Bipasha Basu will be seen on the posters of Raaz 3 instead of Isha Gupta

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Isha Gupta is replaced by Bipasha on the posters of Raaz 3

Bipasha Base replaced Isha Gupta in the promotional material of upcoming movie Raaz 3

Producers of Raaz 3 have decided not to showcase Esha Gupta on the promotional posters of the film. Instead they have chosen more famous and popular face of Bipasha Basu. When approached, Mahesh Bhatt – producer of the film, confirmed that Bipasha was considered as a better bet for the first look.


‘We are releasing all the looks in phases’, he further added. According to him movie producers prefer to release first look of the film with bigger stars first in order to create a craze among the fans. Small actors gain spotlight later on.


He admitted that Esha Gupta has done a wonderful job in the film. However it is a decision of the makes of the film as to whom to highlight in the marketing campaign. After all it is a matter of success of the movie.


Esha was not present in the Party bash of the music release of the movie. It gave rise to the speculations of possible rift between her and the production house. But Esha denied the fact saying that as she was busy with some other commitments she was not able to attend the party. She also denied the possible rifts between herself and the production team.


Esha Gupta is a find of Vishesh films and had starred in Jannat 2 opposite Imran Hashmi. Also she replaced Jacqueline Fernandez in the movie Raaz 3.

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