Anupama: Rakhi takes an oath from Anupama, not to let out Toshu’s affair to Kinjal.

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The daily soap “Anupama ” has become one of the most popular shows on Starplus. The show is becoming more intriguing day by day as it launches several twists and turns with drama in the upcoming episodes. This show captured a high TRP rating this week.

As known, Anupama takes him to the room to get the truth out of Toshu.

Anupama on the voice message and questions him about the matter. 

Toshu explained there’s nothing to be known. He utters  She is a girl, we met 3 months back just 2-3 times. I don’t have any emotional attachment toward her. Anupama insists on clarifying further and further, so as not to get wrong assumptions.  

Toshu elaborates by saying we met and had dinner, Anupama insists on more and Toshu shouts like yes we did, just had a physical relationship. 

Toshu explains that he loves Kinjal and the baby, but at a certain point  Kinjal was pregnant, had mood swings, and had an urge to satisfy being a man. Moreover, He further confesses his exhaustion from getting along with the hospital and medicines, needing a break. He yearned for what he didn’t receive at his place, so went out to search. 

Anupama shatters, describing the situation and sacrifices a woman goes through while pregnant. Anupama addresses how women face everything for their men and expect nothing but his support throughout, but men never consider it. 

Anupama says even women have urges, but they sacrifice them and get pregnant to earn a family. Anupama questions what if Kinjal gets along with another man for her needs. Toshu is furious and asserts that men and women are different in psychology, needs, and situations.

Meanwhile, Rakhi finds it tough to walk to the room where Anupama and Toshu are arguing. Rakhi’s feet tremble as if she knows what might be happening over there. Anupama demands to call her by name not call her mom as she failed as a mom. 

In the upcoming episode, Rakhi will reach Anupama and learn that she is aware of Toshu’s affair. Rakhi decides to keep the matter in, to save the relationship. Rakhi prefers to cover the matter while Anupama chooses to reveal it.

 Anupam claims that Kinjal has the right to learn this; we can’t cheat her by hiding. Rakhi, with no option left, takes an oath from Anupama, not to let out Toshu’s affair to Kinjal.

Will kinjal learn this? 

What will be the kinjal consequences after learning this? 

Are you excited about this?

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