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So for some reason either i missed or either it isn’t in the article which are the character sketches so here they are
So i am posting many stories as i might forget these ideas popping up. Plus don’t leave it on me for updating any story as i am a poor confused soul and need some opinions so please tell me which one to update.

My Impossible Love

Incomplete Destiny

Man Mayal

This Is Not A Love Story

Love me till the end

So this an infused plot which i am excited to be writing. Lately having many ideas which will in the future be seen as 5 shots or 2 shots or a short story what so ever.

Here is my New work namely


Character Sketches

Abhishek Prem Mehra: He is a calm and collected who lost his parents in a plane crash. Lives alone and is a member of the Indian air force squadron. Loves his job and is highly skilled. The only person closet to family is his best friend cum brother Purab. Once he wants something done he won’t back down until he gets it done.

Pragya Arora: A Muslim girl who lives with her step parents and sister. A smart yet short tempered girl who doesn’t care about the society but only her beloved sister bulbul. She is a radio with her friends and sister but silent and reserved with strangers.

Purab Khanna: He is also a part of the Indian Air force, Abhi’s navigator, on the jet and in real life. Tries to make abhi a settled man but failed miserably after several attempts. He loves his friend and can’t let anything go wrong in his life. Is cheesy at times and a big flirt.

Bulbul Arora: Pragya’s young sister who loves her to the core. She is very talkative and can make a person’s brain burst with her talks.

Tapsee Mehta: A young girl who wants to fulfil her dreams of being part of the air force. Works day and night to achieve her dream.

here they are
don’t know why it wasn’t there

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