Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 50

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Abhi coming down the stairs looked alarmed of what Abhigya was doing!

Robin was holding Abhigya on top of the balloon as Prabhi was clapping at her.

Abhi loudly: Robin!!!

Robin: Sir….
He said nervously by stop playing with kiddos.

Abhi: What is this Robin? What if they fall? I know why u have guts to do like this! It’s all because of her!

Abhi went back inside the room and argued with Pragya for giving a lot of space to mingle with kiddos.

Their argument was very loud until Robin and kiddos could hear them.

Robin became sad and kiddos seeing him sad said: Robu…no!no!….

Robin smiled for them and said: Let’s sit down on the sofa kiddos and u two can hold onto the balloons too.

Kiddos looked sad of their playtime being spoilt.

A few days later,

The almost same thing happened and Abhi scolded Robin again. This time Abhi made Robin work more and Kiddos can’t bear to see Robin doing a lot of work as they feel he is a good person and friend to play with. However, Abhi doesn’t like Robin playing with kiddos!

As this happened, Purab after work met Bulbul at a cafe and continued the story saying that Abhi followed Pragya on a Sunday and she asked him to meet her at the park.

Abhi was excited to talk to her but she came with a blank face and sat beside him looking devoid of feelings.

Pragya without any delay said “I am not like you are thinking… and Every person will have something not to be shared about. Even I have something but now I feel I can share it with you…

Abhi “ Why do you suddenly feel that u can share it with me?”

Pragya “ Do you want the reason or the something that I want to share with you?”

Abhi “ Tell me the something! That looks more interesting!”

Pragya sighed and said “ There is nothing interesting like you think….” Abhi looked at her. Her lower lip quivered as words slowly came out of her mouth. At that moment, he realized the something that she wants to share is a serious matter.

Pragya “ Do you know why it is said life is like a rollercoaster?” Abhi shrugged his shoulder as if he don’t know and Pragya “ Not because it have unexpected twist and turns….it’s because there is unexpected ups and downs…Do u know it’s easy to face the ups and downs in the rollercoaster ride but in life it’s very painful. Sometimes it is so painful that u feel like……” She said and remained silent with a wave of thoughts running in her mind.

Abhi “ You feel like??” He asked her as she looked back at him. Pragya “ Leave it…I guess I am starting off in a bad way…” She said and let a faint smile.

Abhi “ Then tell me the something na…” Pragya smiled again and said “ The something is don’t expect me to fall in love with you.” Abhi in shock “ Why?? Am I not nice to u? I know I had been rude and pulling your leg in the past but now I am a good boy!” He said trying to justify himself.

Pragya “ You are still a boy na…how can I fall in love with a boy? I have to fall in love with a man!” She said by laughing which made Abhi frown at her.

Abhi “ Pragya….” He said in a serious husky tone. Pragya was about to stand up when he held her hand from moving away.

Abhi “ Pragya….I know something is bothering you…everybody have something that bothers them but it’s all about how they get rid of it! You were about to say about the something that bothers you but then something again bothered you from telling. I understand that u are feeling what will I think after you shared that with me. But I assure you Pragya that I will never think anything that hurts your feelings or make u feel bad”. He said that and Pragya looking at him felt how can he understand what she was feeling and how she tried to divert that from joking with him.

Pragya slowly taking his hand from hers said “ I will tell you….I know you won’t think anything that will hurt my feelings….” She said and smiled widely.

Abhi gestured her to carry on. Pragya “ A person loved me before…..” Abhi “ What??” He shrieked. Pragya “ Listen na…I am not done yet!” Abhi “ Okok!” Pragya “ His name is Raj….he is much older than me…but I never had any feelings for him though.”
Abhi “ You mean like in movies he is after you? It means u need a man like me to fight against him!!!” Pragya “ Mr Abhi, this is not movie. Please listen to me then u can give comments!” Abhi nodded his head and Pragya “ So he wanted to marry me. But my parents considering the age difference kindly rejected his wedding proposal. He also had accepted it as I was not interested to marry him….” Abhi sighed “ Thank god!!!”
Pragya stared at him for his interruption.

Abhi looked as if he was sorry.

Pragya “ But you know he never loved me for my looks or whatsoever. He loved me for my character as he wants to have a mother for his kids. I knew this after his death. I felt really bad about this. The worse thing was his kids are now separated and are living with different families. After knowing this I felt guilty of my action. From then, I decided not to get married….” Abhi “ So u feel u could have changed the destiny of those kids?” Pragya “ Yes…I mean if I had married him then I would have been a mother to them. I regret for not enquiring him and his intentions to marry me. From the day I know of his demise, I felt I must not get married in return of the mistake I did. So I am sorry if I acted in any way that made u have feelings towards me. I think after this, it is better for us not to talk to each other other than regarding work…..” She said that and ran away before he could react and respond to her.

Abhi sitting there looked at her running away.

Bulbul: This is an unexpected background to her….
Purab: Hmm…ya and her family are against this decision of hers and they have something else in their mind too.
Bulbul: What’s that?
Purab: To forget her guilty feelings, they felt like she should marry a cheerful person!
Bulbul: Like Boss na…
Purab: But Sarla ma don’t like Boss!
Bulbul worriedly: Why? He is so cute and cool in attitude!
Purab: Ya but that doesn’t make him look a responsible person!
Bulbul looked down in anger.

Purab: Why are u angry for him?
Bulbul: Why cute and cool people can’t be responsible? Take me for example, I am very responsible right?
Purab chuckled hearing that and Bulbul frowned in irritation.

Bulbul again saw his phone on the table with kiddos picture on it and someone was calling.

Before he attended the call, she quickly took it and answered the call.

Purab was shocked as Bulbul managed to hear the person’s voice.

To be continued…..

Tianaa, u had asked what happened to challenging the fate. It slipped into coma but it is ok now to be continued but I don’t have the time for it. Let me see how I can try to write on that. Sorry for its sudden disappearance. Anyways thank u for your wonderful words and Prabhi aka Fatima is also part of Deceptive love so your words belong to her too.

Then thank u so much for all the support for this shots so far and also my few shots never ever in my life. I hardly get the time nowadays to thank u all and reply to all your wonderful comments. But I do read them as sometimes I get opinion from them to keep writing in the way that u all like. Thank u so much for all your understanding, support and also for the wait! It really really means alot to me! So it’s 50 now but I know today’s was not that much. No time friends, as I have test on fri. Sorry for that again. Where is Dadi and Dasi and what happened to them! How will Abhi make Pragya feel better in fb? Who is the person Purab is talking to? All will be revealed in upcoming updates. Do tell me what u all like about this shots (if u all have free time to tell that). Thanks again for reading this. ??

Next update will be on friday, should be late at night.

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