Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 52

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Before going to the update, Samyusam is currently stuck with some work so she would be unable to update her ff, “you are my everything” for a week. She asked me to convey this to u all. Hope she finishes her work soon.

Back to shots,

Abhi coming back to house shouted: Pragya! Pragya!

Pragya came out of the kitchen hearing his loud voice.

Pragya: Why Boss? Why? Why are u shouting as if I am a child lost in a crowd!

Abhi: Where did u go today? Why u never informed me?

Pragya: When did I go? I was here from the morning!

Abhi: No! Even kiddos called me just now!
Pragya in a mocking tone: Boss! You are telling as if they know how to make a call! I know they are now 1 year old but don’t u think it’s too fast to think them as 10 years old!

Abhi looked confused and asked: Then where are kiddos?

Pragya: They are sleeping Boss…They played so much today that they slept before u came back to home.

Abhi sternly: Pragya! Don’t lie to me! I got the call from Robin!

Pragya wiping her face with dupatta said: Boss! I think u are imagining a lot.

Abhi holding her shoulder forcefully: I am asking u again Pragya! Where did u went?

Pragya: Take off your hands!!Why are u so demanding Boss?

Abhi: Because I can’t afford u to lie to me!
Pragya: The same goes to u!
Abhi: What do u mean?
Pragya looked away in anger and asked him to say why he is behaving weirdly.

Abhi letting her off walked away when she said: If u go away like this then don’t talk to me anymore!

Abhi remained still and asked her what she wants now.

Pragya: Tell me the truth Boss! I am ready to accept whatever it is. Please na at least for kiddos tell what is bothering you!

Abhi let a deep sigh and said: Where is he?
Pragya: Who?
Abhi: Robin!!!
Pragya: He is at playroom with kiddos. But what does it to do with you! I mean he is such a innocent soul who works for our family!

Abhi angrily: Innocent soul! My foot!
Pragya was taken aback as Abhi came towards her and bring her forcefully to kiddos playroom.

Abhi opened the door silently and saw Robin doing the same thing again.

Pragya wondered why does Robin have to do like this.

Abhi caught Robin’s collar and dragged him out of the room.

Robin gasped in shock: Sir….
Abhi gently closed the door as kiddos were sleeping.

Pragya: Now tell me why do u have grudge towards him? And Robin why do u have to take pictures of kiddos while they are sleeping?

Abhi: I will tell u! No, I will make him tell everything now.

He said looking fiercely at Robin. Robin was getting nervous looking at Abhi’s intense gaze.

Pragya: Boss…lower down your voice na…they might awake…
Abhi: Okay…

Robin: Di, I have some work to do…
Abhi: Stay here! You are not going anywhere! It’s my order spy!

Pragya: Spy? What are u saying?
She asked looking at Abhi.

Abhi snatched Robin’s phone from him and showed his whatsapp messages full of kiddos pictures and many calls to a particular person.

Pragya: What is this Robin? Why do u do like this?

Abhi: Will he say? He is such a innocent and loyal soul….
He said sarcastically looking at nervous stricken Robin.

Pragya: Stop it Boss…Robin, I am asking u like a di, what’s going on? Are u doing anything wrong?

Robin in a shaky voice: No di…it was…
Abhi: Are u going to tell her or I tell your sister of how u get money for her wedding!

Robin: No sir…I will tell everything. It was Dadi and Dasi asked me to tell them whatever is happening here and they are paying me extra money for that.

Pragya: But why? They can ask us directly na…
Robin: No di…they don’t like you but they are still worried about how Abhi sir and kiddos are at home. So they ask me to take pictures and send if not call them and update what’s happening here.

Pragya: What do u mean they don’t like me?

Abhi gestured him to go away as Pragya: Robin! Wait! Are they safe?

Robin nodded his head as yes and was about to ask him further but before that Abhi pulled her inside the playroom.

Pragya: Why did u stop me? I want to know what does he mean by they don’t like me!

Abhi: Sssh….kiddos are sleeping na…sit down first.

He made her sit on the couch as he kneeled down to her height.

Abhi: Listen Pragya…what others say doesn’t matter.
Pragya: Robin is not others…he is like part of our family too.
Abhi: I meant Dadi and Dasi.
Pragya in shock: What are u saying Boss? They are not others! They are the elders in our family who guide us!

Abhi: Pragya….
He said caressing her hand.
Pragya: What is this? Please tell me. I am unable to bear this suspense Boss.
Abhi: Dadi and Dasi…
He said and looked at Pragya’s questioning eyes.

Pragya: Complete your sentence na…
Abhi: Ok but promise me that u will believe that I am always with u!
Pragya: Is that a promise to be made? I know u are always with me!

Abhi smiled hearing that and continued saying: They don’t like u from the beginning as u were giving competition to me. I mean u are more talented than me. When we got married they were shocked as you were least imagined in their dreams as the bahu of this house. But still they tried to get along with u and appreciate whatever u do.

Pragya: What are u saying? I think u are getting it wrong Boss…They always love me and in many times they showered more love towards me than u!

Abhi: Yes Pragya but all that happened after u give birth to kiddos, before that do u remember of any instance where they interacted with u? No Pragya! That’s why I made u to work even after marriage. I could feel the difference in the way they treat me and u.

Pragya was still unable to believe his words.

Abhi: Pragya…I understand it’s not easy for u to believe me. But this is the truth yaar. I didn’t want u to feel alone at home. That’s why I insisted u to work after marriage.

Pragya: Why should they dislike me?
Abhi: Because you are Pragya and not Mithra….

Pragya: You mean they still have Mithra in mind for u???
Abhi: Always! The plan of asking u to stay away from me as they were scared that we might have our third child and then going away for pilgrimage trip so that I will be after them especially when they are not returning home for almost more than a month are all ways to separate us!

Pragya: I don’t believe u! You are misunderstanding it!

Abhi: You won’t believe! Wait let me call them and u can hear what they talk to me. Just be silent!

Pragya nodded her head but was still sure that he is misunderstanding Dadi and Dasi.

Abhi placed the phone in speaker: Dadi, how are u?

Dadi: I am fine….

Abhi: How is Dasi?

Dadi: She is fine too. How is Prabhi and Abhigya?

Abhi: Haan fine dadi. Pragya said she misses both of u. I thought of bringing her to where u stay.

Dadi: Abhi! How many times we have to tell that we have nothing to talk to her.

Abhi: Dadi how can u say like that? She is my wife….she have all rights on what belongs to me as well.

Dadi: We only belong to you Abhi….

Abhi: Can I ask you why u have so much of hatred towards her?

Dadi: We don’t hate her but we just can’t accept her as our bahu. It is a matter of privilege and you won’t understand that. Anyways, we never hurt her in any way Abhi. You know that as well.

Abhi: What are u saying Dadi? It’s 3 years already and u are still feeling this way.

Dadi: It’s our feeling and how does it matter to u? For u only her feelings matter the most right?

Abhi: Why are u saying like that Dadi? To me both of u and Pragya are equally important.

Dadi: Abhi! I am busy now. I am going out now. Bye!

Pragya all this while was crying silently and looked at Abhi who ended the call.

Abhi: This is why I didn’t tell u all this.
Pragya breathing heavily with tears flowing her cheeks looked at Abhi.

Abhi: Is this something worth your tears?
At that time, kiddos were awake and Abhi attended to them. He made them let down from their cots and made them sit on their small chairs.

Kids looked still sleepy not out from their sleep.

Abhi sitting beside them: Still sleepy?
Kids yawned in response and smiled at him.

As for Pragya she gets heart broken of knowing the reason behind Dadi and Dasi not coming back to home.

Kiddos looked at her hearing her cries.

Kiddos never saw her crying like this until her face became red.

Abhi: Nothing kiddos, you two don’t get shock for this.

Pragya felt she failed as a daughter in law and was crying hiding her face with her hands.

Kiddos get up from the chair and Abhi watched them curiously as they took their favourite t-shirt from the couch that Pragya placed for them to wear later. They passed it to Pragya to wipe her tears.

Pragya taking that from them hugged kiddos and cried even more.

Abhi: Will you stop this? See how kiddos feel sad of u!

Pragya looked at kiddos who were almost in the verge of tears.

Kiddos sadly: Mumma…no!no!…

Pragya: Did I separate them from kiddos? Am I that bad Boss?

Abhi sitting beside her: Come on Pragya! They separated themselves from us! It’s not u!

Pragya: But still…

Kids: Mumma…Puppa….no! no! buya!buya!
Abhi chuckling: Kiddos! You two think we fought each other ah?

Pragya hearing that smiled through her tears said: No kiddos….we never fight!

Kiddos looked teary eyed and buried their faces on Pragya’s chest unable to see their Mumma so sad.

Abhi: You see now kiddos are depressed!
Pragya wiping her tears: Boss! You don’t always say that! Please…they just couldn’t see their Mumma sad! Isn’t that kiddos?

Kiddos looked up at her realizing Pragya’s voice getting better.

Pragya ruffling kiddos hair: They are really emotional like u!
Abhi: Me? Haan ya!ya!
He said in a mocking tone.

Pragya leaning her head against his shoulder: So you are always with me even if it bothers you….

Abhi: Bothers me? If I am not with u then it will bother me!

Kiddos interrupted by saying something and then they kissed Pragya’s hand.

Abhi: Aww….are they like giving promises to you?

Pragya: They always love me na so they kiss my hands as an assurance that they are with me always to make me happy.

Abhi: Acha…itna meaning behind this.

Pragya nodded her head and then kissed kiddos forehead making them happy as for Abhi took Pragya’s right hand and kissed it.

Pragya: Chee! What are u doing in front of kiddos?
Abhi: Assurance yaar!
Kiddos: Puppa! Puppa!
Abhi: Kiddos! Kiddos!
Pragya: All of u are so dramatic! Here u go take care of them!

She said by passing kiddos to him as she was about to stand.

Abhi: Where are you trying to go away?
Pragya: To get food for you! You haven’t eat anything na…
Abhi: I know but stay here. We shall eat together later…
Pragya: No let me take food for u…
Abhi: I know u would go and cry lonely in the kitchen Pragya. So please if u want to cry then use the bathroom here.

Pragya: You understand me very well Boss..
Abhi: Pragya…At least for kiddos don’t feel you are bad in the eyes of Dadi and Dasi. They are just stuck in their own thoughts that have lots of expectations.

Pragya: I know Boss…but our expectations are simple. It’s just the love for each other and for our loved ones.

Abhi smiled by nodding his head and she in return held his arms firmly by sitting beside him. As she leaned her head on his shoulder again, kiddos told something in their gibberish language that made Abhi and Pragya laughed looking at them.

To be continued with flashback in the next update…..

Thank you everyone for reading. Thank you so much as each and every comment of yours making me cheerful and stress free. Thanks again for that!

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