Anupama 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya Seeks Job From Anuj

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Anupama 9th October 2021 Written Episode

Samar asks Vanraj not to ask him to cancel his corporate dance event he doesn’t want to miss a big opportunity. Vanraj says his father has to pay for it, his children are going away from him and he can’t tolerate it. Samar says he is stuck with the same issue and asks Anu to concentrate on her work and disconnects call. Vanraj asks if Anuj is sending him also in business class; warns Anu that he doesn’t care if her friend comes closer to her, but if he tries to snatch his children from him, he will not tolerate that and will raise his hands. Anu ignoring him walks away asking Kinjal to handover Samar’s bags to Varun and serve tea for Vanraj or else he will continue to grumble. Kavya also leaves saying even she has some work. Baa complains god that its injustice that her son stays at home and these 2 women go out on work freely.

At Anuj’s office, Anu shows her prepared business plan to Devika. Devika praises her. Anu thanks her and says she had to respect the trust she and Anuj has on her. Devika asks what about people who disrespect her, how is family environment after bhoomi poojan. Anu says only 2 things are not okay in the world, one is inflation and another is Mr Shah and she doesn’t care for both of them, her goal is to fly without bothering about his taunts. Devika says that is the spirit. Anu says her father used to encourage her to dream big, god has sent Anuj as a blessing in disguise for her and as Bapuji says god sends his blessings via someone and he sent it to her via Anuj. Anuj enters and gets happy hearing that. Nazar ke saamne jigar ke paas… song plays in the background. He greets them good morning and asks how will they hear cooks. Anu says since they are short of time, they should organize a cooking competition with a prize so that women’s families don’t have any problem, they will try to convince whoever cooks well to work for them. Anu likes her idea with a condition that she becomes competition’s judge. Anu says even he should. He agrees and tries to shake hands with 2 of them, but Devika backs off letting them shake hands.

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Samar video calls Samar and informs that he reached Delhi and his crew is coming in next cab. She says she is nervous as Anuj gave him a good platform and he should make good use of it. He says he will. She hopes Rohan doesn’t trouble him. He asks her not to worry. Rohan hears her conversation hiding. Vanraj returns to his cafeteria fuming at Samar and calls Kayva to find where she kept his credit card, he gets more angry when she doesn’t pick call and thinks if she went to seek job from Anuj. Kavya visits Anuj when he is busy discussing business ideas with Anu and requests him give her 5 minutes to discuss something. He asks regarding what. She says regarding his job offer to her. He says he is in the middle of something and asks her to wait in his cabin till he finishes. Kavya waits for him in his cabin and remembering Vanraj’s drama hopes there won’t be any problem this time. Vanraj at cafeteria tells customers that he removed Anupama special dish from menu. A teenager customer says he comes at least 4 times a week for that dish and requests to get it prepared. Vanraj angrily shouts he will not serve that dish. Another teenager comments uncle is getting angry. Vanraj more angrily shouts at him to get out of his cafe. All other customers also walk away. Mamaji suggests him that he is not a businessman but understands its bad when customers walks away disappointed; he should remember that this cafe opened and was running because of Anu but will close because of Vanraj; he didn’t do right by removing Anu’s name and everything is with Anupama. Chef suggests Vanraj to re-include Anupama special dish as they are losing customers. Vanraj asks if he knows to prepare that dish. He says he tired but failed, so he should take Anu’s help again.

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Anuj tells Anu that he and GK wanted to hire Kavya thinking her as an asset for the company with Anu, Kavya, and Devika being their woman army; giving or not giving job to Kavya because of Vanraj is not right, but he doesn’t want to put her in any comfortable situation as keeping personal and professional life separate is difficult; he is a businessman and he never took a businessman decision with personal perspective; its her project and he doesn’t want to put her in any uncomfortable situation, she would be facing Kavya both at home and office, so decision is up to her. She says its not about her and Kavya but about Vanraj’s arrogance. Back at cafe, Vanraj angrily shouts at chef to get out for praising Anu. Chef leaves saying when he couldn’t respect Anu, why will he respect him. He gets Kavya’s message and fumes that she doesn’t have time to write call back, thinks where is she and what is she up to.

Anuj returns to his cabin. Kavya says she really wants to work as whatever happened in her personal life was beyond her control, but she can control her professional life; she doesn’t want to sit idle at home and wants to work, etc. Anuj says whatever happened in his personal space cannot change the fact that she is talent and deserve a job, but he doesn’t want a daily soap at his office; his project and his partner are most important to him and he doesn’t want her husband to come and create a drama here. She assures and thanks him for giving her job. He says Anu gave her job, her family didn’t value Anu, but Anu gave her job and she is because of Anu; he reminds her again that he doesn’t want any daily soap here and like Anu says they cannot mingle their personal and professional life; if something happens, she will lose her career. Kavya gets tensed. Vanraj repeatedly calls Kavya and gets more angry.

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Precap: Vanraj shouts that Anuj is Anu’s puppet.
Kavya says he needs to see a doctor. He angrily breaks vase and his hand bleeds.
Anu tries to check and he pushes her away. Pakhi cries and asks what should a child do when he/she is troubled because of parents.

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