Anupamaa fame Tassnim Nerurkar aka Rakhi Dave talks about her absence from the show

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Anupamaa fame Tassnim Nerurkar aka Rakhi Dave talks about her absence from the show

Anupamaa fame Tassnim Nerurkar who essays the role of Rakhi Dave on the show has been missing from the show for a while. The actress has finally returned to the show. Taasnim talked about it in a recent interview with ETimes TV and shared, “Honestly, the track was such that I was not required. Even I was keen on knowing when I would return. As promised by Rajan ji whenever Rakhi Dave comes, she brings a new twist and I was okay with it as I often prioritize my family over work so it was a good break as my husband had returned from ship and I got to spend a lot of time with my father-in-law too.”

Talking about the recent track of the show, she said, “Rakhi Dave is a modern educated woman and she realizes that the way Baa leads her family isn’t going to be good for everyone. Rakhi knows that if Kinjal works she will earn enough to hire help that would look after Toshu while she is away. However, Kinjal isn’t someone who would be able to do everything for Toshu and Rakhi cannot see her daughter suffer because of her in-laws.
She is extremely protective of her daughter and always tries to put her side by keeping valid points through modern examples. Even at my place, I do love cooking but then I have people who are here helping me with the basic chores.”

When asked how she handled the testing time in her family as her father-in-law passed away, she replied, “He went very peacefully. He told my mother-in-law to wear a sweater and decided to make tea to have together. He was quite fit at the age of 82 which we didn’t expect he would leave us. He kept the milk on the gas, he felt uneasy and came out had a glass of water the glass fell and he just left us in barely three seconds. We were all shocked but we had to face the reality that he is gone.”

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She added, “I have been married in the family for seventeen years and my father-in-law was just an amazing human being. A man of fewer words, and I loved cooking for him. I feel blessed that the last time he had his favorite butter chicken. My in-laws have pampered me a lot and for them, I am their daughter. I will carry his words throughout my life. We got extremely emotional when I cooked it back. My in-laws have some beautiful moments together and we all call them inspiration in the family for having a loving relationship.”

“He was an ex-Air Force wing commander. So when he passed away we couldn’t tell them earlier as my husband wasn’t there and my sister-in-law performed all the last rites for my father-in-law. My husband couldn’t meet him for the last time. I tried my best to be their strength in these testing times for our family. When the Air Force team got the news they were quite upset as they wanted to perform the rites according to the Indian Air Force’s guard of honor funeral. Later, they came home and presented the flag to my mother-in-law,” she said.


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