Beloved One – The First Meeting- Part 1

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so first things first.

thank you for all the love and support you guys have shown. I am quite humbled. The fact that you people vote and read my stories is a booster for me. I might take a long break or like stop writing for sometime as i am quite stressed out. This is pointed towards the people who don’t comment or vote as i feel low at times due to lack of votes so why update, plus nowadays i get tired easily for no reason.

then coming to my buddies and authors , missing you’ll at times. the ones who update everyday crazymahiz, suga and others thank you and for the ones who are not that frequent plz update karlo

(well i was brainstorming ideas and i am typing this 15 mins after typing the upper one)


” Keep coming sergeant, report to my room,” said abhi as he walked towards his room.

Purab ran behind him. As abhi arrived in his room, he took off his jacket and placed it on the sofa.

“well that was smartly done before going on a holiday,” said purab.

“that wasn’t just me but the power of the M16, its amazing” said abhi as he took out his bag.

“well so the heli is here, so we shall be heading out,” said Purab

“lets go then shall we?” said abhi as he hanged the bag on his shoulder and pulled his luggage behind.


Pov of the girl in the train

Whe bebe died, there was no one left in this word, or should i say no one who loves us. Ever since my my step parent have been torturing us to sign those property papers. I was forced to and after that the pain increased. Being forced to work as a slave, being forbidden to leave the house causing us to leave our college. It reached the limit when my step father tried to do , chee tried to rape her, it was the end. I had to fulfill my bebe’s last wish that was to scatter her ashes in the Sutlej river. That day we got up early and with all our belongings got in the train early morning, away from all the fear, from the prison, into the free air.

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Pov end

“Ticket,” said the bus conductor. The girl was lost in her thoughts when the other girl patted on her shoulder

“diii, ticket,” said the girl

“oh bulbul ticket, here it is sir,” said the other girl

“Pragya di what wrong,” asked bulbul.

“nothing,” said pragya and looked out the window. They were on the highway, road to Mumbai.

after getting on the train they had traveled for a few hours until they had crossed the border and reached the station. Upon reaching the station they had taken a bus and now were heading towards their destination.

that’s when the driver took a drastic turn due to lack of sleep causing the bus to over turn.

a jeep was passing by, two men in it.

“hey abhi look,” said purab as he pointed towards over turned bus. The helicopter had come to pick u these two and drop them in a secluded field with a jeep waiting for them.

On their way they saw the bus overturn.

“go go,” said abhi.

the driver and the conductor had ran away, saving their lives. the only passengers in the bus were PRAGBUL.

“where the hell is the driver?” said abhi as he saw that the bus had caught fire.

“those selfish brats ran away,” said purab looking around.

“give me a pivot to jump on and let me check for any other civilian,” said abhi as he climbed up the bus and saw pragya and bulbul unconscious, Pragya bleeding.

He lifted Bulbul and went out and gave her to Purab. He then went inside and lifted pragya in his arms. He felt a little tickle and desire for her as soon as he lifted her and he quickly got out of the bus.

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“Let’s take them with us,” said abhi as he placed them in the jeep and they headed for their house.

Abhi took a bottle of water and sprinkled some on both of them, making them to gain consciousness.

“where are we,” said pragya as she got up with a jerk and saw both of them, finding herself in his lap she instantly covered herself.

“who are you? where is my sister? what do you want?” said pragya

“you have bombarded me with questions but i shall answer them all, firstly i am major abhishek aka abhi, that is purab my buddy, your sister is there on the front seat unconscious, and we come in peace,” said abhi

pragya took a breath of relief and moved forward caressing bulbul’s cheeks.

“she will be alright na,” said pragya

“well i know that she will be fine but you need medical attention,” said abhi pointing towards her forehead.

she touched her forehead and found blood.
“where are you heading to?” asked purab.

“sham nagar,” said pragya.

“well even we are heading there, who know we might be neighbors,” he laughed as the sped of.

after getting inside there house abhi lay on the bed deep in thoughts.

“well we are in the same block after all” said purab as he moved towards his room.

“well we are,” murmured abhi to himself.

she was so majestic. He sparkling eyes, her lips, her voice. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was so worried for her sister, no caring about herself wait a minute i forgot to ask her name, damn me

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thought abhi as he got up and went to his to sleep due to travel tiredness.

with Pragya

bulbul lay in her room still unconscious. pragya was beside her in deep thoughts too

such nice guys, never knew men existed like them, so sweet and helping , may allah fulfill all their wishes. One of them, the tan guy with a stubble was so hot, hoo my mind is thinking so dirty but i never asked his name.

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