Bhumika's 'struggle period' on 'Nimki Mukhiya' set

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News Bhumika’s ‘struggle period’ on ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ set

MUMBAI: Actress Bhumika Gurung says she and her co-star Neelima Singh are having a “struggle period” due to a “whole new setup” in the show Nimki Mukhiya.

Bhumika plays Nimki and Neelima has replaced actress Garima Singh as Anaro in the show.

It has been about a month since Neelima joined the cast, and Bhumika is missing Garima.

“I have shared a very deep and a comfortable bond with Garimaji and I miss her presence on the set,” Bhumika said in a statement.

“We shared a common wavelength because of which working in the

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