Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 47

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Pragya: What happened?
Abhi: You don’t know??

Pragya looking clueless said: I really don’t know!

Abhi: Where are kiddos?
Pragya: They are sleeping but first tell me why are u like this?
Abhi: You are asking me as if you don’t know!
Pragya: Dekhiye, I am pregnant and u are giving me quizzes now!
Abhi: Come sit beside me!

Pragya sat beside him and he asked: Did I make you feel that bad?

Pragya: Why are u asking like that? Don’t u feel happy if I am pregnant?

Abhi: Lie! Do u think I can’t see the difference when u tell a lie and truth!

Pragya looking away: Boss….I…

Abhi cupping her face: I know for past few days we were challenging each other and there was a distance between us but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love u right?

Pragya: I am sorry….I just….

Abhi hugging her: Never lie to me Pragya! Lies leads to loss of trust on others! This is what u told me after what had happened to Mithra!!

Pragya didn’t expect he will get so emotional for this!

Pragya breaking away from the hug: Sorry…..

Abhi: Is this the way u will do to me?

Pragya: What did I do to u?

Abhi gave a face like a child in anger which made Pragya laughed.

Pragya: You really look like boy kiddo now!

Abhi: I am angry with u!!

Pragya: Enough of all this na…

Abhi: Ya anyways I made u call me Boss again!

Pragya realized she had been calling him Boss again!

Pragya: It’s okay. I love to call you Boss!

Abhi smiled as he pulled her towards him and said: I have something for you!

Pragya in surprise: What is that Boss?

Abhi: Will give u on kiddos birthday!

Pragya: Okay…..

She said in a slowly dragging tone wondering what was he upto.

Abhi: One more thing! We are not celebrating kiddos birthday at home!

Pragya: Then where? At your office?

Abhi: No! Somewhere special that will make u happy!

Pragya: Boss, first think whether the place will make kiddos happy, as it’s their birthday!

Abhi: I know but it’s your birth as a mother too na….

Pragya: Hmm…I never thought in that way Boss!

Abhi: So get ready for the surprise!

Pragya: What about kiddos? They don’t have surprises?

Abhi: They have something cute to play with!

Pragya: Cute? What is that? Tell me na…
She pestered him by asking but he was shaking his head saying No way!

Abhi: Now I have a shock to u!

Pragya looking upset: I don’t want to hear anything Boss!

She said playing with his buttons on the shirt.

Abhi: It’ about Mithra!

Pragya: Mithra? What’s the matter? Is she alright?

Abhi: Actually nothing to worry dear she accepted Jai but with an obligation.

Pragya: Obligation? Is she working under him or what?

Abhi with a light chuckle: Getting married is a kind of work na…

Pragya shrieked: Boss!!!!

Abhi: Okok! I don’t know what is the obligation. Jai is not interested to tell me about it.

Pragya: I can understand Boss, we shouldn’t interfere in between them in the name of helping them. Let the discover how they are made for each other.

Abhi: You are right! That’s what I was thinking too. Then Purab and Bulbul too are together now!

Pragya: Wow! That’s another great news Boss! I am so happy now for both the sisters!!

She said and kissed his cheek making him give an amusing look.

Abhi: They are together for that u kiss me ah?

Pragya: Happiness expressed Boss! Why u don’t like my kiss?

She asked sadly making Abhi smirk at her.

Abhi: Now I am thinking what else I can tell u to make your happiness expressed to me!

Pragya: This is enough for today Boss! I am so tired and I am going to take a nap. Take care of kiddos!

Abhi: What? You are going to sleep then what about me?

Pragya: Boss…please na…there is nobody to take care of them! I am so exhausted of working from morning onwards…..

Abhi: Okok! I will go and look after our sleeping kiddos…

Pragya: Thank you so much Boss!

She said and collapsed onto the bed making Abhi smile.

Abhi looking at her before closing the door thought, I wish to tell why Dadi and Dasi are not coming back but telling you will make your happiness to be lost. I can’t bear to see u sad so I am not going to tell you about that.

As for Bulbul looked upset now as Purab bought ice cream for her and was heading towards her.

Purab: Looking sad darling?
Bulbul: No….
Purab: Then why are you playing with the apple?
Bulbul: Because of this apple, I confessed my love and I am not sure whether to feel happy or sad about it.

Purab: In love there can be happiness and sadness experienced but love is not about happiness and sadness.

Bulbul taking the ice cream from him said: Love is like a ice cream too.

Purab: Really? May I have the pleasure to know your explanation?

Bulbul licking a bit of the ice cream said: Ice cream only tastes good before it melts. Likewise, Love also only tastes nice before it vanishes!

Purab: How can u think in this way? Is this a way to think about love when u have just confessed that u love me!

Bulbul continuing to eat her ice cream looked at him before saying: You like vanilla or chocolate flavour?

Purab: What am I asking and what are u asking ah?

Bulbul: You see Sir….you never know what happens in life. It’s so unpredictable! Now u may see me but later you may not!

Purab: Why? U are not going to stay with me today?

Bulbul: I am not talking about today! Wait let me finish this ice cream first!

Purab nodded his head and admired the way she had ice cream.

Bulbul: Done!

She said by looking at him who was smiling widely.

Bulbul: Were u like seeing me as if I looked innocent and cute while eating ice cream?

Purab: Yes just like how Abhi in kkb looks at Pragya when she was eating ice kola!

Bulbul shook her head and said: Now it feels like u are kkb fan! Gone were those days where their romance made some sense.

Purab: Now it doesn’t make sense anymore?

Bulbul: Hmm..can say so. I feel somewhat the charm of the lost is lost. But still the couple are charming in their ways….

Purab: Charming just like our Boss and Pragya bhabhi!

Bulbul: Yes but do u know u still have missing plots in your narration? Like how Abhi and Pragya compete with each other for the Boss position? What made her lose that position to him? What is bothering Pragya as in there is something wrong in her family that make hold her feelings back!

Purab: Hold on! I know u will have more than this questions in your mind! But let me tell u something, they never knew what was love but when they realized it, it was all about love that they knew!

Bulbul: Do u mind continuing from what u told last time?

Purab: Sure darling! I will tell u the hilarious part now.

Bulbul: Okay…

Purab understood that Bulbul was confused of the love towards him. Now it was his time to clear her confusion through Abhi and Pragya’s story.

Purab beginned by telling that Abhi wanted to win in this challenge at any cost! As for Pragya she was also determined to win in this challenge. But the surprise element was both of them never knew what was the challenge that Uncle had in his mind for them!

At Pragya’s house in the night.

Pragya “ Oh god! Please make me win in this challenge! If I win this then I will never marry and will become a saint to serve you god!” She said by praying to god.

As for Abhi, he managed to sneak inside her house to steal something.

Abhi, Such a stuffy house! No AC! I wonder where is her room!!!

He said by walking along the corridors of the rooms.

Abhi, All the rooms look the same with same door! Maybe I should guess now!

By pointing at the doors, he mentally said
Inky pinky ponky
Father had a donkey,
Donkey died, father cried,
Inky pinky ponky.

Abhi, Yes the one in the middle is her room! Thank u inky pinky ponky!!!

He threw a ball at the door and quickly hide behind the pillar to see who comes out from the room.

He saw a old lady coming out of the room.

Abhi, Oh my god! Does Pragya looks like this without make up? Shit! I got cheated!!!

Just then Pragya opened her door and asked what was the noise to her Dadi.

Abhi sighed in relief.

Abhi, For a moment I guess wrongly! No it’s not my fault! It’s inky pinky ponky’s fault!

He then waited for them to get back to their rooms and he was upset that Dadi took his tennis ball with her.

Abhi waited for hours until he saw the lights switched off in both the rooms.

Abhi slowly made his way to Pragya’s room by opening the door by unlocking it with the equipments he had brought.

Finally he entered and looked around the room in shock.

Abhi, What is this? Why there is no bed?? She sleeps on the floor with just on a mat!! What’s happening here???

Bulbul interrupted: Why is it like that? I mean why don’t she even have a mattress to sleep on? She is a Manager by profession right?

Purab: Wait! Wait! I will explain everything if u let me do so.

As he said that, he had a call on his phone with a display of kiddos image.

Bulbul seeing that shrieked: Kiddos even make call???

Purab: No yaar…it’s not them…they are not even a year old!

He said that and attended the call with one words of yes and no.

Bulbul, Who called him? Why does he need to have kiddos picture for the person?

She wondered as she remembered seeing kiddos and felt like meeting them again.

Kiddos’s birthday celebration! Kiddos have their unlimited fun with new friends!!

Very sorry for the irregular updates but weekend I will try to come up with regular updates! Hope my work load lessens! (Which I don’t think happens too)?

Anyways thank u for reading. Maybe this update may not be up to the mark too. So sorry for that

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