Anupama rock.. Part 3 – Anupama goes to Mumbai

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HELLO!! welcome to the 3rd part of my fan fiction. Sorry for being late. Hope you will like it.

Paritosh (on call with Rakhi): Mom , i am shifting to pent house today. Will you please make the arrangement.

Toshu is talking about his plan to shift in the pent house in Kinjal’s absence. Kinjal overhears the conversation.

Kinjal: Toshu!! What are you saying? Just tell me it is not what i am thinking. Tell me toshu.

Toshu: Baby!! sorry but you heard it right. This time i will not listen to anyone even you. If you want to live with me, you can come along.

Kinjal realizes Toshu will not listen to her. So she agreed to shift in pent house.

Kinjal: Okay Toshu. But atleast wait for me. We will shift together after the dance show.

Toshu: I love you my Kinju baby.

Kinjal(in her mind): I will make you realize Toshu that family is the real gold and every yellow that glitters is not gold.

Anupama takes blessing from baa and babuji. Samar come with the 5 air tickets.

Pakhi , Kinjal , Nandani, Samar and Anupama took taxi to airport.

Anupama is going to take a flight for the first time. She is nervous.

Samar and Pakhi give her confidence.

Anupama: tu kar sakti hai anupama(you can do it Anupama).

And the flights take off. And Anupama tittle song (pehle choti thi duniya bhut, ab bada uska sansar hai) plays.


The Dance Show’s Audition hall

Anupama : Wow ! this is soo beautiful. And there are so many people. All young and beautiful.

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The hall was full of young people. Not a single person of Anupama’s age was there. And all the girls were wearing modern dresses , jeans, jumpsuit, shorts, skirts.

Anupama looked at her saree. She felt out of the place.

Pakhi: Mummy i think it’s time for

Samar, Nandani, Kinjal, Pakhi together: SHOPPING!!!

Samar: It’s 6 pm , and audition is tomorrow. We have enough time for shopping.

They all go for shopping. They select 2 jeans and top, 1 midi dress, 1 maxi dress and a skirt for Anupama. And Anupama keeps refusing for everything but the children do not listen to her. Now it’s time for trial of dresses. Anupama started trying dresses. At first She tried midi dress and omg she was looking amazing. She feels shy but can’t stop looking at her.

All children together: Mummy you rock.

Then she tried all the dresses and Pakhi click pic of her in all dresses. Then they buy all that they have selected.

Pakhi sends photos to baa.

Baa(on call): Waah Anupama! you become heroine, now don’t forget us.

Anupama(shyly): baaaaa!! okay baa how is Toshu? And you are taking your medicines on time? And don’t forget bapuji’s medicine. I will call at the time of your medicine.

Baa: YOU!! you have gone there for dance. Focus on that. We will manage. You have to win. If you lose i will play sitar on your cheeks.

Anupama: Okay baa. Take care(dhyan rakh chee)


Kavya comes home after the job interview with her new friend Misha. She is happy. She has finally got a job but job is not high profile but a small one. But something is better than nothing.

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Kavya: Misha meet my husband V i mean Vanraj and V she is my new friend Misha.

Vanraj looks at Misha. She is a pretty lady with pretty smile.

Vanraj: Wow you are soo beautiful.

Kavya gets jealous, she: Yaah!! she had been a model. MISHA!! Actually  my husband needs a loan for his new cafe. You have heard about it ” Leele Ka Cafe”

Misha: yaah! i have seen the youtube video. I would love to give you loan Mr. Shah.

They shook hands . Kavya again gets jealous.

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