Anupama – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Maha Sangam Abhira’s engagement

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Anupama – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Maha Sangam) 26th March 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi saying sorry, its my fault. Akshu says you could have told me when you ate it. He says I m Jamaisa today, listen to me. She says sorry, its my fault. He says its my fault. She says no, its mine. He says its love’s fault, we will know something about each other every day, life passes this way. She says yes, like that song Zindagi teri meri kahani hai… He says anyway, everyone comes for the good, I have come to your room in front of everyone, romance with permission is fun. She says permission over, go from here now. He says I m Jamaisa, I come and go by my wish. Kairav comes and asks them to choose the designer ring. Abhi and Akshu choose the same rings. Kairav says its done. Abhi clicks the pics and gives it to Kairav. Kairav says I will get this polished. Akshu thanks him. Abhi says please keep the rings safe, its mum and Akshu’s choice, they both are imp to me. Kairav says I will keep it safe.

Manish says well done Reem, nice arrangements. Dadi says Abhi and Akshu should smile and not miss Manjiri here. Aarohi thinks if Abhi knows that I did this, then…. Reem says I connected the tv to phone, Manjiri can see us and talk to us. Kairav says Vansh will get the rings, I will call him. Vansh gets his call. He says my car broke down so I took a cab, I will come in some time. Some pouch falls down in the cab. Vansh takes the packets and leaves. Birlas come. Manish and Dadi welcome her. Mahima says its weird that Manjiri is there and we are celebrating here. Dadi says no use to talk that again. Kairav says we should not spoil Abhi and Akshu’s day, they are together, they will come. Harsh asks where are they. Akshu comes to Abhi. He looks at her. jaaniye….plays…. She acts dizzy. He holds her in arms. She winks and smiles. She compliments him. He smiles. He says you look really pretty, we will go and meet mum first, she has called many times. She says she called me too, I felt nice talking to her, our function will be incomplete without her. He says no, we will take her blessings. Kairav says they went to get Manjiri’s blessings. Harsh says they should have told us, we would have gone ahead. Kairav asks Vansh for rings. Aarohi asks mechanic to clean the car and change the tyres. Neil looks on and asks what happened to you. She goes. Vansh says ring isn’t in this, I think it fell somewhere. Kairav asks what. Vansh says no, its not here. Abhi and Akshu meet Manjiri. Manjiri blesses them. Abhi asks her to take rest. Manjiri says I want to dance happily. Nurse says time over for meeting. Abhi says I want to talk to her for more time. He takes a selfie with Manjiri. She says promise me, you both won’t get sad, engagement should happen well, #Abhira. Akshu says Abhimanyu. Abhi says Akshara, you gave a good name to our jodi. He asks Manjiri to take rest. They touch her feet and leave. Manjiri prays for them that they don’t miss her. Aarohi sees her car. She says if I leave this on an isolated place, then someone will steal it. Anupama and Anuj are on the way in a cab. She recalls Hasmukh asking her to go to Udaipur, else Vanraj and Leela will argue with her. Anuj says we will handle everything, I travelled in the train for the first time. She says I have travelled in the train many times, but came to Udaipur for the first time. She asks him to go for the meeting, she will go for sight seeing. She teases him. He says I like this in you, so cute, meeting and everything will be fine. She picks her purse and file. The rings pouch gets into her purse. He says I got you here for my meeting, we should have celebrated. She says maybe its Lord’s wish. He says we would have gone for a dinner date. She says maybe something better will happen.

Kairav asks where can it fall. Vansh says maybe it fell in the cab, I don’t have the cab number. Kairav says if we don’t get the rings, then it will be an issue, Abhi, Akshu and Manjiri chose those rings. Vansh says sorry. Kairav says I will try to find out, nobody should know this. The cab tyre gets punctured. The driver apologizes. Anupama says its not your mistake. He says I will change the trye. She sees the Goenka house and smiles. Abhi and Akshu come on the bike. Akshu and Anupama recall their last meet, and hug. Akshu says I m rocking, how are you. Anupama says first class, Anuj has come here for a meeting, so I came here with him, the cab tyre punctured here so I was waiting. Abhi looks on. Akshu says I live here, I can’t believe we are meeting again. Abhi also acts like Akshu. Akshu asks what is happening. He says I m introducing myself. Akshu says sorry, he is Dr. Abhimanyu, its our engagement today. Anupama says congrats. Akshu says she is Anupama, I met her once. Anupama says sometimes heart connects in one meet only, I thought we have a relation of past birth, I feel very happy. Akshu says she is like a mum, her name is also Anupama, Idea, its all destiny that we met, so your cab tyre got punctured in front of our house, you have to come and bless us. Abhi says yes, please come. Anupama asks how can I. They call her Maa and ask her to come. Abhi says mum couldn’t come so Mahadev has sent her, Akshu. Akshu says please come. Anupama says fine, I can’t refuse if you both are inviting me with so much love. They dance on dhol. Dadi says who did they get along. Suwarna says they look so happy. Anupama greets everyone.

Leela asks Kinjal to finish the juice. Rakhi comes home and greets them. She says I have come here to stay. Leela asks her to leave. Rakhi says too cute, I came here to stay, not to meet. Leela gets shocked. She says this is not your house or a hotel, why did you come. Rakhi says for my daughter, I will take care of Kinjal till Anupama comes back. Leela and Rakhi argue. Rakhi says Anupama has gone on honeymoon with her BF before marriage. Kinjal says Hasmukh has sent her, I made her swear so she went, don’t blame her. Rakhi says you are too innocent or she is too clever, let her enjoy, I m here to serve you, I m just saying. Mama says its fine, just be here. Rakhi says everyone just talks of Anu, she is damn lucky. She thinks I got a chance to stay here, thanks to Anupama. She smiles.

She says Udaipur is famous for Destination wedding, did Anuj and Anupama go there to get married, they will have fun, who knows what Dhamaal they are doing now. Leela gets angry. Vanraj looks on. Aarohi leaves the car and says I will take the keys with me. Kairav says ring will be made in 6 hours, you lost the engagement rings, how can you be so careless. Vansh gets sad. Reem hears them. She says sorry, I heard, don’t worry. Vansh says I messed up. She says we will find it. Anupama says they gave me Manjiri’s saree and jewellery also. Manjiri sees them on the video call. Everyone waves to her.

Abhi asks is everything fine, are you happy. Anupama greets Manjiri. She says thanks for giving me your clothes and jewellery, thanks for your smile, get well soon. Manjiri says thanks for being a part of their happiness. Anupama says you are in hospital but you are present with us here, you are in their heart, I can understand your pain, but this is life, we just have to smile and face every test, get well soon, I will pray for you. Manjiri smiles. Akshu says we are also ready to face any obstacle. Manjiri says I m very happy when my children are happy, my Abhira. Akshu says Manjiri has given us a new name, Abhira. Neil says Abhimanyu and Akshara, wow.

Manjiri says take care of our new guest. Abhi says don’t worry, it will be a memorable day for us and Anupama. Anupama says thanks for giving me such respect, its tough to see such values in children. She thanks the families for giving them such values. Dadi also compliments her. Abhi and Akshu take elders’ blessings. Yeh Rishta….plays… Vansh cries and says I m sorry, its better to tell them. Kairav says sorry, I don’t know what to do, we don’t tell them. Akshu asks what happened. Reem says I messed up the things, Vansh was talking about the makeup I missed at home. Akshu says no need to take tension for a little thing. She goes. Kairav thanks Reem. Reem says anything for you all. Kairav says God will help us. Vansh smiles seeing Reem. Anupama gets the ring pouch. Abhi says you are our guest, come. Dadi says everyone has come, start the fun before engagement. Harsh says Manjiri is in the hospital. Dadi says Manjiri wants us to have fun. Manjiri nods.

Dadi gives the mahurat time. She says it can’t be missed, Kairav where are the rings. Kairav says I have kept it safe. Suwarna says get it here. He says it can get misplaced here. Abhi and Akshu say finally…. Aarohi sees Neil and goes. Neil says its time for Abhira engagement. Abhi and Akshu smile. Jaaniye….plays…. Abhi gets some call. Aarohi looks on.

Anupama talks to Samar on call. She says the city is nice and people are better, I met Goenkas and Birlas. He asks really. She says yes, I m in Abhi and Akshu’s engagement, Anuj has gone in a meeting. He jokes. She says I m enjoying a lot here, I feel like they are family, this engagement is like a fairy tale, I wish Anuj and I also… He asks what. She says nothing, its time for engagement. She ends call. She says I m Dadi, not a Shehzadi, how can I think that. Samar prays that her heart wins over her mind, dreams and love have no age. Vanraj sees Leela crying. Leela says everyone questions me about Anupama, I have done everything for family’s happiness, but everyone will laugh when a Dadi gets married, we have to pay a price for it, we don’t want any change to happen in our house, our family respect is connected to Anupama, she knows it, even then she left, I fee ashamed because of Anupama. He goes to get water. Akshu, Shefali and Nishta dance on Mahi Ve. Abhi, Parth, Neil and Aarohi join them. Anupama thinks of Anuj and smiles. She keeps the ring pouch back in the purse. She also goes for the dance. Abhi gets a call. He goes. Aarohi sees him. Akshu stops her and dances. Anupama thinks to call Anuj. Rakhi jokes on Vanraj. He asks what are you thinking, I know you didn’t come here to look after Kinjal, Nani ji. She says you are very smart, Dada ji. He says then show any smartness that Anupama just focusses on becoming Dadi and forget her marriage, I can forgive her for anything but not for making my mum cry, now you decide, would you like to join hands with me to defeat them.

Vanraj says just trophy has come, let them come, then see what I do. Akshu and Abhi dance. Leela says Anupama fell so low. Hasmukh sees the darkness. Leela gets bitter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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