Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 48

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Purab: Shall I continue Ms new staff?
Bulbul in surprise: Are u going to call me like that? I am not a new staff anymore!

Purab: But u are new staff to me as always! Maybe a short form would be better! NS+?

Bulbul: NS+???

Purab: Ya its more like reminding u to be positive!

Bulbul: Then u are saying I am negative like minus?

Purab: I don’t want u to be a minus in my life. I want u to be a plus in my life!

Bulbul felt his words flattering and said: Alright, just call me NS not with the plus and I hope to be a positive plus in your life!

Purab chuckled hearing to her and she asked him to continue!

Back to flashback,

Abhi looked around and wondered why Pragya is sleeping in such a state. It worried him and he slowly went to search for the file he needed in the drawers.

After searching for hours,

He managed to find the file he needed.

Pragya in sleep: I don’t know how long will u be in my life?

Abhi looked around to see who was she talking to.

Pragya: Are u hearing it Mr Abhi?

Abhi was alarmed and went closer to her. He saw her talking with eyes closed.

Abhi, Sleep talking! Ok I can hear what it is for time pass!

Abhi sat down beside her and smiled as she hugged her pillow tightly by moving.

Pragya: Mr Abhi, actually calling u like this makes me feel weird. I want to call u in a different name but don’t what is it.

Abhi: Ya I also feel weird by that. U can call me Abhi!

Abhi gave the shocked expression as he was scared she might have heard him.

Pragya still in her dreams: No…a wife can’t call her husband by name. It’s bad in our tradition….

Abhi sighed as she was still in her sleep.

Pragya: You know, you know…
Abhi: What I know? That too two times?
Pragya sadly: You don’t know…
Abhi: What I don’t know?
Pragya: I like you….
Abhi grinned and asked: What u like about me?

Pragya: Everything! Whole package!!
Abhi: Huh? Am I package to u?
Pragya blushed and then said: Yes whole package filled with fun!!

Abhi: Then why are u not having this package?
Pragya remained silent and started to sob.

Abhi, Oh no! She is crying in sleep. How to console her?

Abhi softly: Pragya…
Pragya in a low tone: Hmm…
Abhi: If u cry then I will go away….
Pragya: No! I am not crying. I want to see u like this….
Abhi: Good girl! Keep smiling na….
Pragya: Ok boy….
Abhi smirked and was about to stand up when she pouted in sleep.

Abhi: Are u trying to kiss me?
Pragya quickly covered her mouth and said: No! No! It was just trying to take dirt from your lips!
Abhi: Naughty girl, u will take dirt in this way ah?

She blushed even more and said: Sorry…
Abhi: It’s okay so now I got to go! Uncle is calling me!!

Pragya: Go! Go! I will see u soon!
Abhi smiled as he slowly sneaked out of the room.

Bulbul: What is this? She loves him even in her dreams but he is cheating on her!

Purab: NS! Who said he was cheating on her?

Bulbul: Then it means Boss never cheat her?

Purab: No NS, that is the interesting part here!

Bubul: Ok faster tell me!

Purab: To be continued darling….

I hate you she said to him as he ran away.

As for Abhi he bring his family to a place that is less known to them. It was specially for kiddos birthday celebration.

Kiddos looked around. They find the place familiar to them. They never speak anything but were keep on looking around in astonishment.

They saw two men in grey hair coming with a bouquet towards them.

Kiddos in excitement cheered: Fuji! Fuji!!

Pragya smiled and said: Yes kiddos it’s Fuji!

Abhi was talking cheerfully to the men as they showed the way for the celebrations to begin.

Kiddos: Mumma! Mumma!
They said by pointing at the colorful balloons along the way.

Pragya: You two were be playing with them later!

Kiddos squealed hearing the word play and knew it’s gonna be fun today!!!

Abhi: All of u close your eyes!

Pragya: Why me as well?

Abhi: I told u na it’s your birthday as Mumma too!!!

Pragya: But Boss if I close my eyes then how will kiddos see me?

Abhi: Pragya! Just listen to me!

Pragya gave a pout and Abhi shook his head.

Abhi let the kids the down from their pram and asked the trio to stand in a row.

They all stand in a row and he gestured to them to close their eyes.

All denied by shaking their head which made Abhi irritated.

Abhi: If u all never listen to me then there is no Jumma!!!

All the trio can’t imagine being without Jumma and closed their eyes.

Abhi: That’s better….

He signalled to the men and they smiled in return to show all is done.

Abhi: Now Pragya, you hold kiddos hands.

Pragya: How? I can’t see them yaar…
Abhi made her held kiddos hand and they holding Pragya’s hand said: Mumma….

Abhi: Haan it’s Mumma only not some Suma!

Kids chuckled hearing that while Pragya looked annoyed of his words.

Abhi: Okok I am sorry now u have to take a step together with kiddos.

Pragya: You are here na…I am scared of walking this way….

Abhi: Yes I am here! Just follow my instructions.

Pragya: Ok….

The trio walked as per the instructions of Abhi but kiddos never listened to Abhi & blinked opened their eyes looking up at Pragya.

Abhi noticed that and wink at them. In return they tried to wink but ended up closing both their eyes and opening it.

Abhi let a silent chuckle as he walked backwards giving instructions to Pragya.

Pragya: I am not walking anymore!
She said by stop walking and kiddos looked clueless.

Abhi: Anyways, we are here already!

Pragya opening her eyes: Where??

Abhi: You all like it?

Kiddos: Hippie! Hippie!

He asked looking at kiddos as Pragya was stunned looking at the sight in front of her.

Abhi: Shall we go in?

He asked by walking inside the room.

Pragya followed him with kiddos as everyone wished kiddos happy birthday.

Abhi: Thank you everyone for this friends…
Pragya: Friends?
One of them: Ya why not when Abhi is like one of us?
Pragya: Huh? He is like u all?

They laughed looking at Pragya’s confused look and said: Ok we agree he is not like us but we are like him!

Abhi: Enough friends!

Meanwhile kiďdos already managed to be friends with two of the ladies there and they were carried by them.

Pragya was about to say something when the eldest person said: Pragya…Abhi always used to visit us in his free time if not he will make us a call. We understand that recently he is busy with family and work but he never forgets us that’s why he wants his kids first birthday to begin with us. We are finally happy to see u as he always have an excuse from making us see u by saying my wife will get emotional if she come over here.
Pragya still couldn’t believe that Abhi visits old age home and have mingled with elderly people here until everyone knows his name.

Abhi: Shall we start? We can talk later Pragya!

Pragya nodded her head with a smile and everyone sang Happy Birthday song as kiddos too join them with their Happy Booday version. Once they heard their name, they squealed more.

Kiddos were accompanied by Abhi and Pragya to cut the cake before blowing the candles. Pragya was about to feed them a bit of the cake but before that Prabhi managed to touch the cake and place it on Pragya’s cheek. Seeing that, Abhigya also did that to Abhi.

Pragya: Oh god! Now itself they applying the cake on our faces!!!

Kiddos: Cute Mumma!

Everyone chuckled seeing them and after that it was gifts time to kiddos. They were excited to see so many gifts to them.

Kiddos couldn’t stand in a place seeing the gifts! They were shaking their bodies in the overwhelming experience.

Abhi: Itna happiness that both of u are vibrating!!!

Kiddos: ya!ya!

Pragya chuckled hearing that and it was getting difficult for them to control kiddos.

That’s when one of the elderly person came by and asked whether she and the rest of the friends could play with kiddos for a while.
Abhi: Is this a question Gayu? Just take them but no guarantee that they will listen to u!

She smiled in response and said thank u bro to Abhi before leaving with kiddos.

Pragya looked at him and Abhi: Are u wondering why I never mention to u before about my visit here.

Pragya nodded her head as yes.

Abhi: I felt like coming and interacting with everyone here which is a kind of happiness. I know I have to share this with you but I am a bit selfish in that as I know if u mingle with everyone here then surely they will forget me!

Pragya smiled and he continued saying: You know something? I am coming here for the past few years only but the amount of happiness and affection I get is unexplainable. They are elder to us but they have the child in them which makes me like them too! Basically, they are wiser in thoughts and funny like kids in their actions.

Pragya nodded her head as yes by taking a glance at one of the elderly woman balanced the balloon on her head making kiddos surprised.

Abhi: Sometimes I feel bad of the fact their families neglected them in this way. They really miss their grandchildren and children.

Pragya: Yes Boss that’s a very bad thing to do.

Abhi: No matter how much troubles u face, we shouldn’t forget the people who brought us up and sacrifice their life to make us a better person.

Pragya: That’s right but some people’s mind is making them think as a burden. But they are not. Even if they are, why can’t they see the benefits they gain from them?

Abhi: Their point of view is that burdens are not beneficial. They only give troubles.

Pragya: Actually it’s totally wrong to think them as burden. They are like a blessing!

Abhi: Exactly! But why can’t some people understand this!!!

He said looking frustrated.

Pragya: Suniye….
Abhi: Hmm…
Pragya: You feel so much for the people here and I can feel how much you’ll be missing our Dadi and Dasi….

Abhi looked at her with an unexplainable worry and said: Nothing like that! Let’s go there! Kiddos are standing in the middle. I guess they are going to dance!!!

He said by walking away as she looks at him with a puzzled look.

Pragya, Why is Boss like this? He is very mysterious now!

She said by following him and saw kiddos were very enthusiastic. They were not at all scared about the people around them.

One of the elderly man: Ready kiddos?
Kids: ya!ya!

Hearing that Abhi and Pragya looked surprised and wondered what was going to happen now.

Kids looked at their parents as if they can start. Both smiled at them giving consent and Kiddos started their singing again.

Prabhi and Abhigya faced each other and hold their hands.

That’s when the music was played. It was the same hit hit song but now both danced by holding their hands and shaking their body. They even hit each other’s cheek lightly when they heard the word hit.

Abhi, Like Seriously they are obsessed with the word hit and are hitting each other!

Pragya whispered: Boss…I can’t believe they are dancing to the tunes!!!

Abhi smiled by placing her hand around her shoulder and she was as excited as kiddos.

Everyone cheered for their dance by whistling and clapping.

Kiddos looked shy after their dance.

They were about to fall by losing balance when their parents came and save them.

Kiddos: Tank u!

They said looking at them.

Abhi: Thank u for what? We are always there for both of u!

Kiddos didn’t understand what he said but blushed as Abhi winked at them.

Pragya: Always feeling shy shy for a wink!!
She asked them as they nodded their heads as yes.

The rest of them cheered for the family’s bond and it was then said that there is going to be lunch time now.

Kiddos: Mumma…Genie…
Pragya: Genie? What’s that?
Kiddos looked at a direction where their new friend was standing.

Pragya: You two want to be with her?
Kiddos: Ya!ya!
Pragya: Ok let’s go!

Pragya brought them to her and she smiled seeing them.

Pragya: Ma…they want to play with u. Will u play with them for a while?

Gayathri hearing that was loss for words.

Gayathri: What did u say?
Pragya: Kiddos want to play with u…do u mind?
Gayathri: No I meant what u call me as.
Pragya: Ma?
Gayathri: It had been so many years that I heard the word Ma…if my daughter is around she would have called like u….

She said with teary eyed and kiddos got angry at Pragya for making their friend to have tears.

Kiddos loudly: Mumma! No!no! Buya!buya!

Pragya: Oh kiddos I never argue with her. She was just remembering her daughter.

Kiddos never listened and called their Puppa.

Abhi coming to them heard kiddos complaint against Mumma.

Gayathri: Oh god! They are so cute! They are arguing for me as they played with me for a while!

Pragya: Yes Ma…this is their routine! Always getting attached to everyone they like to play with!

Gayathri: Prabhoo! Abhoo! Please calm down and we will do inko inko!

Pragya looked surprised as she said that. Abhi felt the same as well.

Gayathri: Let me play with them first. Is that ok Pragya?

Pragya: Sure Ma…but please call for me if they are getting naughty. I don’t want you to get tired because of them.

She smiled hearing that left with kiddos.

Abhi: So now u are kind of free to have lunch right?

Pragya still looking at Gayathri walking with kiddos was lost in some thoughts.

Abhi: I am asking u something Pragya!!!

Pragya came back to senses and asked: What did u ask?

Abhi: Where are your thoughts?

Pragya: She looks like Ma…
Abhi: You mean Gayu?
Pragya: Haan it’s her and don’t know when will I be able to meet Ma again!
She sighed and then said that let’s have lunch!

Abhi walked with her to the area of lunch buffet.

Pragya was feeling full eating after eating the food and said: I am full Boss!

Abhi: Full? So fast?
He asked in bewilderment.

He was still facing a long way to finish his meal and when he saw her plate, it had still food left that was enough for him to eat!

Abhi: Always like this! Let me check!
Pragya: Check what?
She asked but then was taken aback when he placed his hand on her stomach.

Pragya: What are u doing? Your friends are looking at us!!

Abhi: So what? U are my wife and I am checking your stomach! Is that wrong friends?

They in return said no and then gave a teasing smile.

Pragya gasped as he said: Your stomach have still space! So u are eating!

Pragya frowned and he smirked.

Abhi: If not I have to feed you….
Pragya: No! I will eat!

She started to eat hurriedly and gobbled her food.

Abhi: Slow! Slow!
Pragya slowed down and said: All because of u!

Abhi: What is because of me?
Pragya: To eat like this, then what else?
Abhi: So cute!!
Pragya: I said I am not cute!!!

She was very loud making everyone to look at her and she looked down in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, kiddos learned something new from their new friend. They were eager to show what they have learned to Abhi and Pragya!

Mithra “ Who ask u to do this?” Jai “ Er…my heart!” As for Pragya shrieked “ What is this?” Abhi “ My heart!”

As for kiddos they want do something adventurous after seeing the balloons at home.

Happy Birthday Prabhigya aka Anu. Hope your birthday celebrations went well just like kiddos over here. Happy Birthday to all June babies too. Ya I do feel like the same as both of u Prabhigya and Prathi about Bulbul. So now at least he calls her NS. Hope it will be better in this way. Ok running out of time to finish assignemts before it becomes as assignmentophilia. Bye guys. Thanks for reading too. ???

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