Anupamaa fame Rupali Ganguly makes this special request to his fans ahead of her 45th birthday

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Ahead of her birthday on April 5, Rupali Ganguly went live on her Instagram handle for an interactive session with her fans and followers. During the interactive session, Rupali who receives a lot of gifts from her fans every year requested her fans to do a kind deed instead of sending gifts to her.

Rupali suggested that it would be great if they can feed stray animals and said, “Instead of sending birthday gifts to me, only if possible, please feed stray animals that would come as a direct blessing to me. Imagine being hungry and unable to say it, a child at least cries when hungry but these animals don’t have that option. Please help me in fulfilling my dream of creating an animal shelter. I am not saying adopt a dog but if possible just feed them with one time’s meal. Also, please keep water for birds, it’s summers and it’s a good deed.”

The Anupamaa actress also shared the teachings of her father and said, “My father always said that we haven’t come here to earn money but earn our ‘karmas’.”

Rupali expressed her gratitude to her fans and thanked them for their love, and support.

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