Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 46

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Purab turned back and saw the girl who called her as his wife.

Purab: Hi Aalu! You became my wife?
Aaliya: Ya Purab! I went to get ice cream for us and in that time u forgot that I am your wife!

Purab walked towards her making new staff freeze in shock.

Purab never turned back: Who is she then?
Aaliya: I don’t know yaar….
New staff marched towards him and said: I am your DARLING!
Aaliya chuckled and asked: Then who am I?
Purab: Aalu, I remembered someone hit my back and after that I can’t remember anything….

He said innocently.

New staff: Trust me sir! You know me and I know u! I was the one who ask to meet u here!

Purab: Sir? Aalu what is this? Can u help me to deal with her. I feel my head is paining.

Aaliya smiled and asked him to sit on the bench.

New staff gave a challenging look as Aaliya smirked.

Aaliya: So u are his darling right? But how did he forgot u? I mean he remembers me but not u….That’s so sad….

New staff: Hello! If I hit him again with the apple then he will regain his memory!

Aaliya: No way! I am his wife! Can’t u see how affectionately he calls me as Aalu?

New staff huffed in anger and was about to slap her.

Purab came in between them and said: Calm down! Why u two are fighting for me? Am I that desirable?

He said by smiling making new staff fume in anger.

New staff: Sir! Enough! You love me and I love u too!

Purab: You love me?
Aaliya: You love him?
New staff: Haan I love him from the day he told me love story!

New staff turned away telling that and was crying profusely.

Purab coming in front of her: So u still love me?
New staff: I love u! But u can’t even identify me now na….

She said by hiding her face with both her hands.

Purab hugged her and said: Were u scared darling of a Aaliya in our life?

New staff: Haan she looks like her na…wait! U called me darling?

Purab breaking away from the hug looked at her and she frowned.

Purab: She is my friend…
New staff: Then who am I?
Purab: You are my darling girlfriend called Bulbul!
She smiled and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Purab in shock: What is this darling? Not on lips ah?
Bulbul: It’s a public place na…anyways this was a bad treatment to confess my love to u!
Purab: Why is that so?
Bulbul: What if I get traumatized believing your memory loss?
Purab smirked and said: You can watch kumkum bhagya and react according to that as I would have follow their method!

Bulbul started to beated him as he to run to escape from her beatings.

As this happened, back at Abhi’s house, Pragya requested to the trio that she needs time to do Zumba. They too generously said ok to her.

Pragya was relieved and they wanted her performance by that night itself.

Abhi: Where is Robin? Why are u here always in the kitchen by not practising Zumba?

Pragya: He is not coming for work today. He had informed me yesterday itself.

Abhi: Why?

Pragya: His sister’s engagement is happening today.

Abhi: He have a sister? I guess it’s his elder one right?

Pragya: No…younger one…he is doing all the arrangements.

Abhi: That’s so responsible of him! But wait why are u always here? Kiddos miss u!

Pragya: How can I face them Boss? After what I have done, it only makes me feel guilty…..

She said sadly looking at the fridge.

Abhi taking juice from the fridge: So sad…anyways kiddos and I are going to play!

Pragya: Like seriously! Here I am being sad and u are not even telling something to console me.

Abhi smiled and said: I am taking care of kiddos now! I got to go if not they will feel alone! Bye!

Pragya looked down again in sadness and wondered what is the solution for her problem.

Kiddos: Puppa Puppa!

They screamed as Abhi in response: I am coming! Let’s play play!

Hearing that Pragya wished she also could play with kiddos but her guiltiness stopped her from seeing kiddos.

She started cooking and that’s when she suddenly heard kiddos shouting Bobby! Bobby!

Pragya: I am dead now! They remembered Bobby now!

Slowly their screams were lowered and she wondered what happened now.

She came out of the kitchen and saw kiddos laughing along with Abhi.

Pragya: Is everything ok?
Abhi: Ya absolutely!
Pragya: How about their…..
She hesitated as Abhi said: I am here na, they are fine with me! Isn’t it kiddos?
Kids: ya!ya!
They said by holding onto their bags.

Pragya knew their bags is a new arrival to them.

Abhi had bought bags for them saying that they need to practise taking bags now. But these bags are only used when they go out.

Pragya saw them holding onto their bags in a protective way just like how they hold their Bobby.

Pragya: Oh ok…take care of them…
She said by walking back towards the kitchen.

Abhi whispered: Good job kiddos! You have hide your Bobby from her!

Kids smiled proudly and then looked down at their bags to make sure it was still with them.

Pragya again heard them saying Bobby and then their scream was lowered again. This repeated several times making her feel even more worried.

Pragya, How evil am I? They are keep on thinking of that and I never think about them and threw it away. Such a cruel mother I am!

She said by switching off the stove and left the kitchen to say sorry to them.

Pragya got shock of her life when she saw Abhi was juggling with their bottles!

Pragya rubbed her eyes to check if she was dreaming! She wasn’t dreaming for sure then how did this magic happened???

Abhi quickly stop his juggling seeing Pragya and threw the bottles onto the sofa.

Kids: Puppa! Bobby juya!
Abhi: Oh kiddos they are not hurt. Just see they are lying on the sofa like you all!

He said by attending to them as Pragya went near to the sofa and saw the bottles in shock again.

Abhi: What are u looking at? Come and see kiddos na…they feel worried that Bobbies got hurt. Tell them they are ok! You take care of them as I see how u cook in the kitchen!

He said that and walked towards the kitchen leaving Pragya puzzled.

Pragya: Kiddos! Did u all see Bobby from just now?

They said in their gibberish language something and pointed at their bags.

Pragya: So he had been lying to me!
Abhi: Pragya! The chana masala u did have less salt! I have added salt to it already!

Pragya: You come here now! I want to talk to u!

Abhi: I am busy!

Pragya: Liar! You had been lying na!

Abhi remained silent which made Pragya angry. She was about to stand up when kids called: Mumma…no!no! Buya!

Pragya sitting beside kiddos looked at them and asked: You two know I was going to do Buya?

Kids: Ya! Ya!

Pragya: Sorry kiddos. Nowadays I am getting angry na….

Kids looked at her and nod their heads as yes.

Pragya holding her ears: Sorry….

Kids looked at her tenderly as if giving her a signal that it was alright.

Pragya: But how can your Puppa cheat me?

Kids couldn’t understand what she meant.

Pragya: Ok kiddos, I won’t argue with him. I will do a different treatment. Ok?

She said pleasantly making kids to smile as well.

Abhi coming out of the kitchen: It’s done girls! I have cooked everything!

Pragya: You have cooked? It was already cooked na….

Abhi: I told that to my girls not u!
Pragya looked sad that he was not his girl anymore.

Abhi: Kiddos! Please tell your Mumma not to get angry!

Pragya smiling: They told me everything already.

Abhi looking suspicious: Everything? What do u mean?

Pragya: About bobbies and u!

Abhi looking away: It’s not possible….

Pragya: It’s possible as daughters won’t hide anything from their mother! Am I right kiddos?

Kids: ya!ya! Mumma!

Abhi: I know they will say ya!ya! to almost everything! I won’t agree that u know everything.

Pragya: Acha….so what will make u believe that I know everything!

Abhi: Kiss me!

Pragya: How shameless u are! How can u ask for that in front of kiddos?

Kids hearing her tone was scared their parents will have argument again. They really don’t like them fighting.

Kids: Mumma…no!no! Buya…

Abhi: Oh kiddos! Let’s go away from here! This Mumma is like a drama that will never end!

Pragya: Excuse me?

Abhi: You are excused and we are going away!

Pragya: Where? And why are u like confusing?

Abhi: To somewhere we can play! Bye!

Abhi unfastened the belts in kiddos seat and the trio walked to get out of the house.

Pragya: Then how about lunch?

Abhi: Eat yourself! We are going away!

Pragya ran and coming in front of them said: I am sorry….

Kids smiled but Abhi looked stern.

Kids: Puppa…

They said softly making him look at them.

Abhi: No kiddos, I am not ready for this! She is always doing it like a Bad Boss! She forgot our agreement for being Boss!

Pragya: I said sorry na….what u expect me to other than this?

Abhi thought for a while after looking at Pragya’s pleading face.

Abhi looking at kiddos: Discussion time kiddos!

Pragya: Huh?

Abhi: Go behind! We need to discuss!

Pragya went behind them and wondered why they always have to discuss something against her!

Abhi: That’s not right kiddos! She is very old na…

Pragya interrupted: I am not old!

Abhi turning back stared at her as kiddos ask him to continue the discussion by calling him.

Kids: Muji! Kujo!

Abhi: Yes kiddos we got it!

Pragya hearing that just hoped that they should not make her do something weird!

Abhi walking towards her: So Pragya Mehra we have decided to give u Muji Kujo!

Pragya: What’s that?

Abhi: First come closer!

She came closer to him and he smirked by holding her waist.

She widened her eyes looking as if what is he doing!

Abhi was about to whisper something in her ears when she vomited on his shirt.

Abhi: What the hell?

Pragya again vomited making Abhi to move away from her.

Kiddos looked shock as Pragya smiled.

Abhi: What happen that u are smiling after vomiting?

She never said anything and ran towards the toilet.

Abhi: Kiddos! You two come here!

He said by making them sit on the sofa and asked them to stay there like good girls.

Kiddos also agreed to it and stayed there wondering what happened to their Mumma.

Abhi now standing outside the toilet: Pragya! Did u eat something wrong? Why did u vomited?

Pragya coming out of the toilet by wiping her mouth smiled again.

Abhi: Why are u keep on smiling?

Pragya: Suniye…

Abhi touching her forehead: Do u have fever or what?

Pragya: No na….call Dadi and Dasi….

Abhi: For what? Anyways if u want we can go and see doctor!

Pragya: We have to Boss!

Abhi looking closely at the way Pragya was smiling: Wait….don’t say u are pregnant!

Pragya looked down with shyness.

Abhi: How can this happen now? Do u know that kiddos birthday is coming soon??? And how can u do like this yaar?

Pragya frowned at him and he said: Ok I know it’s my fault too!

Pragya: Boss…why until now Dadi and Dasi never return?

Abhi: They will be coming soon….

Pragya: You always say that! It has been almost a month that they went for pilgrimage.

She said and then folded her arms in anger.

Abhi: No wonder u had been throwing tantrums and have mood swings all this while! How did I fail to recognize this!!!

He said by ruffling his hair.

Pragya: I knew this is it but today it is 95% confirmed!

Abhi remained silent by looking elsewhere.

Pragya seeing that: You are not happy?
Abhi: It’s not about being happy! How are we going to handle kiddos?

Pragya: You mean who will take care of them?

Abhi nodded his head as yes and Pragya: Robin!

Abhi: Robin??

Pragya in an excited tone: Haan boss kiddos like him and he also cares them very well!

Abhi: For that I myself will care kiddos! No Robin or Jobin!!!

Pragya: Then who will take care of me?

She asked as he was walking away.

Abhi: You take care of yourself!

Pragya: How rude!

Abhi: What kind of question are u asking?? Of course I will take care of u!

Pragya: Then your work?

Abhi coming back to her: That’s not important to me than u….

Pragya: Awwww…..

Abhi: Enough of this now come and let’s see kiddos! They are alone there!

Pragya was about to run when he pulled her and said: Please Pragya….not again….

Pragya laughed as he carried her in his arms and walked towards kiddos.

Kiddos were shocked looking at Abhi carrying Pragya.

Pragya was keep on looking at him by smiling but he looked somewhat with a stern face.

Kids: Mumma…

Pragya looking at them: Yes kiddos! I am fine! Puppa is the reason and he even saved me!

Kids: Puppa…
They asked in a confused tone.

Abhi: Kiddos! Get ready for Mumma’s naughtiness!

Pragya hearing that beat his chest as he made her stand.

Abhi: Kiddos! No more go!go!

Kids looked upset and were about to cry when Pragya: Why do u have to say no go!go! Look how sad they look now.

Abhi had a reactionless face and he walked away from there leaving the trio clueless.

Pragya attending to kids wondered why Abhi was not happy about her being pregnant?

To be continued….

Sorry for the late update and sorry for not having the last precap too. Not finding the time to insert that part. It’s kind of a tiring time for me so sorry if the update was not up to the mark too.

Anyways thank u everyone for reading!!!!???

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