Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 44

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Jai: Finally you are here!
Mithra smiled as she sat opposite to him.
Jai: Let’s not waste time! What’s your decision?
Mithra: It’s positive!
Jai was shocked as well as surprised as he he expected to say no or give a lecture before saying it is a yes to him!

Mithra: Are u here??
Jai shaking his head: Yes I am here! That means u are ready to marry me??
Mithra taking a sip of water from the glass looked at him.

Mithra after drinking the water: Jai, I felt truth in your words and I know how important is my decision to u. I am not ready to marry you for your love towards me as I am not sure of how true is your love but then I am ready to marry you as I find you truthful. I have already gone through a lot by the lies in my life. One more thing, I am not sure of how much I can love you but I can care for you as a friend.

Jai: Your care is enough for me to consider as love.

Mithra: But…
She hesitated as he asked: But what?

Mithra: You may have to wait longer to….
She said by looking down in apprehension.

Jai: I have waited all this years for this! Just in front of my Ma, you have to act with me. Other than that there will be not any kind of disturbances from my side.

Mithra smiled thinking of his understanding.

Jai: How’s your sister?
Mithra: You know that i have a sister?
She asked in surprise.
Jai: Mithu! I did my research on you before asking you for marriage!

Mithra raising her eyebrow: Mithu??
Jai: That’s what kiddos call u na!
Mithra in shock: So u were the one texted me as Mithu from an unknown number!!

Jai nodded his head as yes with a naughty smirk.

Mithra: How did you know they called me Mithu?

Jai: Is that a secret? It’s just a cute name by them! By the way kiddos are my friends too.

Mithra: They are your friends? Why did u never tell me before?

Jai: You never ask me before and in addition, you never even talk properly to me before!

Mithra gave a silly smile and said: I have something for kiddos. Can u help me pass it to them as I don’t feel like….

Jai: I understand what u feel and pass me what u want to give them and I will give it to them!

Mithra: Thanks and by the way I thought of giving u a condition but since u are kiddos’ friends, I am forgetting that!

Jai: I am amazed of the power that kiddos have!

Mithra: They are damn chubby and cute! Do u know they even like mashed potato that I made for them?

Then it was all about Jai and Mithra talking about their time with kiddos.

Jai was pleasantly surprised to know how much she liked kiddos even though she only met them a few times.

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As the time passed Mithra noticed that it is better for to leave now.

Mithra: Jai! I have to go now! So….
Jai with a disappointed face: Alright then, take care and bye!
Mithra: You are not dropping me?
Jai in surprise: Do I have to as you said I can’t disturb you like a normal fiance or boyfriend!

Mithra: Strange…
Jai: What is strange Mithu?
Mithra: First stop calling me Mithu! You are not like kiddos!
Jai: You can’t say that right? Kiddos have to tell whether I am looking like them or not!
Mithra sighed and said: Well Jai it’s kind of difficult in talking to u! Fine, I am leaving now! Bye and take care too!

Jai chuckled as he saw her leaving and she turned once to smile and left from there.

Abhi was all the while texting Jai asking him what is happening inside as he was waiting for him at the carpark.

Abhi lost his patience and finally called him.

Jai picking up the call: I was about to call you too.

Abhi: Faster tell me what happened yaar! Did she agree? No she wouldn’t have as she know that u are related to me! Did she scold u? No she wouldn’t have she as she hardly get angry on anyone! Even if she did, then she will keep it to herself.

Jai: Hold on! She said ok already!
Abhi in confusion was silent for a moment as Jai said: Confused right? Even I was but she agreed to marry me for my truthfulness towards her!

Abhi: Really? That’s so amazing! I didn’t expect it at all!

Jai: I also thought Mithu will tell something else to get rid of this topic!

Abhi: So now u even have a nickname for her!

Jai blushed and said: Why not? She is becoming my wife soon!

Abhi: Is she around?
Jai: Of course not! She just left….

He said turning back and was shocked to see her standing in silence.

Jai ended the call making Abhi puzzled and Mithra was looking at him with mixed emotions.

Jai: I was….
Mithra: Did u lied to me?
Jai: It’s not like what you’re thinking Mithra…Abhi actually….
Mithra asked loudly: Did u lied to me?
Jai: No I didn’t! Whatever I told u was the truth but….
Mithra: But what?
Jai: But Abhi was the one who suggested me to be truthful to you….
Mithra closed her eyes and said: I knew it…
Jai: You know this? Then why u never ask about this to me?
Mithra: Because I don’t want my feelings of being cheated to be expressed to u!
Jai: Huh? What do u mean?
He asked by standing up as she gestured him to sit down as she also sat opposite to him.

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Mithra: As u know love should be from within your heart. For that love to be experienced first we need to trust the person. So whatever u told me that day asking me for marriage was truthful to start a relation with you but not trustworthy to love you as your words are all from the Abhi’s mind! If you expect love for me then you have to think from your own heart and not from his! Until then, we can be friends who will be getting married!

She said that and left leaving Jai with a perplexed look but had some clarity of what she wants!

As this was happening, kiddos were looking eagerly at the door for their Puppa’s arrival.

Pragya: Kiddos! I said he will be late na…why can’t you all listen to me!!
Kiddos looked down as they wanted to show their Puppa something but he was not coming and on top of that Pragya was keep on disturbing them!

They heard his car sound and got excited by saying Puppa! Puppa!

Pragya: Haan it’s Puppa only not some Poppa!

She said in a teasing tone which made Kiddos frown at her.

Pragya: Okok! Puppa! It’s only Puppa!
Abhi came in with a tired look and he expected Pragya to give a hug to him but instead kiddos ran towards him.

Abhi: What’s happening???
He asked by kneeling down as kiddos came to him with their bobbies!

Abhi in an excited tone: Wowwwwwww!!!!
Kiddos were keep on telling of what they did in their gibberish language by asking Abhi to hold their bottles!

Pragya: Kiddos….
Kiddos never listened to her as they were expecting a hug from Abhi and he also did that making them smile and blushed too.

Abhi: So kiddos have now showed their artistic talent too!

He said looking at them and they smiled as he sounded very happy for them.

Pragya: They were waiting for your arrival to show it to u!

Abhi looking at kids: Did you all do it by yourself??

Kiddos smiled and nodded their heads.

Abhi: Good job kiddos!

He said by ruffling their hairs.

Kiddos asked: Puppa…Bobby…baby…go?go?

Abhi was looking confused as Pragya shook her head.

Pragya: What time is it now? Even now they ask for go!go! It’s all because of your genes!

Abhi frowned and said: So what? They are my kiddos and they follow me! But tell me one thing what are they trying to say?

Pragya: Puppa…Bobby and baby which is kiddos want to go?go?

Abhi: Oh kiddos, I am so tired if not I would have brought you all out…..

He said looking sadly at kiddos and kiddos in return looked sad too.

Abhi couldn’t bear their sad faces.

Abhi: Shall we do more of this again? I have some stickers with me too!

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Kiddos nodded their heads vigorously saying yes and Abhi asked them to wait for him for a while.

Pragya: Mr Abhi, they need to sleep!
Abhi: Just for a while! We want to have fun!

Pragya smiled lightly as she saw him going fast to get changed and kiddos were jumping in joy.

Pragya, How would I know now kiddos like to paste stickers all over the place! No! It’s not all over the place but only on their loved ones! Like on the bottles and even on me!

She thought by trying to reach out on the sticker on her back but she couldn’t.

Prabhi looked around before placing a kiss on her bottle where she placed the happy face sticker. As for Abhigya hugged the bottle and whispered something to it.

Pragya noticing this chuckled which made kiddos to be taken aback.

Pragya coming closer to kids: Tell me one thing kiddos….why do u all have this much of love towards Bobby?

She asked making kids to look in surprise.

Pragya kneeling down said: Oh kiddos….You two look cutely cute in surprise.

She said by hugging them and as usual they felt blissful in her hug.

As for New staff mentally cursed herself for asking Purab to meet her at the park.

New staff getting ready in front of the mirror thought, Why did u turn into so shameless?? How can u say u feel like seeing him when u are seeing him almost everyday in office! Day by day this is getting worse! I need to put a full stop for this!

Purab: Who are you?
New staff in shock: What? You can’t remember me or what? Oh no! Kumkum bhagya trauma had affected you and are u having memory loss now???
Purab looked confused and walked pass her while she came in front of him.

New staff: Wait! Wait! You can’t leave like that!

Purab: Ms whoever u are I really don’t know who are u!
New staff gave a sulky face not knowing what to do.
Purab: Do I know you before?
New staff nodded her head and was in the verge of tears when Purab said: Oh….I know you are my distant cousin sister, Sheela right?

Hi friends! Back with an update! Hope it was nice and missed all your cheerful comments too! Thanks for all your well wishes for my practical tests. I felt the test was a bit funny but its ok and I still have 2 more to go and also will get busy with projects, assignments, lab reports etc….its ok but I will still try to update and will inform in advance if I can’t make it. Hope u all will understand my situation and thank u once again for reading and bearing with my baks baks.

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