Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 53

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At their room after dinner,
Abhi: Boss…
Pragya: Hmm….
She said looking at her sleeping beauties.

Abhi: All the while u were cheerful but now u are sad again!
Pragya: Whatever you say makes me feel better but still I am the reason that Dadi and Dasi are not coming back here na…

Abhi hugging her from back: Not at all! It’s their foolishness to think you are not suitable for them as their bahu!

He started to nuzzle her neck but Pragya was not responding to it.

Pragya: I am feeling sleepy Boss….
Abhi in a swift movement carried her in his arms and winked.

Pragya looking away: Suniye…I am not in the mood for that….
Abhi: Then have the mood!
Pragya: Boss…I am sad!
Abhi: That’s bad!
Pragya frowned as Abhi also frowned in response.

Pragya: What do u want now?
Abhi: You!!!
Pragya: Oh god! It’s this the time for your romance?
Abhi nodded his head like a child and Pragya smiled faintly.

Abhi carried her to the bed and placing her on it said: Keep smiling and I will be back in a while as I have something on now.

Pragya: Arrey so u were not going to do anything!
Abhi: What did u thought? I just want you to sleep on the bed and beside me.
Pragya: Wo…I thought…
She felt shy to tell that as Abhi gave a naughty smile.

Pragya: Cheater!
Abhi winked and left from there saying he will be back to sleep after finishing some work.

Pragya smiled widely thinking of his ways to make her feel better.

Meanwhile, Purab is narrating part of the flashback to Bulbul.

Pragya felt why destiny always have to make her work with him and even now it’s to play a game with him. It was not more of a game but a competition between the employees as part of the annual company celebrations.

Whoever wins the competition will get a huge sum of money and together with gym vouchers. All this didn’t excite Pragya as she was not at all interested in games etc.

Unfortunately, she was picked up by the organising committee to play this as she had avoided it the last time.

She agreed but was shocked to know that her partner is Abhi!!

Abhi: Let’s go! It’s Amazing race not slow race!!!

Pragya: So what? We can just do it slow and steady.

She said walking beside Abhi to the park where their competition was held.

Abhi: Are you serious? Amazing race means u have to be fast and reach first as quick as possible in the short period of time!!!

Pragya: Oh…

Abhi: Shit! That means you don’t even know this!!! How am I going to win my gym vouchers!!!!

Pragya: Mr Abhi! Don’t judge the book by its cover!

Abhi: Where is the cover now to judge? And Please don’t tell this kind of lame phrases!

Pragya remained silent as she knows if she tells something then he will grumble more.

Abhi in a excited tone: Look there!!! It’s our first station!

Pragya nodded her head and Abhi ran fast towards it like a child running for ice-cream.

Pragya reached a bit later than him and he scolded her for that.

Pragya looked down in unhappiness.

Abhi: Okok! Walk faster! Be like a Pushing Pragya!

Pragya: Huh? Pushing Pragya?
Abhi: Ya like push yourself more in pushing your limits!
Pragya: Okay but what is written in the paper?

Abhi: It says you and your partner must do belly dance! The station master is there.

Pragya in shock: Belly dance??? Never! No way!!!

She said by looking around in complete shock.

Abhi: Pragya…please na…it’s only the two of us and then the station master which is our senior staff! That too a lady!!!

Pragya: Mr Abhi if u want u go ahead with this! I can support u by cheering for u!

Abhi: I knew it! Damn you! Now my gym vouchers will go to Rishi!

Pragya: What Rishi? What are u blabbering?

Abhi: Haan did u see Rishi’s partner, it is NISHA! She is a fitness freak and she will do anything but you are Food freak na….what will u do?

He said looking away when Pragya fumed in anger.

Pragya: Come let’s do it!!!
Abhi: Belly dance?
He asked doubtfully.

Pragya: Yes of course! Don’t talk about that Nisha to me again!!!

Abhi: I feel something is burning…..
Pragya: Where? Where?
She jumped around not understanding that he is referring to her jealousy.

Abhi chuckled seeing her and said: I was referring to your stomach!

Pragya looking at her stomach: MY STOMACH????

She screamed making Abhi to laugh even louder.

Abhi pulled her to the station before saying he was just joking.

Pragya stood with her arms crossed and he signalled her to place her hands on the waist.

Pragya looked helplessly and was keep on giving a hesitant look.

Abhi: Faster na…if not NISHA will win and you will lose!!

Pragya: No way! I will do it!

Abhi smiled as Station master played the music and both did belly dance to the tune.

Station master gave their next clue and both rushed to the next station. Finally after finishing a couple of stations they proceeded to the second last station.

Pragya took the paper behind the tree was
reading the paper that says On top of it or on below it, is the same if it is not over the top of it. She looks super confused as Abhi reading the same paper finds himself having headache.

Pragya ” Can u get any clue out of this???” Abhi ” I feel dizzy…Can we give up for this??” Pragya sternly ” Never ever give up!!! I will think again!” Meanwhile, Abhi lied on the grass and asked ” Who is writing all this clues ah? The person must be seriously having confusions on top of him!” Pragya gave a deadly stare before thinking more.

Abhi looking at the sky “ You know Pragya….I love you…” Pragya in shock “ Kya?” Abhi trying to act confused said “ What did I say ah?” Pragya “ Nothing!” She then smiled inwardly of his accidental confession but she knew it is not possible for her to accept now.

Abhi “ Got any clue?” Pragya looked at him and shrugged her shoulder as no.

He got up and said “ But we have come so far…” Pragya “ Yes we shouldn’t get separated now right even before trying na?” Abhi “ We shouldn’t get separated forever too…” Pragya “ Huh?”
Abhi diverted his words by saying “ Pass me the paper again!” Pragya seeing him, What happened to him? Why is he playing with his words today. Does he really love me so much?

Abhi “ Come with me Pragya! I know what is this now!”

Pragya followed him with smiling face and he asked him to sit on the bench there as he gestured to look at the station master watching them from a distance.

Pragya: But what’s the task?
Pragya sitting on the bench with clueless look as Abhi sat on her lap with a scary look.

Pragya “Abhi! How heavy you are? Don’t you have mercy on my petite body? How can u sit on my lap?” She yelled.

Abhi “Just two minutes! I know you won’t sit on my lap, as I have talked bad about you but please let me sit on your lap!” He pleaded looking at the direction anxiously where the station master was.

Pragya struggling to move but his strong and well-built body is making her difficult to move.

Pragya “You are just squeezing me yaar! After this, I won’t even able to stand!”

Abhi finally stood up and looked sorry for his actions as he saw Pragya closing her eyes in pain.

He without saying anything carried her in his arms and she protested him to let her down.

Pragya “What are you doing? Because of you my favourite red saree is crumpled!”

Abhi “I am sorry….even my favourite blue shirt is crumpled as you are holding my back firmly…” He said and winked at her.

Pragya “You could have told me earlier for this!” Abhi “Then u would have say something and wasted the time. Now u see we will reach the next station quickly.”

Pragya “Always quickly!” Abhi chuckling “Yaa….” Pragya murmured “ I shouldn’t have wear saree….” Abhi “Ya but it makes you different from others who wear sportswear!”

Pragya “ How different?” Abhi “ I will tell you that later!” He said by giving a mischievous wink before letting her down for their last task.

Pragya adjusted herself and asked “ Hope this ends faster. I hope we are early too…” Abhi smiled and said “ We are quite early as compared to others….” Just then they saw their competitors coming hurriedly.

Abhi whispered to Pragya “ This is it! We need to win!!!” Pragya “ Yes Boss!” Abhi “ Right! So we need to be quick and correct! Ok dear?” Pragya “ Yes Boss!” Abhi and Pragya looked at each other for a while.

Abhi “ Boss?” Pragya “ Dear?” Station master interrupted them by his loud voice.

Station master “ This round will determine who is the winner! So the task will be tougher. It involves both the partners to be close.”

Abhi looked at Pragya from the corner of his eyes as Pragya looked blankly at the station master.

Bulbul interrupted: Do they need to kiss?
Purab: Oh NS! Why are u always excited for their kiss???
Bulbul: Wo…you never kiss me at least I can imagine them kissing na…
Purab shook his head and said: Wait darling! It’s after marriage!
Bulbul looked at him strangely.

Purab: Shall I continue?
Bulbul: Sure! Sorry for the disturbance Sir!
Purab smiled and continued saying their task was to eat food.

Bulbul: What is the need to be close in this?
Purab: Listen yaar…
Bulbul silenced herself by making a zip up action of her mouth.

He continued saying the twist was they should feed each other with blindfolded.

Pragya “How to feed u in that way in complete silence?” Abhi “ I can feed u as I will feel you….” Pragya “ Feel me?” Abhi confidently “ Yes!!” Pragya “ Okay….” Abhi smiled as he blindfolded her and he got himself blindfolded too.

The female partners were swapped in their standing positions and it was now time for the male partners to feed them separately.

Station master: Your time starts now Rishi!
Rishi never even managed to find where his partner was and failed the task.

As for Abhi he came near Nisha and was about to feed her but he didn’t.

Then he stepped back. He walked sideways and reached the place where Pragya was.
Abhi feeded her with gulab jamun. Pragya sensed it was him as his fingers touched her lips. She was feeling delighted that he is feeding him.

Bulbul: Awww so sweet of them! Made for each other na….
Purab: Yes and finally he got his gym vouchers as the prize too!
Bulbul smiled widely and looked up.

Purab: What’s up there?
Bulbul: I wonder whether anything will drop from the top and hit your head!
Purab in shock: Why? You want me to die?
Bulbul: No! No! I mean like something should hit your head to bring some senses na….Like to be more romantic towards me!

Purab: Oh…like that way….
Bulbul nodded her head as yes while Purab giggled seeing it.

Bulbul: Does this mean he had been telling a lie in your love story?
Pragya: How naive you are…Sorry to tell you but I feel he is mixing truth and lies together!
Hearing that, Bulbul breathe heavily out of frustration.

Thank u everyone for reading!

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