Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 54

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Kiddos looked at themselves at the mirror. They can’t believe that they are dressed up for go!go!

On top of that they are wearing new shoes bought by Abhi. It have lights when they walk! They found it very cool.

Prabhi: Tank u Puppa!
She said seeing Abhi who was sitting on the edge of the bed.
Abhigya realized she also should say thanks so she walked towards Abhi and said Tank u Papa!

Abhi: What did u say???
Pragya: Oh god! When did this miracle happened?
Abhi hugged Abhigya and said: I love you Abhoo!

Prabhi seeing that felt jealous. She screeched: Papaaaaaa!!!

Abhi: You too?
Prabhi also ran towards him and tried to push Abhigya away.

Abhi: Oh kiddos! No need to fight for my hug! I will hug both of u together.

By saying that he hugged both and said I love you kiddos!

Pragya: Then how about me?
Abhi looking at her: Arrey, when did I became a hot property to be hugged by girls??

Pragya chuckled hearing that and said: Don’t think too much of yourself. It’s simply because we are overwhelmed about your gifts and we feel like hugging u!

Abhi smiled and insisted that he wants to join them for shopping but Pragya said they can manage with driver. Abhi was looking very tired and she asked him to rest well at home.

Pragya got inside the car with kiddos and they were jumping in joy.

Pragya: Kiddos! Calm down! Bhaiyya is going to start the car.

She said by holding them but they are uncontrollable. The reason is the shoes as it have lights when they jump too.

Pragya: Kiddos! Look here! Bobbies are here.

She said by bringing the bottles to them but no use as they are more enthralled by their shoes now.

Pragya shaking her head: Bhaiyya! You just start the car. This two won’t listen now. I just have to hold on to them.

The driver smiled and then start to drive and that’s when kiddos fall back and sat on the seat.

Pragya: Now u all deserve this!!!
Kiddos looked angry as Pragya was wearing seat belts for them.

Kiddos: Mumma! Booooooo!
Pragya: Ya!ya! I am Boooo and you two are Pooooo! Ok?

Kiddos looked away and they were super angry at their Mumma for making them fixed in a position.

Driver: Looks like kids are angry now.
Pragya: Yes Bhaiyya, they are always like this. Like your Boss they also get angry very fast!

Driver: That’s true mam. That day he was also shouting in phone to someone.

Pragya: Shouting? Should be some work problem.

Driver: Not sure mam, but he was saying it’s not possible and won’t leave from here…something like that.

Pragya: Oh…

Driver: Then he also said like do whatever u can but he will deal it in his way for his friends….

Pragya: Friends?

Driver: Yes mam, he was like saying in support of his friends….

Meanwhile, Kiddos interrupted by asking Mumma for their Bobbies.

Pragya: Now you two remember about them!

She passed them their bobbies and she was in thoughts of what was the matter that made Abhi tensed and angry.

Driver: Mam! We are reaching the place.

Pragya: Oh…Bhaiya drop us in front of the shopping mall. I will give a call when we are done with shopping. Help me in getting their pram down too.

Kiddos hearing the word Pram were even more angry. They never realized they will be sitting on the pram.

Pragya: Kiddos! Don’t be upset na…We will have fun! Ok?

Kiddos looked away as they were placed in the prams with seat belts.

Pragya: Itna Gussa? Once we get in, it will be fun!

Kiddos gave a blank look as Pragya pushed the pram to enter the shopping mall.

Kiddos: Bubu?
Pragya: You saw her? Where is she?
Kiddos: Bubu! Bubu!
Bulbul smiled and waved at them.

She quickly came towards them and said Bello!

Kiddos: Bello!!! Bubu!!!
Pragya: Hi Bulbul! Are u ok with them by calling u Bubu?
Bulbul kneeling down to see kiddos: Of course! Bubu is so cute!

Pragya had made a video call to Bulbul and in that kiddos have talked to her and Pragya asked her if she could accompany them for shopping. She also agreed and now kiddos are super duper joyous of seeing her.

Prabhi: Bubu! Bubu!!!
Abhigya also yelled Bubu to challenge Prabhi’s voice.

Bulbul: Chill! I am here only!
Kiddos opened their arms as if they want her to carry them.

Pragya: How can she carry both of u kiddos?
Bulbul: It’s okay maybe we can sit down and talk!
Pragya hesitantly: Hmm…okay
Bulbul: Are u in a rush?
Pragya: No! But he is alone at home so…
Bulbul smiled and said: Just for a while, and now it’s kind of peak hour too. If we shop now then it can’t be done in peace. Why not we have something to eat then we go shopping!

Pragya hearing the word eat couldn’t resist and agreed with Bulbul’s suggestion.

They went to the cafe in the shopping mall itself and both made kiddos to sit on the baby sit chairs.

Kiddos: Inoko! Inoko!
Pragya: Oh god! Today also u all want that!
Bulbul: What is inoko inoko?
Pragya: Ice cream! They tasted it recently and are fond of the taste.
Kiddos were keep on chanting inoko!inoko which made Pragya look helpless.

Bulbul also joined kiddos and kiddos looked at her in shock.

Kiddos silenced themselves as Bulbul got conscious of her loud voice by looking around as the other customers stared at her.
Pragya: Oh god! Bulbul never expected u to be this way!

Bulbul ignoring the stares of others said: Anyways now kiddos are in shock as I rocked!

Kiddos still looked at her with eyes widely opened.

Pragya: Enough kiddos! Come back to senses na…This is why I said that there are people out there who are even more loud than u!

Kiddos shook their head and Bulbul nods her head.

Kiddos remained silent after that in deep thoughts as Pragya beginned to converse with Bulbul.

Bulbul: Let’s have ice cream first.
Pragya: No! First tell me how’s your love going on?
Bulbul: Not bad but not as interesting as yours!
Pragya: Why not? You are a chirpy girl and Purab is a silent killer. That means both of u are opposites and should have something interesting to fight and argue about na…
Bulbul: We are not like Boss and u! I mean arguing with each other only suits some special couple!
Pragya smiling with shyness: That means u consider us as special couple?
Bulbul: Yes! Not only that I like both of your expression when feeling the love for each other!!!

By now Pragya choked as she was drinking some water.

Bulbul: Errr…I imagine both of u when sir tells me story.

Pragya composing herself said: Acha….so he is still sir to u?
Bulbul: Always sir just like how u consider boss as your boss….

Pragya smiled hearing that.

Kiddos hearing all this couldn’t understand anything. It was the first time that they are being ignored too. Feeling hurt, they played with their Bobbies silently.

Bulbul: I want to ask u something!!!
Pragya: What’s that?
Bulbul: Do u still keep the balloon that Boss gave u? I know it would have been deflated by now.

Pragya looking confused: Balloon?
Kiddos hearing the word balloon looked around. They knew what is balloon and they beginned their chantings of Fuji! Fuji!

Pragya: Oh kiddos! Calm down! Fuji is not here now.

Bulbul made some funny faces grabbing kiddos attention and they once again were surprised by Bulbul when she blew bubble from mouth.

Kiddos were now trying to have bubble in their mouth as Bulbul continued to ask Pragya.

Bulbul: Heart shape Balloon where he gave u in the storeroom.
Pragya: Storeroom?
Bulbul: You forgot everything? Let me tell u!
She explained what she heard from Purab and Pragya looked surprised.

Pragya: It’s true that Boss teased me at the lounge but nothing like u said happened in the storeroom. In fact, we never even went to the storeroom.

Bulbul: Are u sure? I am sorry to ask but did u like forgot by mistake?
Pragya: No Bulbul…I very clearly remember the incidents as I always write what happened between Boss and me in my diary.

Bulbul asked further to clarified by asking Pragya of the incidents that were told by Purab. Some matched but some were very new to Pragya.

Bulbul scratching her head: Does this mean he had been telling a lie in your love story?
Pragya: How naive you are…Sorry to tell you but I feel he is mixing truth and lies together!
Hearing that, Bulbul breathe heavily out of frustration.

That’s when Kiddos squealed: Genie! Genie!!

Bulbul: Genie???

Pragya: Gayu Ma!

Bulbul turned at the direction where kiddos were looking and was shocked to see her.

Bulbul: Gamma!
Pragya: Gamma???
Bulbul: Gamma! Oh god! How did she come here?

Pragya: Gamma? U mean like alpha beta gamma?

That’s when Mithra ran in front of Gayathri as Abhi was chasing her from behind.

Pragya: Boss!!! Is here???
Bulbul: She is here!!!

Kiddos: Puppa! Puppa!!!

All four of them were shocked thinking what is happening now!!

Pragya: Listen Bulbul! It’s risky to follow them with kiddos. Kiddos will shout like alarm at any moment!
Bulbul bending down looked at kiddos. They too looked at her and smiled innocently.
Bulbul: Listen to Bubu! Ok?
Kiddos nod their heads as yes.
Bulbul: If u want this then be silent! No noise!!! Ok?
Kiddos looked at each other and they looked at the thing that Bulbul was holding. It really looked fascinating to them so they agreed for the deal of being silent.

Pragya half-heartedly agreed to Bulbul’s idea and they followed them.

Thank u everyone for reading! Still not recovered yet. Pls bear with my slow updates.

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