Anupamaa: Netizens slammed Toshu for justifying his extra-marital affair

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Anupamaa: Netizens slammed Toshu for justifying his extra-marital affair

The latest episodes of Anupamaa witnessed Toshu (essayed Ashish Mehrotra) admitting his extramarital affair in front of Anupamaa (essayed by Rupali Ganguly). While Kinjal’s mother Rakhi was already aware of it, Anupamaa came to know about Toshu’s extramarital affair after accidentally listening to a girl’s voice note on his phone.

When Anupamaa confronted Toshu, he tried to justify it by saying, “I am man and I had my needs. But with our baby’s arrival I will concentrate on my family. You should let go of this thought of revealing it to everybody for your kid’s sake and grandchild’s sake. A mother can even hide if a kid commits a murder, you just have to keep quiet about my affair.”

It seems like the actors have done fab role justifying their respective characters as the fans of the show are in shock and disgust. Netizens slammed Toshu’s behavior, when of them wrote, “Toshu’s borderline psychotic behavior and Anu reeling from the disgust and shock was SO WELL DONE. This scene legitimately made me want to run a truck over Toshu, the way he was gaslighting her in the name of motherhood, yikes.”

Another wrote, “Toshu to vanraj k v bap nikla. #Vanraj ki to saram/dar tha andar but ye toshu ulta blackmail kar raha hein. what’s wrong with rakhi i thought wo toshu ki halat kharab kar degi but nehi, kinjal k dad v cheater. ye kav hua #Anupamaa.”

Netizens have equally praised Anupamaa and Toshu’s performances in the show.


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