Anupama: This Ganesh Chaturthi brings in a new little one and happiness 

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Starplus’s most popular daily show “Anupama” has won people’s hearts and has a huge fan base. Now it’s all set to drop in numerous massive dramas in the upcoming episodes. This Ganesh Chaturthi is gonna bring in a new little one and happiness. Let us get into detail.

Recently Ankush and Barka beg for forgiveness from Anuj and Anupama. Anuj asks them to make an apology to Vanraj and the Shah family as well. 

In the Shah family, Leela is excited as she gets a chance to choose the daughter-in-law of her own choice for the first time. She will figure out an alliance for Samar. After that, They will be expressing gratitude for having Anupama, Kinjal, and Kavya as her Daughter in law. 

Barka and Ankush arrive at Shah’s house and everyone accuses them of betraying Anuj. In responding to the apology Vanraj behaves indifferently and mentions he felt good about it. 

On the other hand, Athik proposes to sweetie and both couples are on cloud nine yet she is afraid of their relationship that everyone would oppose it. 

Meanwhile in the Kapadiya house Anupama, Anu and Anuj have a great family time playing badminton. Anupama and Anu reminisce about their past of playing badminton. Everything goes beautifully but when Anuj tries to hold the racquet he fails at it miserably.

Anuj feels like his hands are gone paralysed and so he panics.  Anupama calms him first and boosts his confidence to hold the racquet. Finally, Anuj gets his hold back on the racquet and feels his hand. 

After that Anuj and Anupama plan to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at his place with the Shah’s family. Sooner as arthi begins Kinjal starts to scream out of labor pain. This Ganesh Chaturthi brings in a new little one and happiness. 

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