Anupamaa actor Aman Maheshwari ventures into International Web Series

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Anupamaa actor Aman Maheshwari ventures into International Web Series

Aman Maheshwari from the popular show Anupamaa is venturing into an exciting new project. In a recent interview, Aman shared his experiences and insights about his upcoming venture. Here’s what he had to say:

Talking about his character and the show, Aman shared, “The web series is called “Postcards” and is directed by Hamisha Ahuja, who is known for creating global cocktail series. It features a diverse cast of African and Indian actors. Rajneesh Duggal plays the lead role, and Mofe is another prominent name in the show. I play a pivotal character with some incredibly interesting episodes.”

When asked if he traveled to Africa for the shoot, he shared, “The series was shot in both Mumbai and Africa. The African actors were brought to Mumbai, where a significant portion of the series was filmed. I can’t reveal much about the storyline, but it revolves around themes of love and kindness and how they impact people’s lives. It was a beautiful experience, and being my first international debut, I consider it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Talking about his experience of working on the show, Aman said, “This was also my first time acting solely in English. I remember how they discovered me for the role. They were looking for actors fluent in English, and a stylist I had met a few months ago recommended me to them. They loved my audition, and all the scenes I performed for the show were done in a single take. I was initially apprehensive about speaking English, but everything went incredibly smoothly.”

Currently, Aman is captivating audiences with his portrayal of Nakul in Anupamaa and is gearing up to bring more drama to the show.

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