM HERE NOW WITH KIDDOS!

He ended the call before she could say anything.

Pragya getting out from the grip of Bulbul ran out of the washroom to see kiddos.

Bulbul was left in thoughts by following her behind.

Abhi : What is this Pragya? You leave them alone and do shopping! What if something bad happens? Don’t u see in the news that babies are being kidnapped for sales?

Pragya looked at kiddos standing innocently and tried to wink at her but as usual they ended up closing both their eyes.

Pragya smiled through her tears and kneeled to their height.

Kiddos walked towards her and asked: Ok?
Pragya: Ok kiddos!
Abhi: What ok? When did they know how to say ok? Why u never tell me about this!

He said by sounding frustrated in a loud voice.

Pragya: Ok means ok! By the way keep your gorilla face to yourself.
Abhi: Gorilla face? How dare u say like that!
Pragya: That’s how u look when u talk like this!

Abhi: I have nothing to say! Get inside the car!

Pragya turned behind and bid bye to Bulbul who was looking at all this.

In the car,
Kiddos felt tired and slept on Pragya’s lap. As for Pragya she was thinking about why Abhi is behaving this way.

Kiddos see Abhi and Pragya talking to each other in one word. They feel they need to talk more like them.

Thank u so much for all the lovely comments. Saranya sis, No problem sis! Congrats to your sis! Prathi sis, You are very cute like kiddos?! Hope your father enjoys being called as Puppa! Ok guys, feeling bad for slow updates but what to do my patella aka knee cap is the problem. I got this swollen knee for almost 2 weeks and pain which is torturing my mind and health. Gone to hospital and I will be seeing the specialist 2 weeks later. Hope I get recovered soon and see u all soon again! And thank u so much again for all the comments! Thank u everyone again. Hope u all will dont mind me for not individually replying u.

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