Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 49

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Finally it was time for kiddos to leave from there. They cried a lot and were protesting that they are not willing to leave. It was the best place for them to play. Abhi and Pragya had a hard time in bringing them to the car. Even Bobbies didn’t convince them. They cried heavily until they fall asleep in the car’s travel.

Abhi: I didn’t expect this face of kiddos…
Pragya: Me too…
She said looking at kiddos lying on her lap. Both looked sad even in sleep.

Abhi: Why is this so? I mean this didn’t even happen when we left from Mithra’s house that day na….

Pragya: Maybe they like this place a lot more than that.

Abhi: Oh…

Pragya: Don’t worry Boss, once we get home we will see how they are.

Abhi with a sigh said: Okay…

Meanwhile, they were still spending time together in a restaurant,

Bulbul: Sir….
Purab: Still sir?
Bulbul: Yes when i am still NS then u can be still Sir!

Purab: Alright! What’s your problem now? Why are you playing with the glasses?

Bulbul: Don’t you know?

Purab realizing what she wants: We are nearing the crucial point now in the story. Do u remember the scene where Abhi sits on Pragya’s lap that I told in the beginning?
New staff: Haan blue glass on top of red glass na…

Purab with a smile: Yes that scene is coming soon and after that there is a twist!
New staff looks with a shocked expression hearing the word twist.

Purab continued by saying Abhi was thinking about Pragya’s feelings towards him and also the way she had to sleep in her room. It made his heart ache again and again.

He felt he needs to speed up the process so that her hidden feelings can be expressed to him.

Abhi saw Pragya walking frantically in search of something.

Abhi: May I help you?
Pragya: Who gave you permission to come into my cabin?
Abhi: Who should give permission?
Pragya: Leave it! Stay here if u want! I am searching for something important.

Abhi: What’s that?
Pragya: It’s not important to u!
She said arrogantly.

Abhi: Acha…then carry on your searching! All the best!

Pragya stared at him before continuing her search.

Pragya, Oh god! Where did the file go? It’s not at my house and not here too!!!

She said accepting her defeat of being not able to find it.

Just the Uncle came in and asked: Pragya! Pass me the file that have our company’s account details. I should have passed it to the accounts department. I absent-mindedly passed it to u….

Pragya knew it was that file that she is searching for. If Uncle knows that she lost it then he will shout at her for sure!

Pragya stammered: Which….file….
Uncle looking at her weirdly: Which file? The same file that I passed to u in front of Abhi! It’s just 2 days back!

Pragya looked nervous and felt like breaking into tears when Abhi came in with the same file.

Abhi: Here it is Uncle!
Uncle: It’s with u?
Pragya: With u?
Abhi: Yes Uncle….After u passed the file to her, she passed it to me saying that i need to keep it safely!
Pragya: When did I say so?
Abhi: Come on Pragya! How can u be so forgetful like Uncle?
Uncle: Mind your words Abhi!
Abhi: Sorry Uncle for telling the truth and here u go! Take it! I have lots of work to do!
He said that and passed the file to Uncle leaving Pragya shocked.

Pragya asked herself, When did I do like this?

Abhi smirked as he went to his cabin and wanted to confuse her more.

At the lounge,
Abhi was having his favourite cinnamon coffee when Pragya asked “ Why did u take that file?” Abhi jerked at her loud voice and said “ Please have coffee to calm yourself down!” He said by forwarding his cup.

Pragya “ Mr Abhi!” Abhi in a dramatic way “ No Mr Abhi….please na…whenever u call me Mr Abhi, I feel i am your teacher! It’s good to be a teacher but you know I like to be more of a cool student! But ya I am drinking hot coffee now, still i am cool though!” Pragya gave an unbelievable look and asked “What am I asking and what are u saying????” Abhi “ Do u like me in formals or casuals? I mean in which way do u like to see me?” Pragya “ Huh?” Abhi “ Not huh? Is it haan? I mean haan for formals or haan for casuals?” Pragya “ Oh god! What happened to u? I am asking about the file and u are blabbering about something irrelevant!”

Abhi “ It is relevant to our life!” Pragya “ What do u mean?” Abhi “ Pragya…only if I know in which way u like me then I can see u on Sundays that way too na….I mean it would make u feel better too….” Pragya “ I have already warned u not to follow me on Sundays!” Abhi “ So what? Did I disturb u? No right? I am just jogging at the route u are going to temple…” Pragya “ That’s like a stalker!” Abhi “ I don’t know that and now the time is 1.30 pm and its end of my lunch time. Thank u for making me to digest my food!” Pragya gasped as he replied “ You know I ate chicken biryani! It was too full and on top of that coffee! I know it’s a bad combination….Then it made me very full! So I was standing here and once u came to argue with me I know your screeches will send energy to my stomach for digestion. And it really did too! So thank u for that again!” Pragya had a mouth wide in shock as he walked pass her with a wide smile.

Bulbul laughed loudly after hearing this.

Purab: He is funny na….
Bulbul: No he is very cute! Boss is damn cute! Cuteness overloaded!!
Purab: He is not cute! For god’s sake he is just funny and irritating!

Bulbul: Whatever! Tell me what happen next?
Purab: First agree that he is not cute!
Bulbul: Acha baba…Boss is not cute!
Purab: Good! I like this way. So what happened next was Abhi gave her something.

Bulbul curiously: What was that?

Purab smiled and continued.

Abhi “ Oye Pragya!” Pragya “ You are lying and that too about work!” She said walking as fast as she could to avoid him.

Abhi running behind her managed to pull her towards the storeroom that she passed by.

Pragya shrieked “ What are u doing?? Open the door!!!” She said as she saw him locking the door.

Abhi “ I need to give u something!” Pragya “ What?? Don’t play with me! I have lots of work to do!” Abhi “Wait na…How pleasing I am telling u….Look at my eyes, you will know…” Pragya “ What will I know?” She said looking away.

Abhi “ Are u scared of my eyes?” Pragya “ No!” She said loudly looking at his eyes which made her look at it intensely.

Bulbul interrupted: Famous eyelock like in kkb?

Purab: Kind of but not that long and no bgm too….

Bulbul: Oh that’s quite disappointing….nevermind I will imagine with Saiyaara tu Saiyaara as the bgm…..

Purab shook his head and continued.

Abhi “ Pragya…” He said tenderly as she said hmm….

Abhi “ This is what I want to give u…” He said by handing over a box to her from the rack in the storeroom.

Pragya “ What’s this….” She asked still looking into his eyes which hypnotize her.

Abhi “ Open and see…” Pragya opened the box still not breaking the eye contact and Abhi gestured her to look at the opened box now.

Pragya shrieked “ What is this?” Abhi “ My heart!” Pragya “ Do u think I am a child or what? Why is there ballon in this?” Abhi “ See properly it’s a heart balloon! My heart…”

Pragya “ Huh? You gotta be kidding me! Just because I helped u that doesn’t mean u need to give your heart to me!”

Abhi “Huh? Excuse me when did u help me?” Pragya “ Many times even now I helped u by having a good impression in front of Uncle.” Abhi looked puzzled as she explained that he giving the file to uncle is a form of help from her side to make him look good in front of Uncle.

Abhi hearing that “ I have nothing to say!” Pragya “ Then don’t say!” She said by getting out of the room. Abhi ruffling his hair, How I thought she would be impressed by me helping her? But she made it the reverse way!

He then noticed that she went out with the box which made him smiled.

Bulbul: She is smart in hiding her feelings…
Purab: Yes and it was not easy for him to tackle her feelings….

Purab again got a call and the same screen of kiddos was there.

Bulbul seeing that wondered who it was as he excused himself.

Bulbul, Shall I ask kiddos about this? What will they say? I know…. They will call Purab as Pubbu!


Kiddos returned to home and was surprised to find their house filled with balloons. Robin was seen blowing the balloons.

Kiddos: Robu!
Robin: Yea kiddos…how’s your birthday celebration?

Kiddos looked down while being carried by their parents.

Robin seeing that: Di..what happened? Why kiddos look sad?
Pragya: Long story Robin….do u mind taking care of them for a while?
Robin: Sure di…
Abhi : Why I can’t take care of them ah? Why him?

Pragya: Ya but u said u have sprained your neck na….I thought of applying ointment for that!
Abhi: Yes…ok let him take care and Robin! Don’t play with them too much. They are already tired.

Robin: Ok Sir…
They let kiddos down and kiddos ran towards Robin making him to be their height.

Abhi and Pragya went up to the room as Robin asked: Anything wrong?
Kiddos: ya!ya!

Kiddos explained their sadness in gibberish language and with actions.

Robin seeing it understood they are missing the place they went.

Robin: No worries, we can play with balloons here!
Kiddos: Fujii?
Robin: Yes Fuji! Fuji!
Kiddos smiled and hugged Robin.

Kiddos looked at the balloons that Robin to be beside them. Seeing that they want do something adventurous.

Kiddos want to stand on the balloons!

Robin understood their actions and carried them one by one to make them stand on the balloon while he is still holding onto them.

In the room,

Pragya: If Dadi was here she would have done oil massage to u….
She said by applying the ointment on his neck.

Abhi closed his eyes and remained silent.
Pragya: Is it that painful?
Abhi: No….
Pragya: Anyways Will Dadi and Dasi return next week?
She asked excitedly.

Abhi: Not sure….
Pragya: Why not sure? U have their number them and ask…
Abhi: Okay I will call and ask….
He said in a monotonous tone.

Pragya: Boss…
Abhi: Hmm…
Pragya: Is everything ok?
Abhi: Everything will be ok…
Pragya: That means everything is not ok now?

Abhi never replied anything and that’s when they heard loud cheers of kiddos.

Abhi quickly got up from the bed and said it’s nothing and everything is ok.

Pragya, Why Boss is like this? What is wrong with him?

Thank you everyone for reading and sorry for the irregular updates. Affected by assignmentopholia and lots of tests. Hope to get recovered soon. And the nxt update not sure. Either it will be tmrw if not in the weekend. Once again sorry and hope u all like this.

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