Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 4

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Alert: There may be silly mistakes as I typed this in a sleepy mode.

Pragya passing the lounge saw Purab and the new staff together.

Pragya, There he goes again with storytelling. I should tell about this to Abhi. Not now though.

She thought that with a teasing smile as she headed towards Abhi’s cabin with a stack of papers.

New staff: Faster tell! As I need to make my guesses now. I only have 2 hours free today to listen to you!

She said hurriedly as she saw the clock ticking.

Purab: You have 2 hours? How is that possible?

New staff: I finished most of the work at home itself, so now my superior is checking to finalize what i have sent her. She said it will take about 2 hours to get back to me! Until then I am free!

Purab gave a sly smile at her excitement.

He had the glasses on the side table and placed it in front of them on the table.

New staff: First tell me did Boss manage to get the documents?

Purab: What do you think?

New staff: I think he would have gotten it.

Purab shook his head and said : He did but not as easy as you think.

New staff: What do u mean?
She asked with a baffled look.

Purab continued the story with a grin:

Abhi entered the office and asked the PA for the documents. Just then the Manager came towards him.

Manager “ You can’t get the documents unless she apologizes to me!” He said by glaring at him.

Abhi took a deep breath and said “ Don’t you remember how she treated you? How can you expect her to come here again?” He asked with a witty smile.

Manager “ She created a nuisance and I demand a sorry from her!” He said sternly.

Abhi was not able to believe his ridiculous behaviour. The fault was his and he expects a innocent girl to apologise to him!

Thinking that he laughed off at the Manager’s joke.

Manager “ This is not a laughing matter!” He retorted.

Abhi “ I guess your Manager have a very good sense of humour!” He said by winking at the PA.

The PA blushed a bit but looking at the Manager’s furious look, her expression changed to hide her smile.

Manager “ Enough of this! I am not joking! Ask her to say sorry to me in front of everyone if you want the documents!”

Abhi “ Thank you! But I don’t need your duffer documents by doing what you want!” He said that blatantly and walked out of the office.

Manager gasped and walked back to his cabin.

Abhi was walking towards when he heard a lady’s voice calling “ Sir! Sir!”

He wondered whether is someone calling him and looked back to see the PA.

PA was breathing heavily  as she ran to catch up with him.

Abhi coming near her “Looking for someone?”

PA nodded her head.

Abhi “ Is it me?” PA “ Yes sir…” She said by trying taking a deep breath.

Abhi “ What’s the matter? If the duffer called me then tell him he will be a dead duffer after seeing me again!

PA “ No sir…he didn’t called you…” She said in a gentle tone.

Abhi “ Then who else?” PA “ Sir…I know he is wrong and he is like that whenever he sees girls, even I had faced some disturbances from him but after my Boss gave him a strict warning to him, he had changed his behaviour towards me.” She said looking away.

Abhi felt bad for her and said “ This kind of people should be fired and even jailed!”

PA “ But sir…that is not the issue here, I know that the documents you need are important and  I can pass it to you them without his knowledge. “ She said convincingly.

Abhi “ Why do you have to help me?” He asked by raising his eyebrow in curiosity.

PA looked flustered and said “ Just a friendly help…”

Abhi nodding his head “ That’s very friendly of you to help a stranger like me…”

She hearing that smiled pleasantly and said “I will call your office once I get the documents ready!”.

Abhi “ No, I will give you my number and u call me as he might gets doubts if you call my office.” He said by taking out his mobile phone.

PA “ What’s your number sir?” She asked.

Abhi “ You don’t have your phone right? Tell me your number and I will give u a missed call!” He said and was waiting for her to give her number.

She looked around and was feeling tensed to pass her number.

Abhi “ Arrey! I am waiting!” He reminded her.
PA told her number and he asked “ Your name?” PA in a sweet tone “ Mithra!”

Abhi “Mithra? Your name itself have meaning of friend!” He said by saving her name in his phone.

Mithra “ Yes sir…” She said pleasantly.

Abhi “ No sir Mithz!” Mithra with eyes widely opened “ Mithz?” Abhi “ It’s cool na! Ok take care and be careful Mithz! Update me when u are ready to pass me the documents!”

He said that by turning away to walk off.

Abhi “ By the way Mithz, your smile is very pleasant to see! Always wear that!” He said as he walked towards his car making Mithra to smile even more.

New staff interrupted: Love triangle ah?
Purab : What do you think?
New staff: Why always every love story have love triangle?
She asked with disappointment.

Purab: I won’t say it as love triangle…but it was a misunderstanding.

New staff was unhappy hearing that.

Purab looking at her unhappy face felt awkward too.

New staff: I know what will happen next Sir. Boss will love Mithra and Pragya will have a hard time accepting their closeness!

Purab: Wait! Isn’t this Kumkum bhagya story too?

New staff looked at him sheepishly.

New staff : No that he thought he loved Tanu but in the end he realized he was in love with Pragya.

Purab: Ya and then pregnancy drama started for almost a year and then memory loss, marriage drama and now both are in the thoughts of each other which is more than a year!!!

New staff looked at him astonished.
New staff: Sir, do u watch it?

Purab : No way! My Dadi watches it and she tells this story as if it’s happening for real.

New staff looking down: Oh…now i am not interested Sir…I can’t bear to hear a love triangle story now…

Purab smirked at her cuteness and said: What if I say there was no Love triangle? No misunderstanding too?

New staff: What is this new twist Sir?
Purab: I told you before, this is a different story…

He said by placing marbles inside the glasses and placing the red glass on top of blue glass.

New staff seeing it was perplexed.

New staff: What is this position sir?
Purab: Why? It’s just a position they were in.
New staff: Huh? The red glass is on top of blue glass and that’s fine but why there is a ball  inside the glasses?  

Purab: It’s not ball, it’s marbles!
New staff: Haan marbles but why?

Purab: Shall I proceed with the story?

New staff: Faster! Already 1 hour passed.
She said impatiently looking at her watch.

Purab continued….

Abhi sitting on the driver’s seat noticed that Pragya was wiping her tears and looked away.

Abhi “ Seems like today it is a day of crying!”
Pragya remained silent and never answered him back.

Abhi “ This women are always like this, Always cry as if they never try it before!” He said as he adjusted his hair looking at the rear mirror.

Pragya “ I already told u that u tell anything about me is fine! But why do u have to talk about women??” She retorted.

Abhi burst into laughter making her clueless.
Pragya “ Why are u laughing?” She asked looking at him.

Abhi starting to drive “ You are back to normal!”

Pragya shook her head and once again looked away smiling inwardly.

New staff: Awww, he feels she is normal only when she speaks like that!

Purab nodded his head.

New staff: Okok continue!
She said in a hurried tone.

Purab: If u never interrupt then I would have continued…

New staff gave a silly smile and looked at him.

Purab : No more interruption?
New staff made a zipped up action of her lips and signalled him to continue.

Purab smiling of her cuteness continued,

Purab : Scene shift to office again.

At Abhi’s cabin, he was expecting for Mithra’s call by looking at his phone when Pragya came in.

Abhi never responded in his usual way where he would ask where is her manners of knocking the door before coming in.

He just gave a smile and looked back his phone.

Pragya, Is he alright? Why is he keep on looking at his phone from the time we were walking towards our respective cabin.

She too smiled in response and asked “ Are you ok?”

Abhi smiled again and nodded his head as yes.

Pragya, Why is he keep on smiling?

Abhi “ What makes you come here Ms Pragya?” He asked in a polite way still looking at his phone.

Pragya unable to believe his politeness looked around to check whether was this Abhi’s cabin or by mistake she came to somewhere else.

Abhi “ I am asking you and you are not replying!” He said by looking at confused Pragya.

Pragya “ I was here to say sorry for what had happened today, I should have controlled my anger..” She said remorsefully.

Abhi “ Oh..that’s not an issue, you know even if we can’t get those documents then we will be fired together, it’s not like any one of us right? So it’s not at all an issue to worry about!”

Pragya fumed “ How bad you are? I am saying I am sorry but u are happy that both of us will get fired!!!”

Abhi smirked still looking at his phone on the table.

Pragya in a swift movement grabbed his phone and he “ Give me back my phone!” He said by running behind her but she managed to check what he was looking at.

Pragya stopped running and gasped at what he was looking at.

Abhi looked away in awkwardness.

Pragya “ You are looking at that PA’s picture?” Abhi “ What’s wrong in that?”

Pragya “ Hello Mister! Here I am worrying about not getting the documents and you are admiring her picture!!!” She said furiously.

Abhi looking at her “ Beauty not admired is a sin…” He said looking into her eyes making her dumbfounded.

Abhi gently touching her hands took his phone that she was holding and said “ I like admiring her beauty and I am doing it, just like the way I admire your beauty in boldness…”

By saying that he walked out of the cabin leaving her dazed until she heard the closing sound of door.

Pragya, What did he say? He admire my beauty in boldness? He should be kidding for sure.

By thinking that she headed towards her cabin.

New staff: Huh? Boss is a two timer?
Purab sipping the glass of water looked at her with a frown.

New staff: Wait! If he admires women then why does he have to give those comments on women?

Purab looked amazed of her smartness.

New staff: Sir, don’t say he changed his view on women now!

Purab: I won’t say that, he had a disliking towards women which made him to give comments on women but that doesn’t mean he never respects them.

New staff: He respects women?
Purab: Yes he does and as a man he admires whenever he feels right!

New staff looked puzzled of Abhi’s character. Purab: Confused?
New staff nodded her head and looked at her watch for time check.

Purab: Don’t worry, you won’t be late as I am nearing to my pausing scene.
New staff: After next scene you are pausing for me to guess?
Purab: Haan then only you can take my offer of me doing your work!

New staff felt jittery of whether she would be able to make a right guess.

Purab: Next scene is at Uncle’s house.
He said looking at New staff who was eager to know what happened next.

Abhi “ Pragya, as you know Mithz is coming to Uncle’s house to pass the documents, and please just act like I said”.

Pragya “ Mithz ah?” She asked looking at him with amazement.

Abhi “ It’s my nickname to her! She is like Mithz the glitz!”

Pragya “ Enough of your praises about her, I am getting tensed here for acting!”

Abhi “ Just chill! Just do as I say! After all Uncle is not around and Auntyji is not aware of all this! You just manage her and come down when I call you!”

Pragya agreed and said “ All the best!”

By saying that she went up the stairs to see Auntyji leaving him in the living room.

Abhi yelled: What is happening here Purab??
He asked fiercely.
New staff and Purab got shocked at his presence.
Pragya who was behind him patted his shoulder which Abhi ignored.

Abhi: Is this a office or market?
Purab: I was just telling her…
Abhi: Gossiping about what happened in my life ah?
Pragya: No Boss..he was…
Abhi: Pragya! This is why I ask u not to come here!
He said as he looked at Purab and new staff furiously.

New staff was speechless and was looking down nervously.

Abhi: You are new here and am I paying you for listening to stories from him?
New staff: No Sir…he only…
Abhi: Cut the crap! Where is your superior? Go and call her now!

New staff looked at Purab and Pragya helplessly and Abhi glared at her.

Abhi: What are you waiting for? They won’t help you now!
He said at the top of his voice making new staff shivered in fear.

New staff rushed from there to see her superior.

She informed her superior about what had happened.
Superior: This is why I warned you earlier to be back to your desk after 1 hour.
She said calmly.

Superior: Let me make a call to Pragya.

Superior walked further away from new staff and after a while she came back to new staff.

New staff looked very stressed.
Superior: Nothing to worry…get back to your work!”

New staff : But Sir asked you to report to him….
Superior: I know both of them and for now you get back to your desk.

New staff had nothing to respond and went to her desk with a sad face.

At Abhi’s cabin,

Pragya hugged him from back trying to calm him down.

Abhi was finding it unbelievable that Pragya brought him to the cabin as an excuse to help the new staff.

Abhi taking her hands off: What is all this? How can he tell our love story to others?

Pragya: What’s wrong in that? Why are you so angry for this?

Abhi: What’s wrong? Of course it’s wrong telling our personal matter to others!
He said looking at her angrily.

Pragya: Boss…He was just trying to…
Abhi: Not one more word Pragya!
Pragya looked at him with a pout.

Abhi: This pout of yours won’t help now!
Pragya: How about Peck then?
She said and gave a peck on his cheek.

Abhi moved away and was feeling agitated.
Pragya sensing it asked: What happened?
Abhi: Do you know who is she or not?
Pragya: Who?
She asked by caressing his cheek.
Abhi: The new staff!
Pragya: A new staff!
Abhi: No Pragya….she is Mithra’s sister…

Pragya looked away in shock and was feeling a sudden flash of the past events.

Abhi: Now you would have known why I was furious at Purab and her!
Pragya started to walk backwards and Abhi stopped her by grabbing her waist.

Pragya: You still have a soft corner for her?
She asked with tears in her eyes.
Abhi: Not really Pragya…but you made me have a soft corner for her…
Pragya hugged him hearing that.
Abhi: She is my friend and you are more than a friend to me…
Pragya: I know…
Abhi: Then why do u always have to be in tears or silence when you hear her name?
Pragya: I don’t know…an insecure feeling always engulfs me whenever I hear her name…
Abhi laughed making her annoyed.

Pragya: I am serious!
Abhi: Ya! How can u have insecure feelings even after you are married to me and becoming the mother of my two children?
Pragya: That I don’t know!
Abhi: You and your don’t know! I am ignoring it!
Pragya: Ignore my don’t knows but not me…
She said by hugging him tightly.

Abhi: Do I have a choice to ignore you?
Pragya pushed him near the table and made him lie on the table.

Pragya: You don’t have choice as I am your only choice! Did you get that?
She said sternly by holding his collar with both her hands.

Abhi: Arrey…are u going to do table romance?
He asked in a teasing tone.
Pragya realized their position and she tried to move away when he pulled her back forcefully making her lie on top of him.

She smiled seeing him with shyness and he embraced her in his hug.

As for the new staff, she was getting apprehensive what will happen to her.

New staff, How can I be a fool and getting curious to listen stories from him when I am here to work! Boss is right! I should not have done this! So stupid of me!

She was chiding herself when Purab came to her desk area.

New staff, Already I am here disturbed of the scoldings from Boss yet he still have the guts to come and see me!

She thought as she gave a deadly stare towards Purab.

Purab simply left a note on her desk and left from there not able to stand her fierce look towards him.

New staff looked at the note and then threw it in the dustbin.

Purab seeing that from a distance was heart-broken.

To be continued….

Abhi in shock: He loves her?
Pragya folding the clothes: Haan Boss!
Abhi: Why u never tell me earlier?
Pragya: Before that you vent out your anger on them!
Abhi in an alarmed tone: You mean I stopped a love story from blossoming?
Pragya: Haan! How many times I have to say that you are the villain for their love story even before it beginned?
Abhi: Me? Villain?
He asked with disbelief looking at the mirror.
Pragya coming near him: Actually u can’t even be a comedian but circumstances made u a villain.
She said that and chuckled making Abhi irritated.

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