Badho Bahu fame, Rytasha Rathod puts TV show creators and audience to SHAME

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The Television Industry is always treated as a poor cousin of the Film Industry in India. This is no hidden fact as being seen on the silver screen is every artist’s dream despite being a small screen star.

We all have time and again come across ‘double standards’ of a certain section of the industry and Badho Bahu (&TV) fame Rytasha Rathod is rather disappointed by this. The actress took to Instagram to post a lengthy message expressing how she is appalled by the standard of Indian TV today. She also gave thumbs down to all the TV producers and channels who have turned the medium of TV into something which does not encourage the audience to evolve. From the looks of her Instagram post, it seems the actress is hoping Indian television to have better quality of content with a mature perspective rather than portraying regressive ideologies.

Take a look at her post:

To know more about her expression on the social media handle, we contacted Rytasha, however, she chose to maintain her silence over the matter.

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