Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 45

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Pragya was tensed like never before.

Pragya, Oh god! This shouldn’t have happened! How will I save everyone from this??

She thought by walking towards the room where he saw Abhi and kiddos sleeping peacefully on the bed.

Pragya, I am so sorry…It’s all my fault….

She said by walking towards them and saw how cute the trio looked but she was left out from them! She still couldn’t believe when yesterday night kiddos want to even sleep beside Abhi!

Pragya was disappointed by that although she knew it’s nothing wrong in it. In the end she ended up sleeping on the couch as kiddos yelled at her for hugging Abhi in sleep!

That much possessive they are about Abhi now. She knows this is from her genes as well but what she did today morning was in a fit of anger towards Abhi as he too asked Pragya not to hug him.

Pragya came closer to Abhi’s side as kiddos were sleeping facing the other side with a lot of pillows for their safety of not falling.

Pragya patting his cheek: Suniye…
Abhi: Haan kiddos…
Pragya: Suniye! It’s me and not kiddos!
Abhi: Let me sleep na…I am so tired yaar…
Pragya: Suniye! It’s an emergency!
Abhi opening his eyes lazily: What emergency? Did u hit your head on the wall?

Pragya: No! Wake up! I want to tell u something!
Abhi: Let me wake kiddos too!
He said as he was about to turn to their side when Pragya bent down and kissed his lips.

Abhi in shock: What is this??
Pragya: Morning kiss! Please come with me na….
Abhi in a romantic tone: Hmm…what a pleasant morning kiss! Once more please…
Pragya: I will give u more and more but now please come with me!

Abhi: Wow I like that! I am coming and I am really wondering what is the emergency that made u romantic.

Pragya shook her head and finally he got up from the bed and she quickly bring him outside the room.

Abhi looking at her stressed face was about to press her nose but she in return hugged him.

Abhi: What happened? Anything wrong?
Pragya: Ya…yesterday u all boycotted me na….
Abhi: Boycotted u? U mean as u slept on the couch? But I did ask u to sleep the other side as kiddos can sleep in the middle. It was you who said I will sleep in the couch itself!

Pragya: No…but u said don’t hug you na…I thought you are boycotting me…
Abhi: I said try not to hug me in sleep! But why are we even talking about this when u know I always like to be in your hug!
Pragya: No…I got angry thinking of u saying not to hug me and then….
Abhi: And then?
Pragya looking down remained silent.

Abhi: Did u sign divorce papers???
Pragya: Chee! No! I did something….
Abhi: Enough of this suspense! Tell me what u did now!
Pragya: I threw Bobbies away!
She said that and cried by clutching onto his t-shirt.

Abhi breaking away from the hug: How can u do like this Pragya?

Pragya: I am sorry…I know it’s kiddos’ asset and their first friend too!

Abhi: Please Pragya…how can u say sorry that easily? Do u know how much they love it? Now they will be heart broken and what if they get depressed?

Pragya: Boss…please na don’t say like that! I really never mean to do it. I myself don’t know what went in my mind to do this!

Abhi: How much they loved that but now….
He said with a lot of depth in his voice and turned back trying to hide his laughter.

Pragya: But now?
Abhi sighed and tried to make a serious face.

He remained silent as Pragya came in front of him and asked: But now what? Tell me Boss!

Abhi looking up: Their love is gone!
Pragya: Boss…why are u telling as if I have killed someone?
Abhi: You killed their love for Bobby! What if Bobby is a living thing and u threw it away like this? Do u know the value of it? Do u know how many hours they spent together? Do u know how much they are closely attached together?

Pragya: Stop it Boss! Already I am very sad and worried for what I have done! You are making it worse by your words!

Abhi: I am telling the truth Pragya…now how will they start their day? Their day starts with Bobby right?

Pragya thinking of Prabhi and Abhigya drinking milk from the bottles cried even more and didn’t know how was she going to face them now.

Abhi: Did you watch any evil shows? How could u be so evil?
Pragya: Please don’t say like that…I am not evil….
Abhi: What are u going to do now?
Pragya: I don’t know…
She said looking down as Abhi smiled inwardly.

Abhi remained silent as Pragya asked: Will u help me?
Abhi: Is that a question to ask? I am all yours Boss!
Pragya: Can u help me be like Fiya again?

Abhi shrieked: Are u mad? I bought Bobbies for them to forget that!

Pragya: But then they still remembered it again na…so please only for today can u do that again?

She asked pleadingly as Abhi looked at her with a demanding look.

Pragya: I will do whatever you want!
Abhi: Really?
Pragya nodded her head vigorously and Abhi said: Ok….I will handle kiddos and you just wait for us in the dining room for breakfast.

Pragya: Are u sure? They always see me in the morning first!
Abhi: I can manage! They are our kiddos! I will explain to them! Ok?
Pragya with a tensed face: I trust you…
She said by turning away when he came in front of her showing his cheek.

Pragya touching his cheek: There is nothing on it…
Abhi: Hello! I want a kiss that’s why I am showing my cheek!
Pragya kissed him as he was her saviour now.

Abhi: Left side too!
Pragya kissed his left side too when Abhi pulled her towards him and said: More on here too! But not now!

Pragya: Is the time to romance when a person is suffering?
Abhi: You can suffer with romance too!

Pragya pushed him away and ran further saying: Make sure kiddos don’t know about this!

Abhi: About the kiss?
Pragya: No! About what I did!

Abhi said: Ok!

He smiled widely of thinking what happened a few minutes later when Pragya threw the
bottles away wrapping it in a bag.

He had followed her in the morning as he waked up to drink water and that’s when he saw her throwing a bag.

After Pragya left, he picked up the bag and found the bottles to be there. He knew that she did this out of anger and jealousy. That’s when he decided to play with her!

Abhi walking back to the room saw kiddos opening their eyes.

Abhi coming near them: Hai…
Kids smiled seeing him and said softly: Puppa….fiya Puppa….

Abhi frowned hearing that.

Kids also frowned like him and Abhi eventually laughed seeing them following his expression.

Then kids also laughed and Abhi sitting beside them: So u all don’t like Puppa! U two only like Fiya Puppa na?

Kids: ya!ya!

Abhi smiled hearing that and made them sit down and said: Let’s get ready and disturb Mumma! Ok?

Kids looked at each other and asked: Mumma?

Abhi: Mumma went for Zumba classes!
Kids: Zumba??
They asked with confusion.

Abhi: Haan kiddos, she had put on some weight na so she went for Zumba classes.

Kids still don’t understand what is this Zumba is about.

Abhi: Kiddos don’t strain in thinking. Let me show u what is Zumba now.

He said by taking his mobile from the drawer and played a Zumba class video from youtube.

Kids seeing that widened their eyes. They can’t believe that Mumma went for this. Is Mumma shaking like that? That’s what they thought to themselves.

Abhi chuckled seeing kids shocked cum surprised expressions.

Abhi stopped playing the video and said: So kiddos how do u all think Mumma will do this?

Kids were still in the imagination of Pragya doing Zumba dance and were in shock.

Abhi: Come on kiddos! Let’s go down and see Mumma! She would have been back now!

Kiddos together with Abhi made their way down to the dining room to see their Mumma.

Kids saw their Mumma sitting by looking tired by fanning herself. She was fanning herself with her duppata to cool herself down from getting nervous.

Abhi looking at that smiled more as kids felt bad for their Mumma.

Prabhi: Mumma!
Abhigya: Mumma!

Pragya: Haan Mumma!
Abhi: Pragya! They are calling u as Mumma! And why are u saying Haan Mumma??

Pragya: Haan….
Abhi: Oh dear Boss, I guess u are very much tired.

He said by making kiddos to sit on top of the table and they looked Pragya being very tired.

Kids: Zumba?
Pragya widened her eyes and said: Zumba??
Abhi: Zumba….
He said looking at Pragya.

Pragya looked clueless as Abhi said: Kiddos want you to do Zumba. Isn’t it kiddos?

Kids: ya!ya!

Pragya: Huh? Zumba? And that too me? What do u mean?

Abhi: Kiddos! She is all yours now. Ask Mumma properly na…

Kids were keep on saying zumba zumba and told as if they wanted to see her them do Zumba dance.

Pragya looked helplessly at Abhi as he said: You can see the youtube videos and do a bit of Zumba.

Pragya: But how did they know about this?
Abhi: How would I know? Maybe they would have watched it on TV!

Pragya looked at him suspiciously.

Abhi: Faster do Zumba for us! If not I will have to tell what u did!

Pragya: No! No! I will do! Give me a moment! I will practise it and come back in a while.

Abhi smiled as she went towards a room.

Kids: Zumba?

Abhi calmed them down saying: Mumma shy shy! But she will come back kiddos…

Kids hearing that smiled and waited for Mumma to come back.

As this happened, Purab was looking confused after being hit by New staff on the back of his head.

Purab looking at new staff: Who are you?
New staff in shock: What? You can’t remember me or what? Oh no! Kumkum bhagya trauma had affected you and are u having memory loss now???

Purab looked confused and walked pass her while she came in front of him.

New staff: Wait! Wait! You can’t leave like that!

Purab: Ms whoever u are I really don’t know who are u!
New staff gave a sulky face not knowing what to do.
Purab: Do I know you before?
New staff nodded her head and was in the verge of tears when Purab said: Oh….I know you are my distant cousin sister, Sheela right?

New staff in disbelief: Sister!!! Damn it! I am your darling!!
Purab looked clueless as someone came by and said: I think he is having short term memory loss after being hit by the apple!
New staff: Huh? Short term memory loss after being hit by apple? Is this even possible?

Purab was still looking innocent as he looked around and asked: Am I married? Because I have a feeling I was with my wife just now.

He said that by heading towards a girl who he felt was his wife.

New staff: No! She is not your wife! I am your wife! Look at me na…

New hugged him saying: I am sorry na, I shouldn’t have hit you like that…please regain your memory.

Purab staying delighted in her hug continued to act when someone shouted: Purab! I am your wife yaar!

New staff murmured to herself: Huh? Who is this villain in my life?? Is she Aaliya in my life?

She didn’t let him move away in the hug but Purab forcefully pushed her away.

New staff gasped in shock.

Pragya “ Oh god! Please make me win in this challenge! If I win this then I will never marry and will become a saint to serve you god!” She said by praying to god.

As for Abhi, he managed to sneak inside her house to steal something!

Thank u all for reading! Hope u all like it and will more be revealed of how new staff and purab had their meeting in the nxt update.

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