Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 51

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Bulbul hearing the voice was in shock.

It was none other than Abhi!

Abhi: Are u listening Purab? How many times I have to ask u to stay away from her? Is it that difficult for u to understand?

Bulbul looked with her widely opened at Purab. Purab snatched the phone away from her and said: Okay….

Abhi: I really wondered what takes u so long to say an Ok!!!

Purab: Nothing….

He ended the phone abruptly making Abhi annoyed as Bulbul had her mouth wide open in shock.

Purab: Close the dam yaar….
Bulbul came back to senses and closed her mouth.

Purab: It’s not like you are thinking…..
Bulbul: That means we have a villain in our love story and that is Boss!!!

Purab: Sssshhh….Don’t be that loud! It’s not like that darling…

Bulbul: What u mean by nothing like that? He doesn’t like u to be with me right?

Purab remained silent and Bulbul: So it’s a yes!

Purab: Let me explain na…why are u rushing into things?

Bulbul: But u are not telling Sir!

Purab: Okok! It’s Abhi who is calling a few times back and asking me not to meet u but his intention is not wrong!

Bulbul gasping: What do u mean by not wrong?

Purab: He is concerned that our frequent meetings would make Mithra feel upset. As in she might feel worried.

Bulbul: Oh…

Purab: And it’s not right of me to disturb you as well right?
Bulbul: Disturb? I am not at all disturbed! I will be only disturbed if I never see you!

Purab smiled and asked: That much of love ah?
Bulbul blushed and looked away. Then she was again doubtful.

Bulbul: But why do u have to put kiddos picture for his number?
Purab: To me he is more like them…and I don’t like seeing his picture though.

Bulbul: I know…some people can’t stand cute people in the world.

Purab gave her the Not again look and she chuckled seeing him being not tolerant when he hears Abhi as cute.

Bulbul: Leave all this aside then what happened? Did Boss manage to change Pragya’s mind? I guess he would have but how is what I can’t guess.

Purab smiled and was about to tell her but decided to test her.

Purab: I will tell…but let me ask you, if for instance I was in Pragya’s situation and u were Abhi, what will u do?

Bulbul: That’s so ridiculous! You see as a girl I can understand why she feels guilty for her doing. But why would u feel bad as a man? What I know is usually men moves on in life faster than women!

Purab: Who said so? We also have feelings and we also understand this kind of situations make you weaker.

Bulbul gave a disbelief face which annoyed Purab.

Purab: I am serious!
Bulbul: Really?
Purab: Haan can’t u see the man who was after Pragya is an example for that.

Bulbul: There could be exceptions na…but generally men don’t feel that much for emotions….

Purab: Your point is wrong darling. Maybe the men u have seen are like that. But there are men who give value to emotions!

Bulbul: Ok, perhaps like you?
Purab nodded his head and said: Let’s leave this topic for now and I will tell the remaining part tomorrow.

He said and left abruptly leaving Bulbul in shock.

Bulbul looking at his back thought, Is he upset with my thoughts? I just told what I felt na. What’s wrong in it? Anyways he looks cute from back too.

As this happened back at Kiddos playroom, a serious silent discussion was going on.

Pragya and kids were sitting in a circle and they were in deep thoughts.

Kiddos looked at Pragya and were wondering what is she thinking.

Finally breaking the silence, Pragya said something.

Pragya: How kiddos? No actually why kiddos?

Kiddos blinked their eyes not knowing what to reply.

Pragya: I am talking about your Puppa kiddos!

Kiddos looked at her and said: Puppa…

Pragya: Not sure kiddos, your Puppa nowadays is behaving weird…He doesn’t tell where is Dadi and Dasi are and why they are not coming back! Then now he is scolding Robin for nothing! I have been seeing that he scold Robin whenever he tries to play with u all!

Kiddos hearing Robin’s name remembered when Abhi shouted at Robin when Robin was about to feed them with mashed potato.

Kiddos: Puppa…buya buya…
Pragya: Haan kiddos! He is ok with us but with Robin he is bad and then gets bad when I ask about Dadi and Dasi too.

Kiddos: Fiya?
Pragya: No kiddos that won’t change his mind….
Kiddos looked down and then looked at each other.

Pragya: Kiddos it’s not his mind. He is hiding something from us! We need to crack what is that!

Kiddos never understood what she was saying but replied as ya!ya! in a cheerful tone.

Pragya hugging kiddos: Thanks for hearing my analysis kiddos! I know some parts was difficult for both of u to understand, but I don’t have anyone else to share all this too.

Kiddos smiled as usual as her hug was what they always yearn for.

Kiddos softly : Mumma…inoko…inoko…
Pragya looking at them: Sure will buy for u that but before that we need to solve the hidden secrets of Puppa! Ok?

Kiddos nodded their head as yes to that.

Meanwhile, Abhi was in a shopping mall buying something for kiddos.

Abhi looking at kids’ section was feeling, It’s been a long time that I bought shoes for them. I know there is more than enough but I just feel like buying for them now.

He was choosing shoes for them when Jai patted his back.

Jai: You are here! I am dead now! She is here too! If she sees us together then she will think you are giving me ideas to bring her out!

He said by looking around to get the sight of Mithra.

Abhi: Relax! I will be only here at kids section. Anyways both of u won’t have the need to shop here for now.

Jai: Bye! She will be here at anytime! I have to go!

Abhi said something but Jai was in no mood to hear him.

Abhi looking at him running like a mad person felt pity for him.

Abhi, It’s always boys like us running behind girls….How pathetic is that. Or sometimes girls make us run away from them….

Just then he received call from Pragya. He smiled seeing the call and attended it.

Abhi: Hello!
Kiddos yelled: Puppa! Puppa!
Abhi moving the phone away asked: What happened? Where is Mumma?

Kiddos were keep on telling something in their gibberish language but until now there was no sound from Pragya which made him feel worried.

Robin taking the phone from kiddos: Sir, di had gone out from morning. She never took her phone too.

Abhi: What are u saying? Why are u telling this to me very late!!!

Robin: No Sir…di had called in between to tell what to do but for the past 3 hours there was no call from her. Kiddos have started to miss both of u and that’s why I made a call from her phone.

Abhi: Ok….I will be there soon…Take care of kiddo properly and if she reaches earlier then call me too!

Their conversation soon ended with Abhi feeling worried for Pragya’s whereabouts.

Pragya gets heart broken of knowing the reason behind Dadi and Dasi not coming back to home. Kiddos looking at her crying passed their favourite t-shirt to wipe her tears.

Abhi: Will you stop this? See how kiddos feel sad of u!

Pragya looked at kiddos who were almost in the verge of tears.

Pragya reading a paper that says On top of it or on below it, is the same if it is not over the top of it. She looks super confused as Abhi reading the same paper finds himself having headache.

Pragya ” Can u get any clue out of this???” Abhi ” I feel dizzy…Can we give up for this??” Pragya sternly ” Never ever give up!!! I will think again!” Meanwhile, Abhi lied on the grass and asked ” Who is writing all this clues ah? The person must be seriously having confusions on top of him!” Pragya gave a deadly stare before thinking more.

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